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Talking Poems

Talking Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of talking poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for talking.

New Poems

no matter what they do
lords talking to you
its lover power
its  a shower
that never fall
if you get sick 
you'll get well quick
Categories: talking, adventure, blessing,
Form: Prose Poetry


They've been together for a year
And they had the kind of love that would bring u to tears
I mean.....
They would never part without saying I Love U
Or without kissing each other
Texting each other through out the day
Talking about how much...Read More
Categories: talking, culture, power, pride, strength,
Form: Free verse
Product Of Greatness

So here I am standing face to face with myself
Staring deeply though the windows of my inner man
Wondering, who am I? And how did I get here?
I know some how, some years ago
My parents got together and conceived me
But I'm...Read More
Categories: talking, change, character, passion, strength,
Form: Free verse

I got up uncharacteristically at 6 and
Uncharacteristically heated up a bowl of chicken soup
And enjoyed the warm sunshine through the blinds

Uncharacteristically, I drove to campus at 6:40 to assess a maintenance worker
for a promotion.
His supervisor dropped in around 7:30 midway...Read More
Categories: talking, change, day, encouraging, inspirational, joy,
Form: Free verse
We have friends
Close with
Still communicating

Thinking they are forever there
In the moments to come
Talking about random things
Going deep in our souls

Doing everything
Being there
For each other
Hopefully for a lifetime

The thing is
There is no control
For all of them to stay
Being initiative
To understand
To look...Read More
Categories: talking, absence, best friend, betrayal, destiny, friend, friendship,
Form: Free verse

On Deaf Ears

Ignoring noises
Irks me to the core
Especially with people
Hardly know

Having to deal with
Same old questions
Same old reactions
Same old nonsense

Do not wanna deal with them
Nothing to say
No connection
Just small talks
Gossips to fulfill their lives

Maybe for entertainment
Narcissistic pleasure
Favourite pastime

Closing my eyes
Covering my ears
Muting...Read More
Categories: talking, conflict, emotions, environment, feelings, hate, people, words,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I am the Expert Am I Not
Yes I am holding down the couch.
Thank you for noticing.
Why not?
I’m the most experienced.
Obviously the best for the job
What kind of money are we talking?

...Read More
Categories: talking, humor, humorous,
Form: Light Verse
Reeling in the Years
I am reeling in the years
I have Ringing in my ears 
While you gather up your tears
I have dry eyes, as do my peers

The weekly check in at the Drs.
didnt turn out as I planned
The things he said I have,
...Read More
Categories: talking, appreciation, change, feelings, patriotic,
Form: Rhyme
Dom Lies
I had a friend who was full of snideness 
said I nicked his bike but I was in Cyprus 
told people for years with total slyness 
bitterness is always a trait with surprises

What’s more is he made up this story,...Read More
Categories: talking, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Living alone in my two-bedroom home,
No one to talk to except my dog and my cat;
Listening to the radio and watch television,
While I watch the excited cat chasing a rat.

Talking to people through the phone,
Landline or mobile I have them...Read More
Categories: talking, emotions,
Form: Quatrain


Lord can I get a break, Lord can I get a break
I’m not really happy here, I’m not really happy
Take a look into my eyes, Take a look into my eyes
You’ll see pain with no tears, You’ll see pain with...Read More
Categories: talking, anger, blue, cry, freedom,
Form: Rhyme
dark side of the brain
are you a rightie
or a leftie

i'm not 


turn signals
or decisions

it doesn't matter
what makes you

tick since i'm 

but not a 
jekyll or 

a hide for
certainly not

a phd

a ba but

a bs

yet i often
butt my head

and try to think
ba ba black sheep

which i...Read More
Categories: talking, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Black Family Reunion

We at the family reunion, and if you know anything about the Black Family Reunion
You already know it was like a 3 ring circus
Wow, so where do I begin.......
Of Course you know we had that wild trash talking uncle on...Read More
Categories: talking, family, fun,
Form: ABC
Inferno thought

Inferno thought 
By: Christopher Nickles 

To find a median line. 
Would be very divine. 
That median of thinking. 
Evan without your talking. 
To overthink, is thinking to much. 
Evan during bad times as such. 
To not think you feel nothing....Read More
Categories: talking, absence, beautiful, blessing, emotions, freedom, universe, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Return of the poet
This is the return of the poet 
I haven't sat with my pad in a while 
I've been stuck with writers block, so I've had to search for a motive 
I thought I was doing ok until my friend said...Read More
Categories: talking, deep, devotion, inspiration, inspirational, poetry, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Inferno emotions intro
Inferno emotions intro 
By: Christopher Nickles 

All your emotions and thoughts come as one. 
Some of which no matter what cant be won.

Most you will win for they are actually yours. 
Tried talking to others, basically gave a tour. 
No...Read More
Categories: talking, anxiety, corruption, courage, emotions, humanity, motivation, universe,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Preacher with Steel Hands, Part III
...The media was stunned by this action,
and even more so when he retired,
he said he could not hit a man again
after what he had just seen transpire,
that making money of televised strife
couldn’t justify the taking of life.

Most figured this just...Read More
Categories: talking, change, forgiveness, meaningful, pain, people, spiritual, sports,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member talking to flowers
deeply asleep I have a dream
            of whispers fading 
   of memories and memories
of mother murmuring
    ...Read More
Categories: talking, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member From Oceans With Love
Have you ever watched them fly?
Birds I mean in the clear blue sky 
In formation like on combat patrol 
Wings spread with an image of being in control 
Going south to north 
Sleek and smooth they go forth 
Up and...Read More
Categories: talking, bible, business, faith, fish, fishing, food, miracle,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Long Sighted
What an oddity
Doing fine
But my mind is being pulled
So many directions

Trying hard to grasp
Where I am going

It just keep on running
Hearing you talking
Goes on and off
Feeling my soul floats
Then comes back

Paying attention
Being in the moment
Yet being in halves

What is happening

Not...Read More
Categories: talking, blessing, care, change, devotion, emotions, encouraging, power,
Form: Free verse

That day I wake up with more questions
Which can’t answer by anyone
I was looking very confused, even I tried to hide my feelings
Over information is also a problem now
Where will I go and hide from these
Who is telling truth and...Read More
Categories: talking, anxiety, confusion, emotions, life, social, time, today,
Form: Free verse
Our Moment
Our Moment

While things seem crazy right now,
with people talking fear.
“I’ve never seen the likes of this before.”

Remember, that no one alive has seen this.
It’s a brand new thing to us all.
It’s a moment we all share.
A dream, the whole world...Read More
Categories: talking, encouraging, joy,
Form: Free verse
Lost Love
Lost Love

The occasion a sad one, I was in black,
desperately trying to contain my grief.
Then – there you were, a silver fox, in a suit,
chatting, laughing – my heart flipped.
How many years since we’d met – too many,
I never thought...Read More
Categories: talking, emotions, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Pigeon Told
A bird’s eye view 
conversation overheard in a park 
somewhere near you

Hey, Ori ... what’s up?

Nothing much, Marque.
Just flying low, bro.

Big Ollie, the Ruby Cleaners rooftop dove,
shared some bad popcorn news.

Oh, yeah. What’s the latest bird flu blues.

He said that...Read More
Categories: talking, allegory, funny, humor, perspective,
Form: Light Verse
Tree People
Cursing like a sailors
Telling lies
And more lives
And more lies
Until the lies run out,
The drinks run dry
And when the drinks run dry
The people dwindle away
The tree gets empty
And then silence is heard.
No cussing
And telling lies
Talking trash
And evil kicks in
But hold on...Read More
Categories: talking, men, people, tree,
Form: Free verse