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Sways Poems

Sways Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sways poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sways.

New Poems

Premium Member The Faces of Man

"The Faces of Man"

The faces of Man
held in the hand 
of Mephistopheles 

blood sells white and red
pontificating with two fingers

consuming greed for 
want of everything
they meld into the
curves of their crooked bends

he’s come to collect 
the minds of men
sold...Read More
Categories: sways, dark, humanity, psychological,
Form: Epic

Misery’s company comes and goes and what about you?
Don’t go telling me about your woes without a single clue
Tell me your precious vitality’s optimistic joy once more
Sell me your vivacious, perfect ability to soar that I adore

I believe in happier...Read More
Categories: sways, angst, betrayal, depression, emotions, fear, hope, passion,
Form: Lyric
Letters to USA
To you this Poet writes away,
To caution ‘My People’ of today,
That what is wrong is never out’s,
But lies within the hearts of doubts,

Where O’ Where these thoughts be born?
In the darkness ore’ the dawn,
Of minds that knelt in disciple,
Out of...Read More
Categories: sways, faith, family, inspirational, leadership, my children, parents,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member a walk
Edo cherry blooms

tree fluff sways ever softly

    ~ approaching summer

(a walk)...Read More
Categories: sways, garden, joy,
Form: Haiku
Everything has a soul
Maybe the wind blows to search for lost clouds
Maybe the stars shine to hunt for the sun
Maybe we laugh to gasp in some air
To let our soul dance blissful and bare

Maybe the waves come looking for lost fish
Maybe smoke rises...Read More
Categories: sways, i miss you, lost, nature, poetry, sea,
Form: Rhyme

Dancing Girl
There is an ocean that dances next to me
She cradles time and sees every inch of my body

Moving through the tide
Pulled inwards that surrounds
She is a dancing beauty
Silent as a sound

She sways in the light
She moves through my mind
Hips follow...Read More
Categories: sways, beauty, body, dance, girl, love, ocean, sensual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Nature Knows Best
A flower shoots up through the gravel in the back yard

Enthused by persuasion of spreading seeds for dear life

Red petals applaud a scented splash of dissident colour

Among yellow clover converging in strides of plentitude

	The poppy marches on nevertheless

Like a thorn...Read More
Categories: sways, community,
Form: Free verse
Dance of the Windchimes
A unique and unrehearsed lullaby 
That wind and storms amplify 
A confined and precise ballet
That illuminate in shadow-play
A sun-kissed and bright sail
That awaits a melodic gale 
A mesmerizing and relaxing thought 
That sways above a flowerpot 
A provoking and recalled...Read More
Categories: sways, childhood, dance, happiness, life, Lullaby, remember, wind,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Zebra Mystique

I want to ride a zebra

and race the rays of radiance
through heat-waves sailing gradients -

a folly wild - a mood untamed
elated hands in bristled mane
unbridled veins uncorked champagne...

yes! elevate sedate heart rate
I WANT to ride a zebra

stripes yin yang oasis...Read More
Categories: sways, adventure, animal, dream, fantasy, freedom, fun, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Body Talk
Body Talk

Flowers hands cute eyes
lift neath skies e'er oft charmed sways 
humble heart sweetly.

2020 February 29

5, 7, 5....Read More
Categories: sways, dance, poetry,
Form: Senryu

Premium Member LOVE
I pull you in close to me,
the curve of your body,
rests on my knee,

Your long slender limb,
so beautiful,
adorned in jewelry,

I run my fingers, 
along your curves,
the moment it besieges me,

The golden brown colors,
that adorn your fretboard,
takes me to the right...Read More
Categories: sways, dance, longing, love, lust, music,
Form: Rhyme
Angelus Silesius the mystical Angel
Angelus Silesius Translations

The rose merely blossoms
and never asks why:
heedless of her beauty,
careless of every eye.
?Angelus Silesius, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

The rose lack reasons
and merely sways with the seasons;
she has no ego
but whoever put on such a show?
?Angelus Silesius,...Read More
Categories: sways, angel, bible, christian, devotion, god, religion, religious,
Form: Epigram
Fireflies and Spring Lies

These pretty hot days harbinger Spring times

A warm climate and a lovely spell plies

Between the short plants, stroll firelies

As the red...Read More
Categories: sways, romance, seasons,
Form: Rhyme
Malignant dreams tapestry displays;
Distance calls yet rhapsody preys;

Listen as the screams of humanity;
Malignant spirit hovering sways my chances;

Consistent, forbidding, indifferent pageantry;
Vision dripping of my enigma dances;

Thinking of visions  figmented imagination;
Indignant  humans and demonic nonmalignant;

Existence, forbidding, 
Sufficient, trans shipment's;

Written...Read More
Categories: sways, analogy, anxiety, confusion,
Form: Lento
smashed the drums
wrings sweating hands

trumpet puffed cheeks

      notorious red

band sways
feet tapping

spit sprays
    silver flute

fame’s up front
poetically sweet

audience yawns; cymbals

dull drums rev it up
    ...Read More
Categories: sways, music,
Form: Verse
My tired eyes keep opening and closing
And my body sways to and fro
But something enigmatic kept me on the ground
And my spirit keeps moving up and down
A sudden indecisive feelings creeps inside
And all of a sudden I start feeling breathless
And...Read More
Categories: sways, animal, community, confidence, courage, emotions, endurance, farewell,
Form: Narrative
Beauty in Simplicity
beauty in simplicity
picture rose petal
soft and delicate

butterfly lands gracefully
resting for a while
gentle wind sways

rain drops fall
bathing yellow wings
a glistening moment...Read More
Categories: sways, nature,
Form: Free verse
Gift of True Love
I close my eyes, and you come to me close 
haunting my mind, permeating my soul.
Imprinted memories , past timelines froze
an unbridled sedation reigns control.

In tender breeze, a floating feather sways
like soft afterglow, sky of countless stars,
true love feels so...Read More
Categories: sways, love,
Form: Sonnet
"You have air looks like  you got too comfortable  
You can walk you can sneeze
Achoo other sink bless you gesundheit
Let's not get too comfortable
Asleep Blinded by the Light you open your eyes 
And you see hatred you've gotten...Read More
Categories: sways, allusion, america, betrayal, conflict, discrimination,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Thorns
I thought I was over you
I have a love new
but you waltz back into my life again
Asking how I am
Your still beautiful is a rose
all my weaknesses you know
Your touch sways me to sin
I wish I could hate you more
hate...Read More
Categories: sways, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Blue Beauty
The sea is so bright and it illuminates the nostalgic night
It sways and sways to the rhythm of my young heart
The clouds are formulating right before my eyes with might
Raindrops collapse upon the ground from the start

Disconsolate clouds soaks in...Read More
Categories: sways, beauty, blue, ocean, sea,
Form: Free verse
She Is Beauty KH
The way the sunshine dangles from her smile,
The sways in the lines of her silhouette
And her story of heartbreak shaping her voice
Caused by the past villains met.

She leaps free and fierce
And is no longer afraid
For it is the ordinary ways...Read More
Categories: sways, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Free verse


Midnight’s blue dress -
modem of her physique,
molded immodestly,
married to monumental
destiny of desires,
elongated as if clinging
to an Amazon warrior.

Blue dress props up
her spectacular breasts,
high and mighty, tinged
with reckless success.
Mortification of the madonna.

Fabrication fraught
with embellishments,
bells and whistles of gold
stitched like...Read More
Categories: sways, evil, lust, power, sensual,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Sugar Coat It
The holidays come round again,
 distant and far off at first, this trend,
 plenty of time to prepare, cards to send.

Hurried shopping travels
 eased by the buyer's experiment with internet dabbles
 from Amazon or e bay or some other sale...Read More
Categories: sways, analogy, christmas, holiday,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member shining in poetry's light
lovely Line is a lady who
lingers in deep thought-
her style shines with wit;
a simile or two with a touch of personification in
free verse poems, 
shares the freedom to embrace her 
muse as if she never embraced before-
leads others into the...Read More
Categories: sways, love, metaphor, poetess, simile,
Form: Verse