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Switching Poems

Switching Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of switching poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for switching.

New Poems

The Elegance Of The Night
As dusk approaches its end,
Springs up the moon, in the cloak of dark;
And I, observing, how beautiful is the trend.

The stars sparkle as brightly as the Dawn Star,
The moon glittering, with her dim light being shone,
Upon the blue-green waters of...Read More
Categories: switching, inspiration, nature, night, perspective, poetry,
Form: Rhyme

Who is switching off my sun
Did you know
You were the one
Who always stirred up so much fun

Fun for me and fun for you
Oh so much fun, if only you knew

But I am now dead to you
That is what you wanted true

So I now just wish...Read More
Categories: switching, surreal,
Form: Free verse
It’s itching, switch-flipping
It’s ripping my stitching
The faucet keeps dripping
Sensations of slipping
I’m grasping.  I’m gripping
Routinely, I’m sipping
As if it were fixing
The flaws in my mixing
I’m turning, I’m twisting
I feel myself twitching
Positions, I’m switching
I see the clock ticking
It’s taunting, it’s picking
It’s...Read More
Categories: switching, anxiety, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Each Christmas we all gathered there,
‘Aunt Clare, has more room ,after all’ with
her trestled tables and chair.
Grown-ups swigging their brown bottled ale,
young-uns, lemonade with paper straw,
VE style parties, once more.
Lunch over, the voice decibels rose,
raucus laughter oiled by the...Read More
Categories: switching, celebration, christmas, nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
A New Day
Today, I forget yesterday
Like switching off the smart TV
Meeting my poor neighbor
And say "I care about you";

Today, I want something new ,
Like listening to my heart
Visiting my sick friend
And say "I love you";

Tonight, I do something new,
Like watching the stars
Counting...Read More
Categories: switching, inspiration, spiritual,
Form: Free verse

Distinctive Journey II

I am hanging on by a thread
All I clinging to is prayers
 Every breath is like a battle
I feel like I'm unprepared
Death is knocking on front door
Pain is creeping through the back
Fear is crawling
Through the windows
Waiting for it to attack
They...Read More
Categories: switching, anxiety, change, character, deep, depression, emotions, fate,
Form: I do not know?
thoughe in the night
Thought in the night
The wind was terrible, raced around the outside like
Drunken dervishes hollering in the night
When the wind tired of this needless validating
Of its masculinity it became quiet.
Now my thoughts and worries took over
Often idle should I have...Read More
Categories: switching, analogy, angst, corruption, creation,
Form: Blank verse
Intertwined in everything and nothing. Apart forever and never apart. Always reaching, never meeting. Intertwined in nothing and everything. 

I twist and turn rising higher. 
I’m forced into destruction and anger. 
I want to dance with the wind. 
But my...Read More
Categories: switching, 10th grade, day, earth, nature,
Form: Blank verse
Nocturnal Tip

Two tips from one who knows:
Before you rush from bed with speed
with or without clothes,
to satisfy an urgent need, 
don’t rush blindly in the night
before switching on the light.
And here’s an important fact –
be sure the bathroom door’s not closed...Read More
Categories: switching, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Picturesque is so quaint 
Seeing the brightly white pearls drenched
Flowing down Misty Mystic waterfall 
So the soothing switching Cooling sounds
Beads of mists goes round rushing down
Flowing, going  gushing mystic misty surrounded by marsh Foliage green malls 
Hear rushing 
Feel...Read More
Categories: switching, adventure, mountains, nature, rainforest, water,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member A Propitiation of Blue Tears
A Propitiation of Blue Tears

On this highway to where the skies bleed blue tears into vases; 
on ornate buttresses they sit and saturate us, 
they cry and douse us,
they contract, expand, release….up from the bowels, 
out into the time continuum,...Read More
Categories: switching, freedom,
Form: Free verse
A Propitiation of Blue Tears
A Propitiation of Blue Tears

On this highway to where the skies bleed blue tears into vases; 
on ornate buttresses they sit and saturate us, 
they cry and douse us,
they contract, expand, release….up from the bowels, 
out into the time continuum,...Read More
Categories: switching, myth, riddle,
Form: Free verse
made you look
well it's 2026
and Boogie jam Bowgo
is in the mix
rap out towgo and bluey jam bustsas
flankin on Chicco's
and the Drab Muthacluccias
beggin on beanie
she aint smiling
her freind Chick-willa
my fast fone dialin
backbitting hussy
she down with what ever
switching in those denien cutties
she down foo...Read More
Categories: switching, corruption, hip hop,
Form: Ballad
Some perhaps more fortunate poets will 
With greater ease urge their heeding quill,
To tell in switching tones many juicy tales,
Of love-aided treks and shipwrecked sails. 

Not so for this goofing lyricist whose 
Heart-felt lays Muse hesitates to aid.
His adequately regaling...Read More
Categories: switching, art,
Form: Rhyme
Train Journey Home
Train Journey Home

Hopeful eyes, 
Searching glaring screens, 

searching for some sign of love,
Switching on, switching off, switching on,

A people, of stolen souls,
Destined to flick through emptiness,

Digital media, 
This agency of silent desperation,

Outsourced spirituality,
Paper castles and empty rooms,

Designed by the...Read More
Categories: switching, business, culture, drug, lonely, spiritual, surreal,
Form: Political Verse
life is a thin ladder its actors climb.
No matter how they climb, 
Some will watch other's tails as they follow steps.
You might see another going farther with speed,
But that shouldn't impel the eyes to wake greed.
Instead, watch attentively the finesse...Read More
Categories: switching, betrayal, desire, destiny, emotions, friendship, hate, spoken
Form: Lyric
Starting to feel numb
O how many days does it take
O many years has it been
Whoa..., wait!
O, I don't wanna be late
Ran to the gate,
Uh knock; knock at your door 
Moors gathering O...
Lights out, the darkness in
Ceilings caving in and walls closing in 
Whoa,...Read More
Categories: switching, allegory, blue, cry, parody,
Form: List
Switching sides
Hollow whore’s are they that trample over the innocent,
Grabbing for power like only the unworthy would,
Prostituting for perks because they’re willing to get ed,
......................So I used to believe,
Back when I was a naive idealist,
But life shows all sides of the...Read More
Categories: switching, anti bullying, bullying, confidence, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Gold Wine
Webinar expires today!
Kids pick up, read to and play
Washing needs to be hung out
Dishwasher’s ready for clearing out
Cat needs taking to the vet
Bills need sorting - post pile turning into monument!
Dusting, vaccing all needs to be done
Or and the shopping...Read More
Categories: switching, angst, anxiety, england, feelings, jobs, life, stress,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member If I Were an Igloo
If I were an igloos I would be different than the others, 
more flamboyant.
Painted in rainbow colors, 
I would play hip hop music, and I would wear 
a colorful, feathered boa, sprinkled with glitter.
There would be loudness,
And frenzied dancing, possibly...Read More
Categories: switching, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Personification
Premium Member Positively Deviant
She seems afraid to say too much
and not listen enough.

Perhaps fear of becoming misunderstood
and, worse, too quickly dismissed,
her moment,
even in this small-staged sanctuary,

She wants to share with us
her deviant dissonant sufficiency
usually seen as negative degenerating autonomy
but, occasionally, in epiphanies of...Read More
Categories: switching, community, earth, gender, health, integrity, loneliness, sad
Form: Political Verse
Dancing Delight
They’ve dubbed me Twirly since I spin all night,
Oh the joy it brings at a square dance, this dancing delight!
Doesn’t it make you dizzy they often inquire?
With a look that says my constant motion they clearly admire,
Partners make...Read More
Categories: switching, dance, joy,
Form: Sonnet
One Track Mind
My life keeps rolling
down the same
old train track
rhythm in my brain

Like toy trains
mechanical and
steady, their
throbbing beat
predetermined path repeats
predictable loop

One track mind
takes me nowhere, but
feels oddly
stifling complacency
the near death of me

my lagging caboose
I let loose
so relieved!
Plugging ahead, no restraint

And 'though I
cannot...Read More
Categories: switching, hope, how i feel, introspection, perspective, psychological,
Form: Free verse
my pillow
from first
to second base
racing into third
fourth then fifth

freely speeding
yet not meeting
stripping gears
shifting down

pistons beating
radiantly steaming
switching off
high beams
now to

giving into
a dead battery

...Read More
Categories: switching, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Odd Story ii
Damn it's G,
Yes I'm him: El or him
That's what she said,
But she ain't sad
Switching switches,
And Fused Light bulbs
Twisted turning tables,
In Dead living rooms-
Thou shall know what weird is:

Peeking through tiny wholes 
Beams of light emanating in-
Front of my eyes,
Reflecting my...Read More
Categories: switching, allegory, art, riddle,
Form: List