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Sussex Poems

Sussex Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sussex poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sussex.

New Poems

The Sandringham Sonnet
The Queen released a long and weary sigh
Her cherished grandson, Harry, had jumped ship
He clearly did not understand just why
His fellow Royals are joined at the hip

‘Your destiny, dear boy, is to remain’
said Charles, his father, clearly under stress
‘within the...Read More
Categories: sussex, grandson,
Form: Sonnet
Fence and the fox
Cattleman's pride
who put the bounty
on the head of the
Danger City Cowboy?
somebody said something
and those Varmitts responded to it.
Otters curiosity.
Texas Cloverleaf......
Belgian Blue, Angus Piedmontese, Salers, Barzuna, Hasserdolt, Charbracy, Senpol,Parthenaise,Maremmana,Sussex, Simmental.......
Bach-Ouse.BrineFast........Grollop,differentate between wisdom and experience.ayam,feral,asil,silkie,Bramhma

. ...;;;;
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;      ...Read More
Categories: sussex, culture, farm, jobs, music, myth, song, space,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Mummy's Millions
People say “Harry, how WILL you two cope
having nothing - apart from each other?”
I say, “Look, don’t you worry - I’m hardly broke,
I am minted! All thanks to my mother.”

Most will remember her caught in the net
of her fame, undeservedly...Read More
Categories: sussex, fun, funny, humor, humorous, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Old Flame

Not knowing she were alive or dead,
I kept her memory sedated
in the three-walled room.

Now I hear she is alive
(though a little arthritic),
and living in Sussex with four cats.

Of course the affair now must cease,
the fantasy cauterized.

I won’t, after all these...Read More
Categories: sussex, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Loss Of A Friend
We moved to Sussex Inlet, some six years ago
We only came from Wandy, so many people we did know
But one we didn't at the time, was our new neighbour Peg
We found out very quickly, that she was a real good...Read More
Categories: sussex, loss,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member In a Sussex Graveyard

His name is John Albert Cummings, 
born 1878 died..... well we are not sure,
the stone is much worn.

Up we hop on the green mound,
dance the frantic dance.
The sacrilegious sex
adds risqué flavors,
drives us into an underworld
where flesh struggles
atop old bones.

Laid out...Read More
Categories: sussex, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Young Brilliant Poet That Left Us Far, Far Too Soon Second Poet In Dedication series
Percy Bysshe Shelley,  Born 4 August 1792
Horsham, Sussex, England[1]
Died , 8 July 1822 (aged 29)
Gulf of La Spezia, Kingdom of Sardinia (now Italy)
Occupation	Poet, dramatist, essayist, novelist
Alma mater	University College, Oxford (no degree)
Literary movement	Romanticism
Spouse	Harriet Westbrook
(m. 1811; died 1816)
Mary Shelley
(m. 1816)
Percy Bysshe...Read More
Categories: sussex, appreciation, art, assonance, beautiful, blessing, encouraging, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Duchess of Sussex nee Megan Markle
From an actress to a Duchess with diamonds that sparkle
Just like in the movies enchanting Prince Harry
Now forever doth have servants, for to fetch and to carry 

Duke of Sussex our Prince Harry
Females young and...Read More
Categories: sussex, love hurts, romantic love, wedding,
Form: Clerihew
Let me be the sunset
All I have is the sunset
These colours and the light
Since when did I love pink and grey?
But I stare,
Do not dare to move
I lean to enter their display.

I know it will soon pass
This beauty may not form again.
This does not...Read More
Categories: sussex, mother son,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Duke of Love
Rare is love such as
And as much as
The Duke of Sussex 
Has for his Duchess
...Read More
Categories: sussex, love, romance, romantic, romantic love, true love,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member England - gleaming in the distance
  across the doggerland dogged people trudge
  Neanderthals, Heidelbergers...Sapiens, the last ones standing
  hairy mammoths, heavy life bearing down
  the mighty maw of an ice wall crunches, enforcing southward retreat
  remoulding the land for the...Read More
Categories: sussex, conflict, destiny, england, history, humanity, immigration, perspective,
Form: Narrative
Trevor Jed Engelson Unwittingly
Trevor Jed Engelson Unwittingly... 
launched Meghan Markle into royalty

American divorcee 
     catapulted from “AA” to “Zed”
at break neck speed, and with cachet wed
Prince Harry, and soon
     twill begetting, bestowing,
   ...Read More
Categories: sussex, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, devotion,
Form: Epic

It’s a glorious sunny day in Windsor
A Prince is to marry his blushing bride
Her father is ill, sadly he cannot be there
So can’t walk Meghan to be at Harry’s side

The beautiful bride glides down the aisle
With her father in law...Read More
Categories: sussex, wedding,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Duchess of Sussex
The Duchess of Sussex looked mega,
She was only outshone by the weather,
And the nation drank beer,
And looked on with great cheer,
Saying “Aaah. Can we keep her forever?”...Read More
Categories: sussex, wedding,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member A Leafy Land
                              A Leafy Land

      To the...Read More
Categories: sussex, england, history,
Form: Free verse
Ian Sagar
At the age of 17 Ian broke his back, 
In a motorbike accident, had rehab, 
He then worked for a w/c company, 
Who showed him w/c basketball fab. 

For 3 years he played in the club, 
Of the Sheffield Steelers,...Read More
Categories: sussex, basketball, sports, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Simon Munn
Simon has been to 7 Paralympic games, 
Starting with Barcelona and including Rio, 
He has a silver from Atlanta - 1992 planes,
A bronze Athens 2004, a bronze 2008 trio.

After a night out on his way home, shortcut, 
He tripped and...Read More
Categories: sussex, sports, strength,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Tongue Twister Time
Tongue twister line: 
From the rustic rover to Samuel Sanders,  they try to tickle the tongue with tricky tongue twisters. 

1. A rustic rover round the ricks ran restlessly,  and restive, he rushed to the nearby rural rill...Read More
Categories: sussex, fantasy,
Form: Alliteration
Abbie Hunnisett
Abbie was born on October 28th in 1995,
And comes from East Grinstead, Sussex,
She went to two special schools very alive, 
With therapy: Treloar School and Valence. 

Abbie boarded at Valence, a good deal, 
And with the help of Remap that...Read More
Categories: sussex, sports, strength,
Form: Quatrain
Jam roly poly, treacle sponge
And sticky toffee pudding head the top of my list
But apple pie, rhubarb crumble
Or a decent cheesecake are hard to resist

Banana splits, eclairs or brownies
Dumplings, nougat, cheese board or mousse
Crème brûlée.  Fruit cocktail.  Yoghurt
Serve...Read More
Categories: sussex, food,
Form: List
Way Back When I Was Ten
It was a cold night, and I hated it, 
The church service all in rows, 
I contemplated my throat to slit, 
But decided not, for my throws. 

Dick Saunders was from Sussex, 
The British Billy Graham no less, 
And if...Read More
Categories: sussex, abuse, child abuse, childhood, courage, health, parents,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Master Classes - A Kimo In Three Stanzas
Master classes were held in East Sussex
and the Sussex girl played tune
with ease to her master.

She played the grand piano all the day
and the master hummed along,
time barely noticing.

People thought they were having an affair,
as nobody else took part
in the...Read More
Categories: sussex, birthday, music,
Form: Kimo
Premium Member suffusion

Suffusion of pink

over a sky otherwise;

West Sussex at dawn

...Read More
Categories: sussex, sky,
Form: Haiku
And still i drive - part one
Stars fall under failing skies...stars fall...stars fall...
And sadly...i start to drive.
Through the unremarkable village with its tall 
Georgian Bay window panes, lightless,
devoid of visages; outwardly staring back at my 
Abject countenance with detached contempt and utter disdains.
Stars fall under failing...Read More
Categories: sussex, heartbreak, places,
Form: Rhyme
Sammy the Snake - humour contest
Sammy the snake had a stutter
His "S" sssssss he  couldn't say. 
When eating his fish and chips
Path the thalt pleath is what he said

The other snakes made fun of him
Calling him Thammy to his face
He will have his come...Read More
Categories: sussex, children,
Form: Rhyme