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House Tree Poems

These House Tree poems are examples of Tree poems about House. These are the best examples of Tree House poems written by international poets.

The valley between the windy trees
The valley between the windy trees
Across the street from me.
I sit below the pines
to evade the busy strip.
The yard and the distant billowing trees
Provide me...

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Categories: tree, appreciation, beauty, how i

Premium Member A Weeping Willow Tree

I don't know whether she's still there.
And nor do I really know why I even care.
For so many years she never crossed my mind.
But Daddy...

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Categories: tree, life, spring,

This or That
This is the luckiest fountain pen                   ...

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Categories: tree, 5th grade,

Premium Member I Live in a Forest Tree House
I live in a forest treehouse the tiny man said.
Speckled duck called him a liar, his face turned all red.
I think he is telling the...

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Categories: tree, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Prayers of Ancient Oak
ancient oak got on his knees
the best he could considering he is older
and his roots are creaking, and his knees no longer bend
he needed guidance,...

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Categories: tree,

two Trees
beside them
there are mountains that cover the sky
there is also fog that covers the path
time are walking on,
a friend of the small house
following the time,

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Categories: tree, love,

Premium Member -my tree loves me-
Outside of my house there's a tree 
Not very far
in my yard when I opened my door
Spring touch the winds makes the branches wave

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Categories: tree, analogy, celebration, god, how

Premium Member Sins of Trees
An ancient oak has been cut down
Its leaves were always falling down
Its  sin was being messy

An aged Weeping Fig on a paved parkway
Town Council...

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Categories: beautiful, environment, nature, tree,

Premium Member Owl Tree House Makes Sense
Owl tree house in the morning
Owl tree house at night.
Owl tree house, wrens are horning.
A marvelous interesting sight.

Where did it come from? A meadow lark...

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Categories: tree, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Premium Member New Home - Hell
death will come quickly 
express elevator down 
new home BBQ city 


Date Written:3/7/2023 

"4 Place"  ...

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Categories: tree, house, life, pain, time,

Premium Member Each Passing Cloud
We took a trip to grandma's house,                  ...

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Categories: tree, car, cat, dog, night,

Magnolia defends herself
Like sweet cotton candy
are my flowers light pink
no on slips on them
nor do they stink

Schnookums, your cat
enjoys her window seat
eyeing birds in my arms
and I...

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Categories: tree, bird, cat, flower, life,

Premium Member Great Bloomers

We stand stately and beautifully along the
front lawn of a gentle lady who loves flowers.
Our biggest dream is that we will grow and be like...

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Categories: flower, tree,

Premium Member Navigating Through Life's Highway
Life has many highways,                     ...

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Categories: tree, fun, house, humor, life,

Premium Member Source Of Our Awareness
We know we are alive,                    ...

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Categories: tree, body, emotions, house, journey,