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Education Teen Poems

These Education Teen poems are examples of Teen poems about Education. These are the best examples of Teen Education poems written by international poets.

What Are Exams and Results
Examinations were already done,
The wait for the results has gone.
It's time to show what we've learned,
And see the grades that we've earned.

The outcome may be...

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Categories: teen, children, conflict, education, strength,

Premium Member Passing Parades
A governess, a guardian of the young, so known and dear as to be called “Mother” and a noblewoman, just barely 12 by age, named...

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Categories: education, longing, romance, teen,

Premium Member Snipits
I shaved my legs this morning. “Alexa, put dinosaur Band-Aids on my shopping list.”

Once you get in the college routine, time speeds up
One minute you’re...

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Categories: teen, education, humor, school, student,

Premium Member Coffeene
Coffee, I adore thee,
somehow you never bore me.
Bold and dark or mild and smooth,
you get me up and on the move.

In warm embrace or cool...

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Categories: teen, celebration, education, fun, school,

Premium Member Pre-Seasoning
We’re no strangers to perceptible sacrifice
so, we’ve put all flavors of fun on ice.
Einsteining overnight - alone - is
about as exciting as a windows phone.


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Categories: teen, education, endurance, holiday, school,

A Little Knowledge
Aged eighteen and three quarters
Six feet one inches tall,
Typical mouthy teenager
Who thought he knew it all.
At least twenty years older
A woman close to her prime...

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Categories: teen, education, growing up, lust,

One Link To This Dilemma Is the Mixture of Soda and Cough Syrup
“If you don’t understand the purpose of a thing, then abuse is inevitable”

Many learners are going down the wrong road
There is a new song they...

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Categories: education, teen,

Premium Member Physics
One of my year-long sophomore subjects will be physics. At first, physics seems to be a menagerie of big, boring universal ideas and immutable laws...

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Categories: teen, crush, education, growth, school,

Premium Member The Ecb
I’m Face-Timing with my Grandmère, we touch-base once a week. I love that face, wrinkled, like wind-weathered driftwood, and she’s a wag. “Are you familiar...

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Categories: teen, education, family, granddaughter, grandmother,

Premium Member Vodka Plus Essays
Please Pogo music, wake me up. The night, now reduced to warm laptop light, is inching toward dawn. I pray to the patron saints of...

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Categories: education, student, teen, writing,

Premium Member Seductive Humor
Debilitating laughter
at the hands of a master
a dirty minded b@stard
who knows what he’s after

The ever subtle asker
he caresses and flatters
his clever patter shatters
cares that should...

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Categories: teen, drink, education, friendship, humor,

Premium Member Springing Into Action
I woke up late this morning, my phone was dead. I guess I never plugged it in, I found it buried under my pillow (erah!)....

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Categories: teen, education, happiness, morning, school,

Premium Member My My My My Corona
Lisa and I got our emails the same day. 
She read hers first. She made a small 
sighing sound, the faintest of protests.
Then broke the...

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Categories: teen, cheer up, education, emotions,

Premium Member My Back Pages
Summertime soundtrack
cause we ended as lovers
kaleidoscope jam
we danced in paradise lost
my September bridge of sighs...

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Categories: teen, age, cute love, education,

Premium Member The Dragon
There are men (fair knights) who always get what they want.
If suddenly, Mr. Knight doesn’t get - say, a girl (the fair maiden) - he’s...

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Categories: teen, analogy, character, education, lost,