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Name Social Poems

These Name Social poems are examples of Social poems about Name. These are the best examples of Social Name poems written by international poets.

Sariputra and Social Justice
Once Sariputra has paid a visit to the UN meeting.

- Social justice remains an elusive dream for poor people around the world, - the first...

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Categories: social, humor, philosophy,

The birds into the sky again flew for their fair;
The humans had but to stare!
Myriads and more flew from without,
Others from within and ascended out_


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Categories: nature, relationship, social,

God of War
Armies claim righteousness
God is on their side
A god of love, where
Love equals inhuman carnage in the name of God
Love equals wholesale slaughter in the name...

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Categories: allah, god, religion, social,

The Letter
The Letter

I sent a letter to 
Lady Karma 
And that Blind  
Lady Justice . . . 

Hopefully they 
Will wake the "F" up 

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Categories: social, analogy, introspection, judgement, meaningful,

are we nothing more than someone's son,
the sum of our parts, an equation,
unbalanced inside of history,
lives on loan from those who came before,
the unfinished fate...

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© Luke Hobbs  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, life, motivation, perspective, relationship,

Why would God create so much hate

Rulers are born
Blood and oath
Words to be a bond
A bond not to be broken
Who declares them king?
Who says to another I am queen?
Riches, gold, Jewellery,...

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Categories: social, allusion, angst, betrayal, conflict,

My selfie with words

My selfie with words
By alexia brinsley
How do We capture a moment when the flash doesn’t  work, and ideals can't be cropped in a...

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Categories: social, analogy, anxiety, beauty, bullying,

Premium Member Social Media Is Misleading
A heartless mean person dumped a puppy. It found us of course.
Our dog went nuts.
Not happy.
My husband wanted to keep it.
Named it Baby Buddy because...

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Categories: social, fun,

This Thought, This Time
This is the time. To put forth in writing the words that plague my mind. An inevitable forthcoming of thoughts internally suppressed,...

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Categories: deep, humanity, social, time,

Antics Of A Buzzfeed Ding Housefly
Antics Of A Buzzfeed Ding Housefly...

Non random, but (based on my very
     far out, flimsy laughably 

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Categories: social, 12th grade, 8th grade,

The Social Media Generation
The social media generation that lives in cyber space,
so needy for notifications so they don't feel misplaced,
make up a world of brave faces sitting behind...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, internet, slam,

The Paradox of a social loner
He sits alone, dreaming of the masses who support his social addiction. If there are any.
  Spending hours rehearsing his entrance walk and antectdotes he...

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Categories: social, anger, dark, deep, lonely,

The Connection
What we will find out in time, is
that we are all of one conscious
mind. We have different bodies
 and different races different
 languages, and Faces.


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© E Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social,

Dressed to kill down to the heels 
Locked and loaded with sites on infamy

shots fired in the vicinity of destiny

todays game, is change my name

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Categories: social, fate, humor, identity, image,

Premium Member Progress and Development
Progress and Development

How we miss those lovely, verdant scenes 
of woodlands that framed our riversides; 
rich, with hearty trees and creature life...
callously mowed down, destroyed


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Categories: animal, environment, social, stress,

Moral McCoy, Part I
In a small town in Nevada
lived a man named Joe McCoy,
he never touched a bottle,
never bothered or annoyed.

He was a dark-haired bean-pole,
rarely even shot the...

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Categories: social, adventure, change, character, evil,

Your inside is as soft as wool.
Breeze, so gentle and cool.
You possess the best of the sky’s blue.
To my heart, you’re the dearest.
Fresher than the...

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Categories: character, social, society,

Premium Member The Suave Social Laboratory
Welcome to our social laboratory!
Oops! We meant our school.
We have a lofty agenda.
Radical change is our rule.

Entrust us with your offspring.
For them, we know what’s...

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Categories: social, betrayal, bullying, change, children,

a phobic means to an unending end

See me fast, feel me low, watch me strike
as I feel myself bottom blend slow into an aqeous blood slumber 
silk circulating all rotten terms...

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Categories: social, basketball, beautiful, dark, fairy,

Social Status Effect
Miscommunication, is fabrication of reality
When actually it’s a matter of perspective.
She was a standout, with a name similar to yours
With pure intentions, painful convictions but...

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Categories: social, deep, high school, internet,