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Love Spiritual Poems

These Love Spiritual poems are examples of Spiritual poems about Love. These are the best examples of Spiritual Love poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Reflected universe
Reflected universe spawned by desire
Beauteous dance of playful innocence 
In truth, we are That, for which we aspire

Endless seeking and craving, heart afire
Pathetic is addictive...

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Categories: desire, dream, spiritual,

Premium Member Cellular

Moonbeams hug my soul
sunbeams coil my spirit
peaceful easy feel...

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Categories: spiritual, adventure, celebration, light, love,

Premium Member Are we there yet
lacking in knowledge
cyclic pain and joy confounds 
we feel incomplete
head and heart aligned with love
path to bliss in permanence 


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Categories: muse, spiritual,


                     Love is totally heavy,

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Categories: spiritual, allegory, allusion, appreciation, extended

Premium Member Life Surprises Me
Small droplets of pleasure bring me joy,
Like tiny tots discovering a brand new toy.
Such a blessing to find hidden treasure,
Life surprises me in unexpected measure.

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Categories: spiritual, happiness, inspirational, joy, life,

Premium Member Ascent and descent
Ascent and descent of the bliss current 
Reveals pristine soul, self-luminescent 
Boundless elation, our celebration 
Rapture renewal without cessation
Love aligned, in our native element 


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Categories: joy, spiritual,

Premium Member bliss bubbles burst
that that does not come and go
awareness in stillness slow
waiting for us to awake
lower ego mind forsake
love enabled ignition starts 
on melding of head with...

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Categories: love, spiritual,

Premium Member Magic
as we outpour loving intent
into the void of silence here
feeling the rising bliss current
which within each pore of form spears

mystic bliss mist suffuses us
as we...

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Categories: joy, magic, spiritual,

In praise of Jesus the life-giver
The light of your face is life indestructible
You extinguish the darkness of the craftsman’s wraith
Through secrets in your eyes that are unspeakable

No one will be...

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Categories: spiritual, christian, faith, gospel, jesus,

Premium Member Deepening stillness
“we must get out of our own way, so to speak
that the elixir divine, may inwards seep”

Bliss influx foiled by our own hand
Erst memory binds...

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Categories: spiritual,

Premium Member Our luminosity
Brilliant light, soft white, engulfs our presence 
Innocent heart joyous with excitement 
Luminescent soul with love in parlance 
Vibrant heart dissolves in the bliss current


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Categories: spiritual,

Assured by the omnipotent Saviour
Secured toward eternal heaven flight
Insured for heavenly heritage gain
Cured from sin-cancer, my soul does delight.

Indeed braced upon love and grace of...

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Categories: spiritual, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,

Premium Member God realisation
Balancing external and internal
by awakening inner sentience,
the time continuum, Gods miracle,
as we amble along in nonchalance,
love suffused, dancing in exuberance,
recognising we are not mind-body,
nor a...

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Categories: god, spiritual,

Premium Member Sat-Chit-Ananda
we wish to 
shift into light, 
as innate instinct,
as we are pure spirit,
divine and self-luminous,
pulsating with rapturous bliss,
in resonation with throb of love,

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Categories: god, spiritual,

Jesus Christ, wondrous Saviour* of mankind 
Holy God incarnate, reaching our heart
offering love, indeed freedom-designed.

Precious Messiah, grace He does impart
with life eternal, granting blessed ...

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Categories: spiritual, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,