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Winter Social Poems

These Winter Social poems are examples of Social poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Social Winter poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Sign of the times
Seated at the table the crow
In the grey gown the lark beside it
Green leaves mostly matted
No summer in the wintry silence

Oxygen meagre in the lungs

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Categories: anxiety, social, winter,

Premium Member Miriam
The bright light, plentiful mirrors
seemed more numerous here.
Miriam wondered whether music lessons
were part of her remuneration.
She thought of people,
the very first time she had played...

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Categories: anxiety, music, social,

Male Space
The study all alone,
in the corner of the home,
where a man can think,
reflect and have a drink,
be free of charging kids,
of daily cares be rid,

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Categories: social, freedom, how i feel,

Poet:  Ken Jordan 
Poem:  Cotati 
Edited by:  Sparkle Jordan 
written:  October/2017

simplicity profound. 

A lost in time 
picturesque throwback town.


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© Ken Jordan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, creation, social,

Public Reflections

     A fly lands on the roof.
     A crow perched on the lawn.

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Categories: social, abuse, allusion, community, rain,

Premium Member The occasional crazy guest
There's facts and small truths and jokes about life,
Canned laughter and the occasional song.
And there's always argued political opinions,
From big to small, right and wrong.


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Categories: social,

Premium Member On Social Psychology of Political Relationships
Ecoconsciousness is not necessarily also self- or ego-consciousness.
Eco means home,
ecological as conjecturally resonant,
and notnot anima-ted shadow balancing.

Just as empathy is necessary,
but not sufficient for co-empathy.


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Categories: social, beauty, community, destiny, earth,

Do you mean it
Walking down the street 
You held my hand
Little trembling me
So afraid of the world 

I remember when it was cold
Like a negative 32 degrees or...

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Categories: social, appreciation, art, dad, father,

The Lady

		The Lady

In a town that stretches eleven blocks
There is a girl who walks just on one side.
She peeps into seven stores
Along her way. 
Just on...

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Categories: social,

Premium Member Facebook wonderland
Facebook Wonder Land
By Franklin Price
(to the tune of Winter Wonder land)

Hello people can you see me
If you like you can befriend me
With a move of...

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Categories: computer, social,

a winter tale
A Winter Tale 
I was going out driving to the shops and buy food, switched off indoors lamps, 
only the grey winter light came in,...

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Categories: social, winter,

Just let it go
Is this life just a hidden message?
As I pound these streets, I wonder
As I crawl these walls, I ponder
You left on a cryptic message

Never to...

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Categories: confusion, journey, social, life,

The Whirling Army
Beautiful scenery, rolling hills with craggy cliffs adorned with winter scrub clinging to impossible places. Narrow winding roads, leading somewhere, maybe nowhere, finding out when...

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Categories: business, power, science, social,

Old Sof'town
Old Sof'town*


In old Sof'town,
the jazz struck chords,

the jazz lived, it exploded,
out of the cramped homes,
rolling along the streets,
of old Kofifi,

in tune to countless blazing heartbeats.


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Categories: social, black african american, forgiveness,

SPRING IN AIR, LOVE ONLINE                    ...

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Categories: social, computer-internet, humorous, love, people,

Hail and Ice
It Hails
Beautifying Winter
My Nails
Ice in the Center

Oh no
Damn what nonsense
And Yes
Have the License

So Lead
With cars To 
roads of speed
And trees
What snowflake
and Breeze

Oh So cold
Ice in...

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Categories: social, adventure, christmas, dance, dedication,

What If Christmas Never Came

 UNSUPPORTED CODE What If…   Christmas Never Came???

What if Christmas never happened?  
What if Christmas never came?
Things around here would be different!...

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Categories: social, christian, christmas, confusion, dedication,

An Invitation from Salt Lake City
                    An Invitation 
from Salt Lake...

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© Mya Thein  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, people, autumn, city,

They Embraced Today
Copyright © 2009 #233
01/20/2009 // edited: 11/11/2012
(a new way)
-To Live And Pray-

On a brisk 2008 & 2012 Winter´s Day
  Americans voted and joined to...

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© Les Pruitt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, devotion, faith, history, hope,

dad army
Dad´s Army 

On the Milky Way a black cloud appeared,
not dark as the night, but as a whole year
of winter nights put together and blended...

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Categories: death, sad, social, old,