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Sugarcane Poems

Sugarcane Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of sugarcane poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for sugarcane.

New Poems

Premium Member Strange Days
Gilded days, before the sudden rain,
Hot, green fields of sweet sugarcane,
Tree melodies that naught can contain,
A meadow of the moonlit firefly reign!

Oppressive heat in languid, summer rooms,
And outside the windows, breezy blooms;
Myriad azure days of their dreamy perfume,
Make for the...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, beauty, bird, flower, nature, nice, summer, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme

Salute The Truth
The wicked is calling the wicked 
Oh what a wicked
The wicked is calling the wicked
Who is really wicked?
The wicked is calling the wicked 
Can’t you see that something is wicked?
Wicked man,
 Wicked woman, 
Wicked boy,
 Wicked girl
Wicked church
Wicked preacher
Wicked teacher
Wicked...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, community, desire, farewell, judgement, leadership, leaving, symbolism,
Form: Narrative
Full Hunter's Moon in Aries
The sugarcane is growing again, sun-fed.

The baby-ish sweetness of those fields invites one to hack forward with a surgeon's scalpel.

Imagine a piece of birthday cake taken to the grinding iron rollers of a sugarcane mill.

Sugar is love, but the sugarcane...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, allegory, allusion, autumn, beauty, culture, devotion,
Form: Free verse
If I am his he is mine
If I am his message he is my email id,

If I am his net he is my phone,

If I am his bank balance he is my pin card,

If I am his tea he is my tea leaves,

If I am his...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, crush, cute love, friendship, friendship love, i
Form: ABC
Premium Member Pheonix: Bleeding Hearts and Blue Violets
"PHOENIX: Bleeding Hearts and Blue Violets”


Broken Hearts bleeding red
You lie in white sheets
Turning in the crisp clean pages muddy with
Black Dogs barking in your head
They run all night chasing your tail
You twist and turn in bed
What could have been?
What...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, children, daughter, faith, family, imagery, love, mother,
Form: Free verse

Slim Gummy Jim

Slim Jim likes to swim he also likes the gym 
His weakness for sugarcane driving him insane 
He chewed on every sweet ever made 
Looking for his sugar rush he forgot to brush

His teeth where so bad lots of pain...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, sweet love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Stars and those with Stripes
"America First",
is the worst.
Should not thinking of others,
be your thirst?
Those who are selfish,
end up being cursed!
Soon they'll be last,
instead of first.

Who among you,
prefers guns and war?
Do you really have freedom,
shore to shore?
If most have less,
are you happy with more?
Should the...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, black african american, class, future, immigration, prejudice,
Form: Political Verse
I Am Leaving
Nobody lives in that house anymore
It was built to ridicule the poor
Nobody lives in that house anymore
They must have gone beyond the shore
The operator is no longer around
Greed has driven him out of the miserable town
And everyone is dilly dallying...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, analogy, break up, business, change, confidence, courage,
Form: Free verse
Be Great Again
Be Great Again

Oh, my fatherland
The envy of the West
The owner of great farmlands

The honey comb 
The sugarcane plantation
The liquid treasure

Where is your greatness?
The groundnut pyramid
Do you still harvest cocoa?

You've got just enough
Enough to make greatness again
Enough gifts and resources

Enough of...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, desire, faith,
Form: Blank verse
We,The Beggars
We have come to you
Like the sun to the cloud does
Anything you can afford
Please,do,spare us.
We've been under this bridge
even the ants gossips us
Because we share the same meal.
We have come to you
President soldier,Pastor Navy
we'll appreciate!
We have come to you
For the...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, allegory,
Form: Light Verse

The lusciousness drips into my mouth,and
how I wish I could engulf it forever
It looks like the dirty rags of a beggar from outside, but
it has the sweetest heart, you could ever imagine!!

I can't believe it has taken me so many...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, people, truth,
Form: Free verse
The Host
Her eyes aren’t hollow holes
A smoke and mirror trick 
She’s filled with gasoline
Not as soulless as you may think

She spites bitter memories
Her skin flares
Itch away the pain
Raw from you picking away

Sand paper could feel better
Than the words you run along...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, desire, fear, hate, lost, lust, pain,
Form: Rhyme
I Can Feel Mother Natures Pain
When the brightest moon begins to wane,
And the sun breathes life into every plain.
Mother Nature sees life sustain.

Springtime starts her flowering reign.
Blue Vervain and Daisy Fleabane –
Pristinely plants spread in the rain.

Even deadly plants like Henbane 
Grow with purpose and...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, pollution,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Attracting Opposites
Attracting Opposites

Drowning death in summers night
Saddened sorrows of sheer delight
Toxic tears of cascading falls
Abandoned Angels in satin shawls

Disenchanted dreams in the waking morn
Hurting hearts of Love's first born
Crucified cries of joyful tears
Decadent decisions of youthful years

Manic madness of a beautiful...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, analogy, conflict, philosophy,
Form: Quatrain

The stone you pelt at a fruit tree causes it immense pain
It still feeds you with smile a delicious sweet fruit
Between sharp blades you crush the sugarcane
Thirst it quenches with its juice dripping for you so sweet
Concealing to the...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, art, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Rocky Barren Stone
Give me a rocky barren stone
And I will make it lush and grow
Crops and flowers and sugarcane
Fine pleasures that all seek to hold

poem released into public domain...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Blank verse
Years of worshipping the Sun God are
changing me: the beach baby I was is no 
more. Sun whisperer says, Get Ready. Clear
your mind.  Be one of a kind. Each day
he takes his marker out and claims more

and more territory,...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, color, fantasy,
Form: Free verse
He is a porcupine 
Armed with lethal quills 
You massage his butts 
Butts from which comes atomic bomb 
He fumes and shoots himself 
Apparently a terrorist attack

He is a wild domestic bird 
With a spiky beak that pecks not on...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, anger,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Element Earth Gaia's Gift
I stand here looking out across the land
At sun kissed pineapple plants row by row.
Green tops on red earth outwardly expand.

Rich volcanic soil filtered throughout time
Has grown many harvests of sugarcane;
Papayas, lychee, and mangos sublime.

These islands are a melting pot...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, beauty, earth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sugarcane Blues
Sugar Cane Blues
Kevin L Fairbrother

Sugar, Sugar it’s everywhere
From Proserpine to Cairns
The green fields of cane
Are in your face all the time

On the road I’m driving
The cane swaying on both sides
Radio blaring a Muslim invasion
Who cares when there is sugar everywhere

I’m...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, addiction, blue, desire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The African Glow and Beauty
So slick, so brown, baked and bright
colour and flesh, bordered by voluptuous curves.
You’ve made praises of you beyond a man-made stuff;
on you alone, craft, art and sexuality, together mold.

Your every action, movement and word
are sprinkled with little erotic flakes.
The provokers...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, emotions, feelings, i love you, love, romance,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member The Sugarcane Chaff
Watered and nurtured in 
a congregation of a large brotherhood
the master is loving and caring
never allowing harm befall us all
or competition from green exploiters trouble us.
Weeds are cleared and burnt
Pests- fought back and eradicated,
all these enjoyment and their corresponding blessings
so...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, christian, god, gospel, lost, spiritual,
Form: Dramatic Verse
My blond dream 8
Hey Blond dream,Your hairs smell is like a cream
Your hairs taste is like sugarcane,It brings my heart to hurricane
Without you,this world is hard to remain  
Living without you,is insane
Your eyes are like fountains,which angels are getting shower
I'm thinking of...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, for her, hair, heartbroken, how i feel,
Form: I do not know?
From the Elephant's Diary
   From the Elephant's diary

You find me giantly like Gulliver, huge and obese
but I met my doc, he said take it with ease....
for you big is more beautiful so eat more cheese
I am on my diet of sugarcane...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, animal, art, nature,
Form: Free verse
Helping Together
I'll be your sugar, in any treat,
But first you must be my sunshine, because sugarcane needs heat.
You'll be my comforting scent wavering in the air,
But first I need to help you become powerful enough to get there.
I'll be your wall...Read More
Categories: sugarcane, best friend,
Form: Rhyme