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Son Social Poems

These Son Social poems are examples of Social poems about Son. These are the best examples of Social Son poems written by international poets.

are we nothing more than someone's son,
the sum of our parts, an equation,
unbalanced inside of history,
lives on loan from those who came before,
the unfinished fate...

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Categories: social, life, motivation, perspective, relationship,

Life Course
At school they always told you:
to follow your dreams, 
but they never mentioned you:
how expensive they are, 
selling your soul to live in the devils...

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Categories: life, metaphor, social, society,

Freeman Cave
I cherish my freedom
Hard earned though it was
Through the abolitionist railway
And those who supported the cause

An African slave,
though free upon birth
I was sold as a...

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Categories: social, africa, america, freedom, prison,

Just Another Day in a Genocide
Dark gray metal and bullet holes
and you can’t walk on the streets,
the wailing and moaning
and the mothers cries,
the soldiers laughter as they smoke another cigarette.

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Categories: social, discrimination, hate, prejudice, racism,

Male Space
The study all alone,
in the corner of the home,
where a man can think,
reflect and have a drink,
be free of charging kids,
of daily cares be rid,

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Categories: social, freedom, how i feel,

Little girls, little hands, little hearts
treated like porcelain from the start.
We must shield their bodies,
spare their sweet minds,
give them a man to hide behind.

Dolls with...

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Categories: social, beautiful, body, children, family,

Facebook is an all year Christmas letter
A contest to see who's life is better

The pictures you have that flatter you the most
You pick the most...

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Categories: social, funny, humanity, humor, people,

Not Always Blood
 Not Always Blood

It was a childhood crush a long time ago; as a teenage girl you know; you just know.
I treated him as a...

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Categories: conflict, crush, emotions, social,

Premium Member Foretold, Angels
Foretold? Angels?

When you have sex, and you really love the other,
You know sometimes if you’ve fertilised and conceived, 
And Mary and Joseph’s love must’ve been...

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Categories: social, angel, baby, birth, christmas,

Premium Member A Visit From a Social Worker
His hand reached out to mine, open, 
Holding it, I smiled, our eyes danced with understanding, 
Form and blush outlined his expectations, 
But I could...

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Categories: social, bible, care, career, christian,

Hoodwinked By The Destroyer Of Nations
Modern Philosophy
Pet  Psychiatry
High Technology

These entities become the demigod 
We have place our country under it's authority

Holy Spirit

The God our nation crawled after
For protection
For provision

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Categories: social, animal, betrayal, corruption, faith,

Chasing the Internet
The internet is like a ball
Should be passed on to other people
An understanding, my little son shared
Ideal speed most of us desired

Trawling through the internet

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Categories: social, absence, computer, internet, life,

The Devine Social Studies
As history repeats itself,,,find a way to help your self
End the wars,,,End the pain
No more sorrow,,,No distain 
Love one another
As father,  mother, sister, brother
Follow a true...

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Categories: social, blessing, culture, devotion, faith,

The Favorite Son
has often been termed  to as
is responsible for
the unavailability
of the knowledge
of invisibility,

has its benefits,
but in this world
of artists,
a capable human
is one,
who want to become

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Categories: social, god, inspirational, life, philosophy,

Hell Is Real Whether You Believe It Or Not
Hell Is Real!  Whether One Believes It or Not!
I heard from someone who consistently persisted.
On trying to somehow “prove” hell never existed.

I talked about...

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Categories: social, bible, christian, faith, god,

Social Media
What happen to the days when we would go outside to play
Being stuck behind a phone screen is what we now do these days
Caught up...

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Categories: social, computer, dream, internet, lost,

Greater is He who is in me
Greater is He who is in me the Lord Jesus Christ 
Greater is the gifts He's given to me His love and the breath of...

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Categories: social, abuse, black african american,

Good evening and sorry I’m late, dear monk
I want you to pray to Zeus for me…..
Because you have more blessed tongue 
And I want you...

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Categories: community, humor, philosophy, social,

Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am sad.
Sometime I sing, sometimes I stammer

Sometimes I dance on the music of my soul, Sometimes I dance on...

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Categories: social, analogy, child, childhood, courage,

Dumbing Down Of The USA
Summer hath come, May blocked the sun, son, yet I know you read this Jedi 
Airwaves reek of radiation, reverberation stagnant holds no key.
Here we,...

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Categories: america, england, seasons, social,