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Sad War Poems

These Sad War poems are examples of War poems about Sad. These are the best examples of War Sad poems written by international poets.

Still on Patrol
Can you hear the whispers
brought on by the wind storming?
Carried true by the harpers,
the tale the howls are forming?

Came a knock at the farmer's door,

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Categories: war, allegory, death, fantasy, military,

Premium Member The Bartender - on PTSD victims - BOTH Audio and Text
Inspired by grim reality -

He seemed a little out of place when he walked in that night. The bar was pretty crowded…it was nearly 10...

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Categories: pain, sad, war,

My Destiny
Oh God! Look at my destiny page plain
Why separation is written time and again

Her Conversation
She avoids conversation,
But I want confabulation.

Your Complain
Your eyes' tear come...

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Categories: war, anger, autumn, poems, poetry,

Robot Souls, Part I
If this were just a few short years ago
I would not be able to tell this tale,
since rhyming verse is not something that a
simple robot...

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Categories: war, creation, hope, humanity, science

Premium Member Olympic Desires Born, Gods A'playing

Olympic Desires Born, Gods A'playing

Poseidon arose, trident a'gleaming.
Mermaids danced, fallen hair a'streaming.

Olympic desires born, Gods a'playing
Mighty Zeus often on earth a'staying
There below mortals stopped a'praying

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Categories: war, appreciation, art, creation, jealousy,

Premium Member Welcome Home
Welcome home the family has missed you                        Dad come down now    ...

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Categories: war, dad, mom, soldier, today,

Emily's Hiatus
In my days of wonder
War was just a concept
Peace was like a shadow
Creeping on my lawn

Love was like a fire 
On a sleepy morning 

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Categories: love, war,

Premium Member Farewell To The Youngest Soldier
He was more invaluable to his country
than his own precious life,
how could a glorious and promising
youth with a gorgeous face
with a voice not made to...

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Categories: war, beauty, death, fear, goodbye,

Premium Member A Soldier's Grave In Normandy
I will board a plane
and visit the grave
of that brave soldier
who left his country
to defend the principles of liberty
banned by a heartless dictator
who praised a...

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Categories: war, death, freedom, friend, grave,

Mein Vater
I heard them come long before they came,
Repetitious stomps heard from far away.
Their steady beat mimicked my heart,
As dread conceived to pull me apart.
This wasn't...

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Categories: war, angst, dad, father son,

The war is not over
The war is not over 
Then mentors of wars 
Still live In the hearts
Of a gunman 
Whose passion was thought
To feel the blood of his...

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Categories: war, confidence, courage, deep, for

US vs US
US vs. US means - the United States (US) vs. United States (US)

America at its worst.
So this what we doing huh?
This is what it comes...

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Categories: war, america, conflict, death, people,

I never fought in Vietnam…my parents never had to worry…to fear…to morn…for the simple reason my draft number was connected to the day that I...

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Categories: peace, war,

Premium Member George Washington

Born-In Virginia on February 22,1732.   
Siblings-The first of six children.             ...

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Categories: war, america, child, dad, marriage,

Premium Member After the War
You cried and begged him to stay
	As I winced from my soul
Stifling a cry, too – only my tears
	Were from his treatment of you

You were...

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Categories: war, abuse, anger, angst, marriage,