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End Of Summer Poems

These End Of Summer poems are examples of poetry about End Of Summer. These are the best examples of Summer End Of poems written by international poets.

Premium Member SEASONS
This sleeping loam - slowly it warm 
To tell winter tis end of night.
Now life breaks forth from icy earth
With bells of ermine white that...

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Categories: seasons, spring, summer,

Premium Member SHIFT

Go Ahead:  say it
         I was struggling, drowning 

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Categories: summer, trust,

Premium Member I Wandered Lonely As A Rose
William Wordsworth's quote, "I wandered lonely as a cloud"

 I wandered lonely as a rose 
 by Autumn's gate each petal strewn  

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Categories: appreciation, summer,

Premium Member End of Summer
September spells the end of the summer
Halloween decorations will soon appear,
The signs of cold weather are a bummer
September spells the end of the summer,
Appearance of...

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Categories: halloween, september, summer,

Premium Member Dead Flowers
I take a garbage bag out to the deck
to gather the plants that have died.
I definitely don't have a green thumb
but at least you know...

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Categories: autumn, flower, summer,

Premium Member Born In The Dawn Of August
If you were born in the month of August
Be cool, be calm, be wise and be robust
Summertime is almost over
And autumn is around the corner

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Categories: summer, analogy, anniversary, august, birthday,

Premium Member Nature Recycles
Nature's the beginning and end of life
Consummate wisdom nature recycles
Summer's zenith fecundity is rife
Orbital spin seasonal revival.

Spring and summer glorious renaissance
Freshly beautiful with colours galore

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Categories: summer, nature,

did arrive today
A beautiful sunrise
an azure blue sky
A gentle breeze 
as the Sun beams down
Winter’s frown
Taking a walk 
On the promenade
Smiling faces
Such happy...

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Categories: sea, summer, sun,

Premium Member Life Journey
Let me tell you a story...
It's about the journey of one's life             ...

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Categories: summer, adventure, family, friend, happy,

A Hot Summer Day
As the heat is extreme
The weather is humid
The clouds are far
A great day at the beach
Reaching, the stars seem bright
Towards the end of the night

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Categories: beautiful, day, summer,

Memories III: Tapestries II of III
A strike of a match would briefly carve
His weatherworn features
From the darkness full of his words 
Echoes from history of an exorbitant life
A face full...

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Categories: summer, adventure, allegory, allusion, analogy,

Sweet Summer Serenity
Late afternoon walks on balmy summer evenings 
Nothing beats peppering raindrops lick licking my skin
Icy droplets pelt down, the size of a pin
Refresh like no...

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Categories: seasons, summer,

Premium Member Indigenous People's Summer
         ~ 'Injun Summer' ~

Orange glow fades from twilight sky
  Pumpkins grin, full moon is nigh


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Categories: summer, color, farm, halloween, night,

One day on the beach

I saw the sun
and damn it was bright
As it broke through the morning
and cancelled the night

It painted the heavens
a soft pastel glow
With orange and pink

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Categories: beach, summer, sun,

End of Summer
When summer left and took her warming shawl,
The birds toward the south began to fly.
The leaves of wizened trees began to dye
As shorter days announced...

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Categories: autumn, seasons, summer,