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Romantic Spiritual Poems

These Romantic Spiritual poems are examples of Spiritual poems about Romantic. These are the best examples of Spiritual Romantic poems written by international poets.

When Darkness Died
I was asleep 
when darkness died
Radiant joy lit up my fertile dreams,
the famine tears 
all were purity dried

My corona eyes opened wide
within the quiet void

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Categories: death, inspirational, life, spiritual,

'neath azure blue sky
For a while each day I drift away
To a place inside my head
The sun shines down on a sea so blue
My darling I am there...

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Categories: romantic love, soulmate, spiritual,

Premium Member The Calling
The Calling

Hear the angels sing!
(Glorious trumpets...
start low in the distance, 
and gain in ever-increasing volumes... 
souls, voices...)

Here the angels sing! 
(Racing across the heavens...
in and...

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Categories: spiritual, abortion, allah, america, bible,

Premium Member Buds Forever
Buds Forever

Shorty was a little dog, 
Curly was too. 
They played every day, 
until there was nothing else to do. 

Rolling on the grass, 

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Categories: spiritual, childhood, faith, happiness, music,

Make A Memory for Me
..Born on a snow flowing day
They make a destiny for us to rely upon
But nothing matters if your'e not with me
And they can't change that


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Categories: spiritual, beauty, celebration, desire, destiny,

Premium Member Children, the Last Child in the Next
The Last Child in the Nest 

When you ask something of me, 
I drop what I am doing, 
and attend. 
When you need something...

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Categories: spiritual, childhood, family, grandparents, heart,

Premium Member Broken Mirrors of Blue and Green

"Broken Mirrors of Blue and Green"

in the cracked reflection,
broken mirrors
shadow shades of
blue and green
the true soul
is conjured, 
twin seen
shadow shades of
blue and green...

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Categories: spiritual, blue, green, mirror, psychological,

Premium Member I MET A WORD
Last night, in my dream, 
while i wandering in the wild lands 
and crossing silent shadows, 
i met a word and ask: 
''What's your name?...

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Categories: spiritual, inspiration, magic, nature, philosophy,

**** Would like to preface my return, and many apologies to fellow poets who may have missed my absence. Though I did not have much...

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Categories: spiritual, lost love, memory, romantic,

Le Coucher du Soleil Romantique

*Charles Baudelaire translated poem*

How fair is the fresh rise of the...

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Categories: romantic love, spiritual,

It's Real
So deep inside
Nothing else matters
When he’s by my side
He takes me
In his arms
Like we’re the only two Left
In this world to die
Holding me so tight

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Categories: spiritual, emotions, heart, love, romantic,

I love a flower, 
i stretch my hand 
and touch his soft leaves 
and it sends me a sweet smell.
it's a tacit love,
in the sense...

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Categories: spiritual, growth, peace, poetess, relationship,

I Could Rule The Sky
i could rule the sky
you could rule the sea.
the birds would carry essences of you up to me
carried in their golden beaks
while i would reach...

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Categories: spiritual, love,

Premium Member A Poem Of Diversity
A Poem Of Diversity

My love has been diversified
to enter in another world
of beauty alien to me
and filters change forever more

I left my bubble to explore

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Categories: spanish, spiritual,

Anxiety After party
At Night
After I spend a night with my friends 
And smiling
And having a good time
I come home
And I want to die.

I lie in bed. Stare...

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Categories: spiritual, angst, anxiety, confusion, cry,

Mom and Dad
My parents don''t understand,
“Anxiety is a normal part of life, everyone has anxiety Audrey, talk about it with Jenn.”
The thing is I want to talk...

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Categories: spiritual, anger, angst, anxiety, confusion,

If This Is Teenage Angst
I hope I struggle with it forever.  

If being a teenager means finally understanding the world around us,
Finally taking off the rose colored glasses

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Categories: spiritual, anxiety, deep, depression, fairy,

When The Jeans Don't Fit
I wanted it to be you.
I did that thing where I pulled you up as far as I could, and then jumped to try and...

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Categories: spiritual, anxiety, conflict, grief, heartbreak,

Navigating Outward Bounds Of Relationships
Volition, orientation familiarization aahing
and oohing within restrictive paradigm molding
inviolable honorable gentility -
flagrantly, desirously, clearly boyz abandoning
willfully skirting, panting (heavily)
forfeiting abominably, (no Joe King) abiding

chomping at...

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Categories: spiritual, friendship, hyperbole, joy, love,

The Ugly Truth
When you fight with your best friend
Take my advice
Don’t tell them the ugly truth
Because it hurts the most 
Coming from someone who knows you better...

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Categories: spiritual, anger, angst, anxiety, best