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Sunburned Poems

Sunburned Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sunburned poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sunburned.

New Poems

Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks
Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks...
studious skinny scruffy scribe

Scathing, scolding, screaming,
scorning, searing, sing,
sociopathic sarin soaked skewed
squirt, sputtering, squawking, sleepily
staggering, stabbing, swaggering
sweltering sadistic, sarcastic,

savage, systemically systematically
stigmatized, supersized saber sharp
schick shaving, shunned, sabotaged,
scarred, scorched, smote, sanguine,
stippled, speckled schizophrenic
sensibility, spurring, seething,

somewhat stultified, sophisticated,
spellbound spirited...Read More
Categories: sunburned, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, baptism,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member THE OLD JALOPY

In the scrapyard
Abandoned and forlorn
Sunburned lackluster paint
Scavengers’ delight
Headlights dashboard fins
Leather seats and
Glistening rims long gone

Nothing to do but reminisce
The glory of hey days
Top down cruising the boulevard
Miles and miles of sun and valley
That was then and this is now
Kicking back...Read More
Categories: sunburned, age, car, death, history, nostalgia, solitude, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Beat of the Aerobat
Into the buoyant blue of a summer sky
I throw my fortune and my hopes.
With wings and wonder I survey
the world above and need some time
up there before descending back to earth.

Advancing throttle up I climb, rocket
like and plumb, to check...Read More
Categories: sunburned, art, courage, fear, flying, summer,
Form: Free verse
Down the Jersey Shore
Winding lines of cars
Stop and go on black paved roads
Driving down the shore

Bright umbrellas pose
Sitting on a sandy beach
Lolling in the sun

The smell of hot dogs 
salty air and creosote
Float in mid-day air

Little children play
building castles made of sand
near a...Read More
Categories: sunburned, beach, summer, sun,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Coffee my love
A morning coffee, so sublime
Awakening senses just in time,
Swirling aromas fill the air
Murmuring ‘ignore me if you dare’.

Dark, mysterious, from whence it came unknown
Other than in some exotic land was grown,
Caressed by warming breeze and sun
The progeny of nature from...Read More
Categories: sunburned, appreciation, day, drink, earth, life, nature, thanks,
Form: Rhyme

Today Is My Birthday
straight to the heart can't even dig a flying fart left open to blame
through a forest of gloom better off cleaning your room to stay
each heart is delicate ways you search for words in the middle
my instant coffin came laughing...Read More
Categories: sunburned, anxiety, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
I once floated towards the rising Sun,
Oh man, it was so much fun,
How did I ever think it couldn’t be done?

Even though for moments like that I always yearned,
I grew a little concerned,
As I didn’t want to get ‘sunburned’.

But it...Read More
Categories: sunburned, beautiful, encouraging, happiness, inspiration, inspirational, poetry, sun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member August Ending
The burnt brown grass of August ending
Longs for the Opulence of autumn
To Adorn the stripped and thirsty trees 
With garnet jewels, to taste Silken rain
On split lips, filling a Chasm of stunted seedlings

To Exult its bohemian beauty, its tapestry
Of unbridled...Read More
Categories: sunburned, autumn, change, seasons, weather,
Form: Free verse
From Now On
Knowing that hindsight is today’s wisdom
And yesterday is where my smarts come from.
Of many lessons learned ,some I can share
So that maybe others may be more aware.

So, from now on I will check for my keys before I slam the...Read More
Categories: sunburned, life,
Form: Rhyme
I had to think long about whether to share this poem. I wrote it when I was a naif of 15 or 16 years old and it spent all the decades since in the bottom of a box of papers...Read More
Categories: sunburned, black african american, love, native american, peace,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Summer Camp Souvenirs
When I got home from camp today,
My parents almost died.
They asked me how I got this way,
And here's what I replied:

"This little cast from heel to hip
Is nothing much at all.
Some broken shingles made me slip
From off the dining hall.

"The...Read More
Categories: sunburned, childhood, humorous, parents, vacation, youth,
Form: Light Verse
A Season Not Our Own
Let’s go where sheets of sea glide over sand, 
Scattering foamy blossoms at our feet, 
And ardent rays shall wounds of winter mend, 
Like suture needles closing warm day’s bleed. 
We’ll bare pallid skin to palm shadows’ arms, 
Open light-starved...Read More
Categories: sunburned, beach, seasons, summer, sun, together, travel, winter,
Form: Sonnet
Torn tendons atop the totem
Spiked and skimmed to be slim 
as I watched her down the street 
I heard that laughter that I feel

Tired tendons failed to hold onto 
the passive end of the day going 
sunburned into her cold dark heart 

Playing dress...Read More
Categories: sunburned, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Players So Short
Players So Short

Even if my players are still so short,
Can count on God when on the court;
Defend and depend,
Until very end;
Trough trials and tribulations did support.

Jim Horn

Will Believe and Receive
Remember when in God we always believe,
And a bright light from...Read More
Categories: sunburned, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Not a love Poem
So tell her how your limbs are sore
From pulling at my uproar
On the floor where we tore
Souls that soar, no keeping score

Sunburned we lie awake
Words unsaid in my heartache
Nothing opaque, this is my mistake
I knew better than to partake

But resist...Read More
Categories: sunburned, confusion, desire, longing, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sun-Blazing Daze
Two trips to the beach
Sand between the toes
Sunburned red
Vacation made memories

Sandcastles standing tall
Till the waves came in
Wipe away the tears
Of the destruction made

Crabs crawling on the rocks
Hiding from the noise
The waves crashing alongside
Boardwalk’s hot planks

Children running through
To the ocean’s salt
Laughter...Read More
Categories: sunburned, fun, ocean, summer,
Form: Free verse
Summer in the Desert
Summer in the Desert

He thrusts his chest
and breathes his fire
upon our sunburned faces,
the summer dragon
never tires
of scorching hot embraces

Black eyes turning skin to cinder,
his tongue will taste your fear
with one puff of
his smoldering blazes
desert life is seared.

With greedy heart
he holds...Read More
Categories: sunburned, seasons,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Tango Teasing
One swift move tempting
 sunburned curls to find 
     a whole new place
     across her face
           around vanilla shoulders
dress clings to hips
purple arranged on pouting  lips,
     kohl around almond eyes
...Read More
Categories: sunburned, beauty, dance, music, together, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Our Thunderous Silences
High school:
A cacophony of deafening personalities,
Everyone racing,
Fighting for individuality
In the midst of a war
That cannot end.
If we had nothing to battle,
What would we do
With our emerging identities?
In a symphony of adolescent instrumentals,
I am the piano,
Dancing quietly below the louder instruments,
Just...Read More
Categories: sunburned, high school, imagery, music,
Form: Free verse
Beach Night
Sunburned children warm the black-wrapped Boardwalk

Illuminating graffitied women billowing white smoke into the sky

Midriffs sail by searching for the next lighthouse

That sells cheap lights and loud music

An unknown musician sings songs that aren't his

Waiting for approval

None comes, but...

That's OK

They are...Read More
Categories: sunburned, beach, night,
Form: Free verse
Silent Hand
His busy days and nights
His sweat, his sunburned skin
Empty stomach
was in rebellion.

His sorrowful mind
His sordid heart
His god from some deep delve hidden
Was in soothe.

But she was utter impassive
Never spoke a word
Never thanked him
Or cried.

Silently she stood by
Listened to his gasps
And...Read More
Categories: sunburned, care, crazy, life, light, mystery, silence,
Form: Free verse
Death Mask
Death Mask

The man lay quietly prone as if sleeping,
All earthly cares laid aside for safe keeping.
A hushed silence with amplitude filled the room,
Pungent incense wafted amid flowers in full bloom.
The body now lay supine and never to arise again,
A storybook...Read More
Categories: sunburned, death,
Form: Elegy
     Oh sweet addiction ! You are my Goddess
     You deliver me from tempest, darkness and fear
     Voice of life's problems I cannot hear
    ...Read More
Categories: sunburned, addiction, change, drug, recovery from,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Drought
Dry, sunburned soil groans with
dying heaps of parched crops
discarded like weary 
dusty garments, rows of 
dull, lifeless fields that weep 
dim dreams of better days 
daring to hope for rain. 

Written on 8/27/2016
Pleiades...Read More
Categories: sunburned, nature,
Form: Verse
By Myself
After my boat capsized
out in the ocean,
had a lucky rubber raft,
which I stayed afloat on,
where it seemed like days,
I was lost at sea,
with nothing but the vast sky,
and the endless waves and sea,
had my emergency waterproof
igloo to help me get...Read More
Categories: sunburned, adventure, lonely,
Form: Light Verse