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Emo Teen Poems

These Emo Teen poems are examples of Teen poems about Emo. These are the best examples of Teen Emo poems written by international poets.

Premium Member love coverage
What stands guaranteed?
The moon's drifting away, oh
inconstant cosmos.

Gravity fights us,
taxes come due, boys will org@sm,
some things are certain.

 What about love? We
need extended warranties
for consumer...

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Categories: teen, 11th grade, humor, humorous,

Premium Member dark shows
No, I'm not ok.
It's amazing what a 
smile can hide.

Monsters aren't under
your bed - they're in your head
And hard to ignore.

No one really knows 

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Categories: teen, 11th grade, angst, dark,

Premium Member bright unknown
Each stanza is a 5-7-5 Haiku

You don’t know me
Not really. You just might see
someone smiling bright

You might hear a laugh
skipping off my dark surface
inside I...

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Categories: teen, 11th grade, emo, emotions,

An Emo Teen
If you could read my thoughts,
I'd sound like an emo teen
But with a better grasp 
of the English language 

Despite the tiredness within
I remind myself...

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Categories: teen, dark, depression, mental illness,

Premium Member two words
Disquiet alarm
Sleepless unhappiness
Bored disaffection
Fearful agitation
Despondent hostility
Hysterical loneliness

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Categories: teen, angst, anxiety, dark, emo,

Porcelain 1
He never knew the girl that wrapped her body in self-pity the nights she spent alone with no one else to warm her, blaming herself...

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Categories: teen, cry, depression, desire, emo,

Anxiety After party
At Night
After I spend a night with my friends 
And smiling
And having a good time
I come home
And I want to die.

I lie in bed. Stare...

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Categories: teen, angst, anxiety, confusion, cry,

Mom and Dad
My parents don''t understand,
“Anxiety is a normal part of life, everyone has anxiety Audrey, talk about it with Jenn.”
The thing is I want to talk...

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Categories: teen, anger, angst, anxiety, confusion,

If This Is Teenage Angst
I hope I struggle with it forever.  

If being a teenager means finally understanding the world around us,
Finally taking off the rose colored glasses

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Categories: teen, anxiety, deep, depression, fairy,

When The Jeans Don't Fit
I wanted it to be you.
I did that thing where I pulled you up as far as I could, and then jumped to try and...

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Categories: teen, anxiety, conflict, grief, heartbreak,

The Ugly Truth
When you fight with your best friend
Take my advice
Don’t tell them the ugly truth
Because it hurts the most 
Coming from someone who knows you better...

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Categories: teen, anger, angst, anxiety, best

I Am The Flood
I don’t exactly know when the black hole in my stomach started.
If asked to pick an exact location I would be looking for a specific...

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Categories: teen, analogy, angst, anxiety, heartbreak,

How to Make Me Love You
When you look at the clouds, see paintings on blue canvas
Scream secrets of our love on top of mountains, rocks don’t forget what we confide...

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Categories: teen, anger, confusion, deep, grief,

Best Friends Forever
“Best friends forever”
We giggled
I gasped for air because I laughed so hard
I gasp for air when you
the knife you stabbed through my ribcage.


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Categories: teen, anger, anti bullying, cry,

My mom tries to tell me, 
“You have to try on lots of jeans to find the right pair”
But why should I go about
Trying on...

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Categories: teen, 11th grade, anxiety, confidence,