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Suzette Poems

Suzette Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suzette poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suzette.

New Poems

sheet tune
there are butterflies under the sea
and fish in the air today
willows wept over the moon
and stars giving
distance away
nothing is 
as it seems 
come here
let’s discuss 
it in bed 
where words 
lose their shapes
with their spurs
and fingers with lips
run in herds
let...Read More
Categories: suzette, body, cinderella, food, june, star, word play,
Form: Suzette Prime

Premium Member Generalizing People is Ridiculous
all whites
Irish or Scottish
Not ALL, philosophers think.
All Japanese, all Chinese, all Indians…
Generalizing any group is ridiculous!

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Categories: suzette, 12th grade,
Form: Suzette Prime
Legacy's Statute of Limitation
Being designed to do special tasks -
my talents are to help, to teach.
I understand, life comes from God's hand;
and there are goals that I will not reach. 

December 20, 2019

* This is a "Rithimus Divisa", taken from my poem "My...Read More
Categories: suzette, 11th grade, confidence, life, teacher,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Unrecognized Parts of Myself
sage thoughts
deep within
stirring up dendrites
many personalities
so why does my mind keep facets from myself?
how can there be parts of me I do not recognize?

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Categories: suzette, perspective,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Living Inner Truth
and loving
living inner truth
compassion for all mankind
every road leading to heaven….

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Categories: suzette, spiritual,
Form: Suzette Prime

chess cheaters---B
Sight, feignedly fixed on chess board;
Mind, slinking toward smart phone
---the Sacrosanct Savior that just has to be enshrined in the toilette---
urging new hot tips to hop out and help out.

Each toilette patronage pays back an omnipotent panopticon 
through which to...Read More
Categories: suzette, games, sports,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Throw Away Child
child lost
family throw away
has burned all of her chances
Logical these people will hate her also

...Read More
Categories: suzette, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member The Poetry of Us
For you are a different kind of man;
crimson dancing silhouettes caressing the night-
cerulean ecstasy with a medallion dandelion wish,
you sacrifice your light for me and now my wings
can soar in the sky.

When I first met you there were a hundred...Read More
Categories: suzette, love,
Form: Verse
Premium Member of Rome it is said
of Babylon it's written
of Rome it is said
of Athen's glory it's recounted
of Egypt's pharaohs long dead
   Anaheim's alive
   Dallas, dynamic
   Phoenix is rising
   Portland is panoramic
we pay homage to what was; overlook...Read More
Categories: suzette, history, irony, remember, today,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member No trace remaining
vanished in thin air
in seconds
no trace remaining
of passion's fiery kisses
   enchanted evenings
   everlasting nights
swift plunged into the icy abyss
where memories brittle crack --
winters of discontent in jealousy sown
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Categories: suzette, jealousy, love, winter,
Form: Suzette Prime

Premium Member Off to War
Off to war he speeds, jolly
his generation's big chance
to defeat the evil enemy
   to destroy
   his cities
   his farmlands
      to take prisoners
   ...Read More
Categories: suzette, military, patriotic, war,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member They Stole Her Child

at the age of five
I'm yanked from my mother's arms
desperately clinging on 
but she can't protect me from
these men
who use force
to separate us 
without pity or mercy
dragging me away
as they barred her way
cramming me into a van
with other children
calling for...Read More
Categories: suzette, 10th grade, angst, anxiety, emotions, feelings, heartbroken,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Any Ideas of Their Own
identical too
twins you say? Well sure they are…
Do they have any ideas of their own?
The outside rarely reflects the person within; we are each  our own person,
even a twin.
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Categories: suzette, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Suzette Prime
Genuinely gracious
Through Christ’s ransom for my soul
Setting me free from sin's wages assuredly
Condemned not I to suffer eternal punishment.

Now acquitted to live by God’s wondrous grace
Forgiven* victoriously
Indeed heaven-bound
To serve Him
I should.
Cognizant of my divinely paid freedom, I lead others to...Read More
Categories: suzette, blessing, christian, faith, freedom, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Open Hearts
love fest
welcome here
our community
open hearts and open palms
expressing and receiving other’s feelings

Universality will be possible only when we focus
on human qualities that unite us. Respect, politeness,
cooperation, friendship, inclusion, teamwork. This stems
from the ability to listen to, and most importantly hear
other’s...Read More
Categories: suzette, inspirational, love, peace, philosophy, uplifting,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Mark My Words

I could close my eyes
and pretend
alternative facts exist
but I won't
perhaps I am too old or set in my ways
to comprehend the nonsensical ecobabble
that denigrates global warming as a hoax  
a political millstone
liberals hung around the necks of gullible fools
designed...Read More
Categories: suzette, 10th grade, america, anxiety, image, imagery, nature,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member In Cat Lake Reservation, Canada
I read on the news
about first nation
people getting sick
because of fungus
growing in decaying homes
babies have body rashes
all people are effected by this black mould
children have red inflamed skin,
the government is listening at long last
repairing mould ridden homes
or building new homes...Read More
Categories: suzette, life,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Your Welcome
A strange thing called fire
The improbable wheel
  Drawings tools weapons

Agriculture was revolutionary
  Letters and numbers were radical

Motor Cars
Movies and TV
Air Travel
Nuclear Power
Moon Missions
All once fiercely resisted

Ready now welcome your robot replacement
...Read More
Categories: suzette, anxiety, change, conflict, technology,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Into its mocking belly
the wind
breathes harshly
against my tired face

it tells me I'm finished but I keep going
on -- plodding, plodding 
onward into its mocking belly

if you're not moving forward in life
you're moving backward...Read More
Categories: suzette, motivation, wind,
Form: Suzette Prime

"I love you too much
To fight you 
So I'm setting you free
So you can fly happy 
Never wanted quit
I must admit
That this relationship 
Had an ego trip

The turbulence 
Was too often 
It kept shaking my heart
I'd rather keep it...Read More
Categories: suzette, allegory, allusion, emotions, fantasy, happiness, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Crepes for Dinner
Crepe Suzette with fresh mushrooms
Sautéed on the side
Brings smiling eyes to the meal
Cooked just right they have
Superb appeal to
Hungry tongues
Yum!...Read More
Categories: suzette, appreciation, celebration, food, french, fun, health, social,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member We're Suppose To Care

invisible in plain sight
humanity's throwaways live on the street
begging a living
how absurd that sounds
in a city of plenty
we are humanity we're supposed to care
yet we never have 
enough stuff to share
it's time for us to accept
we are our brother's keeper

(Suzette...Read More
Categories: suzette, 12th grade, angst, caregiving, depression, faith, how
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Go Away

wars, drugs, poverty
famine, fear, rape, death
and degradation 
that's the kind of world 
desperate immigrants flee
and yet, we won't let them in
go die on the other side of our new wall
and stay away, this is ours
we should be ashamed...they are fellow...Read More
Categories: suzette, 12th grade, anger, angst, anxiety, discrimination, imagery,
Form: Suzette Prime
He looks
down upon
the men of this earth —
at our parade of balloons.
how we pop rubber fetuses — red, yellow, blue, green...
Methods: a pin prick, a pinch, a flame. Heart strings are disposed of.

...Read More
Categories: suzette, abortion,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Prime Reasoning
to excel 
means having the ability to reason
requiring the mind to remain devoid of restraint
a mind filled with prejudice is in a cage controlled
the key held by those molding the captive mind
never allowing that one freedom to see
for fear their...Read More
Categories: suzette, discrimination, hate,
Form: Suzette Prime