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Symbolism Poems

Symbolism Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about symbolism. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for symbolism.

Poem Topics Related to Symbolism

metaphor, comparison, analogy,

New Poems

to the Spirit of life;

a resurrection

--- Here and Now and yet to be ---;

the Tree of Life flowers,

luxuriant, Serpentine-wise -

penny pot poor....Read More
Categories: city, freedom, myth, philosophy, religious, symbolism,
Form: I do not know?

Ultra Violent Light
Dark grey matter
manifest crimson flow tendacies
Fade to black thoughts 
formaldehyde revealed thru scope sight
Scarlet droplets trace a fetal prone outline;
such a morbid delivery ... 
a yellow tape, premature plight

Coffin borne mutilated bodies 
with bullet death birthmarks:
Revolver uttered first cries of...Read More
Categories: dark, death, metaphor, symbolism,
Form: Elegy
Salute The Truth
The wicked is calling the wicked 
Oh what a wicked
The wicked is calling the wicked
Who is really wicked?
The wicked is calling the wicked 
Can’t you see that something is wicked?
Wicked man,
 Wicked woman, 
Wicked boy,
 Wicked girl
Wicked church
Wicked preacher
Wicked teacher
Wicked...Read More
Categories: community, desire, farewell, judgement, leadership, leaving, symbolism,
Form: Narrative
Star of the show Part 2
Every star is a sun, most suns have planets in orbit around them, Each planet has a
varying species of inhabitants...We can not see these inhabitants because they're
vibrating at a much higher frequency then we currently do here on earth, Thus...Read More
Categories: earth, imagination, life, philosophy, planet, stars, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Spellbound
With Jasper eyes and crimson lips
Her heart as a receptive stone
Soothing, calming and magnetic
With wisdom direct from mysticism

Her tongue vibrates my soul with sound
Teasing and tickling my heart with love
With Long black moonstone hair 
Mesmerizing eyes with just a look
...Read More
Categories: love, symbolism,
Form: Free verse

northern light
I take a deep breath
My lungs are burning
The air is like ice
Making my skin feel numb
like it is no part of me anymore
A last bit of warmth lies deep inside of me
But it is slowly fading away
The arctic sky above
Makes...Read More
Categories: introspection, nature, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Heaven Portends
Fall's snow has melted; lawns once more are clear
   But grass has turned to mud and trees aren't bare
While warmer air now makes new buds appear
   With leaves on sidewalks soaked through everywhere

The skies are gray,...Read More
Categories: dark, night, symbolism,
Form: Sonnet
The Sun
The sun vanishes over the horizon,
Leaving tear drops of light in the sky.
I watch it sink -
Somberly -
Past the mountains.
Daylight is your face.
I am in the dark now,
Trying to thrive 
While you are not here.
Your glow is addicting...Read More
Categories: symbolism, 12th grade, absence, beautiful, sad love, star,
Form: Free verse
The Night Hawk

Whom shall I tell my tale of woes?
who shall sing with me 
my song of oblivion
the evil that descended hearth-stead,
in the tail of a winter night,
swooped upon us like a bald eagle,
as vicious as a hungry wolf,
raped my...Read More
Categories: symbolism, anger, black african american, corruption, cry, imagery,
Form: Imagism

The legendary story is still alive as stupendous force,
the fire of the Gods the caring metaphor as source.
The warmth of concern on which strength depends,
forsaken in these days by commercial happy ever after ends.
The genesis of convenience in your hand,
modern...Read More
Categories: computer, corruption, god, motivation, nostalgia, spiritual, symbolism,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member PERDITION
the roll of thunder
begs a nurtured cry
counting down a lightning strike
stripped silence and smothering light

dust gathers in the silhouette
tethered for a downward crawl
hopes only exit
surrenders to intrinsic

vicious and sincere is the device
a glimpse of a gleam off steal
forging shape into...Read More
Categories: conflict, destiny, imagery, life, poetry, spiritual, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hot Passing Weather
The visitation of that unpleasant side of life is here
comes with a series of pain is this compulsory treasure hunt
issues grow fat and fetch more corn meal from our distresses
the skin is seared but patience never stops rolling
surrendering to be...Read More
Categories: adventure, character, life, strength, stress, success, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Erotes Gerund
erotes might allow her to speak of you as her husband
might you meet the requirements of her conditions.
to become her husband she wishes these seven things.
then upon receiving these things she shall light
seven different candles
symbolizing each day.
he too wishes things...Read More
Categories: symbolism, business, career, culture, future, guitar, marriage, money,
Form: Ballad
Hailstone Crowns
“Fire” alarm sirens
are going off [the audible radar]
stealth silently
Those living deaf 
can’t receive
the incoming Death warning

Sky chariots on the roil warpath
are thunderclap rolling
Propaganda leaflet droppings
did foreshadow 
their cursed dire coming

Ordnance jewels are falling
from hailstone crowns — 
“All hail the GOAT...Read More
Categories: allegory, symbolism, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Epic

I stand here in silences, but God knows me
I sit here in my personal space, quiet yet God hears me
You ask me how am I doing,  you speak to me, say, “Hi”
Ever so ever yet quiet am I

Yes! It’s...Read More
Categories: analogy, angst, desire, destiny, identity, metaphor, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Passing By
( Passing By )

The little house on the corner, gets viewed at every day
Each person that passes by it, each life is a different way
Some have troubled waters, where life is hard to bare
Some of it is in shambles, and...Read More
Categories: emotions, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Oceans Alone
Don't walk with me
Find your own path
This dark ocean
With hidden waves of wrath
Bring me peace and humbling

I feel no need
To chat with you
This silvery sky
With endless night and truth
Brings me sincerity

I won't hand hold
No roses, please
This hanging moon
With broken light...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, beach, confidence, feelings, passion, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Intimation of beyond
Intimation of beyond

The attraction of the twilight firmament in a hazy stream,
invited me to ponder on the meadows of this timeless esteem.
Where this rotating light is a constant reflection by global sight,
apparel of celestial confinement in each moment of light.
Like...Read More
Categories: inspirational love, simple, surreal, symbolism,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Tetrahedron Inception
Tetrahedron Inception

The geometry of four equal threes,
A pyramid of tall pointy trees.

Green, red, yellow, gold,
Rainbows of music, arc through my soul,

Seeing the sounds past reds vast basses,
Symphonies of light hearing blues last traces.
Four phased spectra, aligned at the sixties,
Sweet melodic...Read More
Categories: analogy, religious, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
5,438 steps into madness
I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.
Edgar Allan Poe

The crowd approached the lens of the mega camera. Its gnawing rose up in the smoke of 5,438 cigarettes encircled in the density of that afternoon. Moisture brought a stench...Read More
Categories: cry, hyperbole, prejudice, riddle, senses, surreal, symbolism,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Amphibians
When life is losing its meaning,
And the glorious colors grow pale,
And death seems the one destination,
Remember the humble toad,
Doomed to spend drier days
Digging deep in the arid ground,
Seeking survival and shelter,
But to be loving and birthing,
It later returns to the...Read More
Categories: community, death, depression, inspirational, introspection, loneliness, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member kissy sexyku
plum juicy sweet lips
flavarable to embrace
kiss sexyku bod

kissy sexyku 
so much so I do love U
so sweet lips come here

Kissy Sexyku Poetry Contest
Haiku poetry form only.
Sponsored by: Richard Lamoureux 

Poem Syllable Counter Results
Syllables Per Line:	5 7 5 0 5 7...Read More
Categories: analogy, for her, romantic, symbolism, word play,
Form: Haiku
Rumor Shockwaves
Enriched hearsay disaster spread faster
than the raging radio talk heard — 
Kindling of conspiracy flames
With howling winds of thermonuclear quickness,
the rumor shockwaves came
As did the radioactive tone rain

When the silo mouths began to open,
the clandestine missives went below-the-radar, 
dastardly drone...Read More
Categories: allusion, dark, fear, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member CS Lewis
His ingeniously crafted Narnia glows
With so many wise and amazing prose
Love shining brightly through its text
So very eager for what comes next

This beautifully written tale’s foundation
Brought my own heart so much adoration
The lessons within its astonishing pages
Reminding me that this...Read More
Categories: books, symbolism, wisdom, word play, words, write,
Form: Sonnet
To Know, Therefore
Self awareness,
freedom’s chain

Mirrored judgment,
harbored pain

Descarte’s premise,
inside out

To know oneself
—eternal doubt

(Villanova Pennsylvania: November, 2019) 
...Read More
Categories: symbolism,
Form: Rhyme