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Economic War Poems

These Economic War poems are examples of War poems about Economic. These are the best examples of War Economic poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Avoid The Pain, Dare To Change
Oh how troubling to hear the scary sounds of hopelessness!
Even more so from aged ones leaving many questions; no answers.
A 97 year old man speaks...

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Categories: peace, war,

Premium Member Avoiding Daddy Voiding Contests
It is good to know what we resist,
but my best way of knowing
is by self and other showing
what we together
would more health wealthily

You might assume...

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Categories: war, health, humor, integrity, peace,

Premium Member War of WorldViews
YangLeft: Those still capable of right thinking,
as our more civil
humane reflections
on bilateral political
and economic investment inflection,
sometimes cooperative
and democratically co-invested,
but usually just BusinessAsUsual
life remains a win/lose...

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Categories: war, analogy, caregiving, earth, health,

Life on The MAD Wheel

When all the world stood on the edge and a quivering
panicking with the promise of nuclear war

And altogether the enemies kept their positions 
built their...

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Categories: war,

The weakest link
The biggest weapons and power on thinnest threat,
when hackers enters the target pointing to the head.
Conspiracies and its social observation surprise,
political handicap that challenges the...

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Categories: humanity, pollution, war,

Premium Member Civil War

Dare we utter the words “Civil War”?
Or claim of dictatorship which can't be ignored
An economic disaster
Shaking things up to the rafters
A catastrophe, like none other...

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At a blow of the wind from nowhere no one knows
Into the realm of the unprepared spices that knows,
With supremacy in technology, medicine, research...

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Categories: war, 3rd grade, grief, international,

At a blow of the wind from nowhere no one knows
Into the realm of the unprepared spices that knows 
With supremacy in technology, research, medicine...

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Categories: war, 3rd grade, anxiety, prayer,

Birth and Spread of Covid19
Neither the clang of swords, nor the rattle of guns
Nor the devastating drop of bombs nor bomber’s motion
But a hush-hush research in quiet laboratory in...

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Categories: sad, war,

Premium Member ToughLove Experience
I don't imagine
we could ever have an environmentally healthy just war.

We need only look at torn and poisoned outcomes
from past ballistic international encounters
to see "healthy...

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Categories: war, environment, health, humanity, integrity,

War Is
War Is...

War is unkind to servicemen, women, animals, flora, fauna, nature's terrains, seas, atmospheres, and everything else
War is unjust and unethical to everyone
War is the...

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Categories: war, adventure, conflict, confusion, courage,

Premium Member Plowshares Into Swords
Capital is the original weapon
for blasting apart nutritional health
from commodity wealth.

If capital is human history's non-ecological economic risk,
Then cooperative investment is our original tool
for healing...

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Categories: war, earth, health, history, integrity,

Premium Member Investing in Webs, not Walls
As democratic minds continue to work LeftBrain Yang-hard and strong,
yet resiliently paced,
and RightBrain Yin-smart,
flowing smooth,
resonantly graced,

Earth grows deeper and wider polypathic outcomes
restoring peace
by non-violently responding...

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Categories: health, integrity, peace, war,

Hollywood Buy Life

The orchestra of bombs
musical heroes tip toe through the corpses
blood and mud the choir
to sing their praises
between battle flags and guns

Cenotaph the list of tickets

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Categories: celebrity, film, war,

200 Year War

The history of the two hundred year war
T'was blackness at it core

A Feudal Economic plan
It good conscience it couldn't stand

Thousands died in fields of waste

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Categories: war, abuse, america, conflict, discrimination,