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Tampered Poems

Tampered Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tampered poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tampered.

New Poems

Tampered Tunes Tortured
hoity heist healed
cremating callous creed
dark tumbles drool
bounty bills booed
lanky lists shred
wanky wills wept

mystic metamorphoses moaned
crumbling, crushed clone
cunny crest thrown

bruised concerto bled
sassy syllables crept
twain trail crest

porous past punctured
tampered tunes tortured.

Note: Dedicated to Oscar Wilde.

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Categories: tampered, hero,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member Forgotten democracy in the reign of fools
When the sun looks into darkness 
upside down cowboy's lend a hand to chaos 
deserters of faith rejecting lawful behaviour 

Persuading bodies believing something good is created from lies 
deceit has no value with an opinion against the truth 
a...Read More
Categories: tampered, abuse, atheist, betrayal, hate, heart, love, meaningful,
Form: Terza Rima
Premium Member Relinquished Dreams
Unremitting responsibilities 
Aspirations tampered by reality
Relentless quest for more
Beautiful wife, children, home
Cars, boat, vacations, clothes
All requisite trappings
Abundance of wealth and success
Colleges, tuitions, mortgages
Debt free, substantial savings
Old age, sickness, infirmity
Dusty, unplayed
Fender Stratocaster guitar  
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Categories: tampered, life, loss, sad,
Form: Free verse
Pulsing Pulchritude Polished
callous curves smirk
leering lanky lurch
seeped'n saucy seal
bounded by breach
smothering furious frown
delicate draws drawn

tuning tits trail
tactic trend traced
through tampered space

legs like onyx
pulpy pulchritude polished -
glimmering gaunt gifts

vying voluptuous structure
loving lust punctured.
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Categories: tampered, sexy,
Form: Sonnet

Digital dose of pixels, my world of intrigue 
where a front camera flashes my pretty face
Shares a picture-perfect life of travel, friends, love
like supermodels patronize, in thousands of poses.
Naive wishes sulking ,"It's still not good enough"  
navigate a cluttered...Read More
Categories: tampered, addiction, feelings, social,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Treasonous acts identified
Look at the face of a traitor within facts 
through this fraud he pushed his own personal opinion and agenda 
every vote cast from there on in 
should be null and void as this is proof of rigging and tampering...Read More
Categories: tampered, abortion, abuse, betrayal, corruption, evil, strength, truth,
Form: Narrative
Hour glass
As I waltz with a whim awareness begins to wander within
And whistles that whisper of wicked waves as I walk in the wind
My conscience is dim, it seems the sky has just fallen again
With a Provocative glimpse i imagine, will...Read More
Categories: tampered, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
It started on D - flat, 
succulent & succinct 
soft & rhythmic
loaning hearts pats. 
the wail of the piano
caressing the voices' glissando

riffs tampered with the tune, 
notes trailing tracks of crest, 
demisemiquaver pruned
by the demigod crochet:
parts of belts

accompanying baritone, 
baroque...Read More
Categories: tampered, confusion,
Form: Lyric
The Summer of 2019
I know that one day I won’t feel this way
I know that this summer will be a blur
When someone mentions the summer of 2019 I will smile absentmindedly and whisper that was a good summer
But I won’t remember your faces
I...Read More
Categories: tampered, age, change, friendship, growing up, growth, how
Form: Free verse
Justice is Crying in The Street
Oh my soul what hails you?
Oh my soul what awaits you?
Oh my soul why are you in despair?
Oh my soul I have not deserted you
Oh my soul I have something to share
Oh my soul I am still here.

I leaned against...Read More
Categories: tampered, anti bullying, conflict, courage, desire, discrimination, education,
Form: Free verse

After Image

Searing, disruptive, gravitational, 
the face came into focus from too far away,
long before anything at that distance had a right to, 
monopolizing eyes.  

There was an audible gasp from the passersby. 
Or at least it felt that way.

A form...Read More
Categories: tampered, angel, beautiful, beauty, feelings, memory, miracle, woman,
Form: Free verse
I Sat There
I sat there for hours,
Watching the traffic go by. 
I sat there for what seemed like days. 
Thoughts racing about a goodbye. 
A mental illness causing sorrow,
A mentality causing nothing but pain. 
I was ready to forgo tomorrow,
As the dark...Read More
Categories: tampered, depression, suicide,
Form: Rhyme
A gang of hooligans
 marched down to the north 
Through the sandy field
Thier horses wore no hoofs
They fed from our beautiful plantations
And loaded thier sacks with seeds
They drank from our secret springs
And trampled on our gardens 
They tampered with our...Read More
Categories: tampered, war,
Form: Ballade
To A Grieving Friend

I watched your fervent stars get extinguished, one by one 
 and from the look on your face I think they stole your only sun 
 your light has been tampered with in a big way sister- friend 
 but...Read More
Categories: tampered, grief,
Form: Free verse
times of deception
that's the future age of the deceiver
peace on earth,hell in heaven
it's an ancient plan
jews betrayed their religion erased ALLAH'S words and rewrote the Torah and the talmud (win,win deciet)
christians betrayed their religion accepted the continuous hammering of the Bible from...Read More
Categories: tampered, age, destiny, earth, evil, future, humanity, metaphor,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Transient
Like a transient thought
You entered my dialogue
Seeking to become
Discourse of my mind

Confusing my words
You tampered response
Bemusing my mood
Feigning what love was

Until reality grasped
A fraudulent trespass
Holding firmly at bay
Faux vision of romance

Yet, our rendezvous
Was willingly allowed--
Lascivious to assuage
Exotic wish of the...Read More
Categories: tampered, feelings, lust,
Form: Free verse
I married a Rape Survivor
I married a rape survivor
She was terrified and broken
Shaken till the last drop of blood
She can’t even face the mirror now
Now she hates herself for being a girl
Just few seconds had stolen her identity
Her respect her pride her value her...Read More
Categories: tampered, abuse, beauty, pain, society,
Form: Prose
I, I don’t understand the book known as bible
The book that is mostly common to many doors 
But the book that is not known and read by many souls
The book that is carried by many
But mostly it is not read...Read More
Categories: tampered, books, christian, confusion, inspiration, religious,
Form: Couplet
Strip T's
The taboo is teeming
I am theologically tired of believing
this transparent telepathic way of seeing
is tinted I try teary eyed and tipsy
trying two twins trained teaching tricking
they're two tough tattooed too tattered toxic for the picking
through this telestic telegraph clocks keep...Read More
Categories: tampered, betrayal, conflict, confusion, imagery, repetition, symbolism, word
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Tweet
The biggest threat to our humanity and way of life 
is engraved within those whom get consumed by untruths 

God controls this planet not science playing as host 
man is destroying it with nuclear waste 
leaking daily in many parts...Read More
Categories: tampered, betrayal, corruption, deep,
Form: Free verse
To this brokeness of women, the world flopped and flipped out.
How life flawed and tampered the ice of the girlchild!
How green became red images to their eyes is still a misery to our flammable fable eyes:
of happiness gallopping towards sorrow,
We...Read More
Categories: tampered, abuse, africa, art,
Form: Blank verse
Augury of the Great Eagle atop the Tree, part I
  the looming sky  
    above the modern world
    tampered with the patience of wrong gods 
    and so by doing
     made themselves pregnant
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Categories: tampered, angst, faith, mythology,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member A Perfect Storm
A bluster of transcending obscurity became a moment of weakness. 
Saturated in a tempest of mourning, I sought out the perfect storm.
No violence could save my soul, no silence could whisper relief. 
Only time could release my fear, only clouds...Read More
Categories: tampered, desire, storm,
Form: Free verse
Dear, You
Dear, You
I don't know if I'm meant to be anything other then broken
I'm like shattered glass, you can put it back together but it will never look nor function the same
I know I'm not perfect nor am I made of...Read More
Categories: tampered, absence, best friend, betrayal, boyfriend, break up,
Form: Free verse
Each subsequent process of cell division    
i.e. mitosis sans biological parlance 
erodes chromosomal cap re: telomere if u can envision
some juncture senescence prevails – 
apoptosis no chance to prevent natural degradation 
and one alternate decision opting to...Read More
Categories: tampered, age, birth, character, creation, humanity, perspective, psychological,
Form: I do not know?