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Sulking Poems

Sulking Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sulking poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sulking.

New Poems

The Manipulator
Dog cross my path several times
Dog bark all night when there is no fight
Dog jumping up and down the solid roof
Dog is pulling and tearing my rubber shoes
Dog is telling the truth on two feet, 
And dog is listening to...Read More
Categories: sulking, character, community, conflict, confusion, corruption, deep, environment,
Form: Free verse

Lover in the Background

A day feels like mist of the wee hours,
once again I regale myself with
the buzz and the fuss
Coaxing my heart out of sulking 
for it is an utter melancholy
and slightly a jest

A...Read More
Categories: sulking, boyfriend, celebrity, feelings, for him, love, missing
Form: Free verse

Digital dose of pixels, my world of intrigue 
where a front camera flashes my pretty face
Shares a picture-perfect life of travel, friends, love
like supermodels patronize, in thousands of poses.
Naive wishes sulking ,"It's still not good enough"  
navigate a cluttered...Read More
Categories: sulking, addiction, feelings, social,
Form: Free verse
The demons are calling me
So, I will completely see
The how the darkness is so deep
And so very steep, I'm so ing up
Completely stuck, in the deep muck
Without the ing luck, I need to survive
The dark, it's breaking my soft heart
My...Read More
Categories: sulking, anxiety, dark,
Form: Lyric
Mad they say I appear it 
the price of a free spirit
you won’t find me conforming
like Norman learning from Gordon before him 
with ordinary Audrey of course how they all be 
and Shirley who surely showed she the sheep need...Read More
Categories: sulking, crazy,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Middle Child Syndrome
When I was 4 1/2 years old, 
as abrupt as a spanking, 
my once reliable mother brought home 
a hospital surprise 
with an alien face and 
a blood-darkened eerie belly clip 
that was to suddenly fall off one day. 
Soon...Read More
Categories: sulking, absence, childhood, me, memory, sad, solitude, writing,
Form: Prose
Comeuppance long overdue Trump
Sands of time runneth out
stout whistleblowers must apply clout
to affect the commander in chief forced...
send him back his favorite mantra,
that churlish, childish and cheapish tricky lout
arrogant, defiant, haughty... without doubt

exceeded probation apprenticed, I shout
out, his poor performance absolute zero
as presidential...Read More
Categories: sulking, 11th grade, 12th grade, anger, character, fear,
Form: Political Verse
Captive Fawn

Yesterday, in the meadows with comrades, dewy cloverleaves I nibbled,
Kneaded with hoofs, as...Read More
Categories: sulking, animal,
Form: Ballad
The Magic of the Night Air
The night air pulses with the tunes of my anguish
Remember, whispers it to my sulking face,
Remember of the romance meant to be lived
In eternity!

Remember of the cause of your fall
Remember of the divine guidance!

The night air pulses and the chilly...Read More
Categories: sulking, longing, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse

You will never see them coming
Yes, the crossroads
Where you have to choose 
Choose a new road to tread in
Lose  what you thought could be "forever"

I don't  want to turn over a new leaf
The "If" ,no ,I don't want...Read More
Categories: sulking, anxiety, depression, emotions,
Form: Abecedarian

Find Your Inner Child Please
Find your inner child please,
You're grumpy and no fun.
Snapping, snarling
Grouching, growling
And patience, you have none.
I know you're getting older
And tiredness plays a part,
Find your inner child please,
He's deep within your heart.

Find your inner child please,
Don't be unkind to me.
Gloomy, moody,
Bearish,...Read More
Categories: sulking, cheer up, child, emotions, feelings, husband,
Form: Free verse
I remembered

Such a good time we had, 
Then what was the need to fight, 
Why did we indulge in blame game? 
Was it really important to prove who was right? 
I had hopes that you would let go, 
But, I really...Read More
Categories: sulking, betrayal, break up, cry, deep, friend, friendship,
Form: I do not know?
Celestial Polka Dots
My unspoken agony 
Drowned my sulking cheeks in its essence,
And I,
Could only wet my lips,
And pluck, from my chin,
A streaming flow of tears or two
Which I placed on the night sky
With the help of my finger!

My tears appeared there ...Read More
Categories: sulking, angel, longing, love, passion, stars,
Form: Free verse
happy family
Happy family
When I was 51 I had an affair with dancer
She didn`t want the baby and gave it to me.
Can you imagine? The village women rallied around
A thought is how to change nappies.
I also had to take in a dog...Read More
Categories: sulking, allusion, birth, blessing, deep, devotion,
Form: Blank verse
P H S - Waiting on the Moon
I suffer from P H S
A disease most debilitating
My friends and family me they shun
Their embarrassment never ending

Gather round come supper time
I'm left in the corner sulking
"It's not my fault," I try to say
But no-one wants to listen

I dread the...Read More
Categories: sulking, change, discrimination,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Two Nice Days In A Row

Just yesterday winter made the front page
yet, today everyone’s talking of spring.
And of sensations only spring can bring
like warm breezes that disarm winter's rage.
Yet, like the musings of a wizened sage
the doldrums of winter manage to cling.
And the robin redbreast...Read More
Categories: sulking, 10th grade, beautiful, feelings, imagery, nature, spring,
Form: Sonnet
expanding gaze in early morn
surmise, the clock ticks to its horn
greeted by the ceiling with it's haze
thought was behind this endless chase

those numbers flicker as i grapple
that sight start to wonder and mumble
dubious reach ahead of this race
sulking at suspension...Read More
Categories: sulking, dance, day, dedication, love, morning, work,
Form: Quatrain
Go Forth, II
Sent away from the chattering clan
without having partaken,
or having partaken, but not for very long,
now sitting, sulking, licking my wounds,
or dreaming , shamelessly or shamefully longing
for an aloof, forbidden goddess,
grumbling, I know I've been wronged;
quietly preaching to the walls, I...Read More
Categories: sulking, allegory,
Form: Free verse
Love the Kindness and Forgiveness in Plants
On the radio: "plants have both beauty and intelligence!"
Her University professors were adamant:
"If you want beauty, rather than biology,
Why not transfer to art, or art history?!"
Lord, do forgive our experts, professors ...
Unwilling to teach as DEEPLY as C. S. Lewis,...Read More
Categories: sulking, addiction, appreciation, art, environment, planet, tree, writing,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Soul Stew
Stop the stagnate stew of soul spoil with
sulking and sadness from past sorrows...
push yourself to success by giving your fantasies a face!...Read More
Categories: sulking, confidence, courage, inspiration, sad,
Form: Alliteration
Hawkings Paradox
“Another game?”
“Yes, I think so but let’s change
the rules. What if we create some
holes in the game, three or four
perhaps with parallel endings?”
“Yes, I think that would be fun.”

Who predetermines the rules? 
What if you step over a crack in...Read More
Categories: sulking, science, star, time, visionary,
Form: Narrative
I learned the art of sulking in my mid-teens,
and told to get off my fat arse by all means,
It was the best time on Earth in my twenties,
parents released strings and no longer sentries.

Maturity started to ease me in the...Read More
Categories: sulking, age, dream, happiness, retirement,
Form: Prose
Shuffling Wreck
Shuffling wreck, legacy of a life well spent;
Knees creaking, clicking articulations, a
Spine complaining, shoulder crunching. 
Legs spindly toothpicks beneath a pregnant olive,
A-cups sagging. Lungs afire at the 
Leaping up of stairs, gasping breaths.

A visit to the dungeon of torture, the...Read More
Categories: sulking, body, change, funny, happiness, health, pain,
Form: Verse
A Widowed Mother's Love
There is no better love under the sun.
A mother who knows how loss feels.
Loss of one she loved under the bright sun.
That is how I define a mother’s love.

What is love without test?
It has stood the test of time, strife.
It...Read More
Categories: sulking, loss, love, mother,
Form: ABC
I Dream Poetry

From time to time,
I suffer from poetic insomnia ...
sleep deprived makes my muse grumpy
Even I don’t want that sulking soul around me
Dreamless nights
makes my pen yield lethargic writes
No creativity ... no spontaneity,
just listless words on a page
Wooden emotion props on...Read More
Categories: sulking, dream, poetry, poets, truth,
Form: Free verse