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Short Tritina Poems

Short Tritina Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Tritina poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Tritina poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Summer Storm
Morn’s beacon beholds the land
In the chagrin’s lonely hand;
Gray day is hard to withstand.

Until the clouds let it rain;
Evidently bringing pain.
Let the human’s aid remain....

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Categories: storm,
Form: Tritina

Moon’s eyes keenly look and gaze
At the world shrouded in haze;
Reading the threat of decays.

It is now the right moment
Of earth to have the urgent
Need of solving her descent....

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Categories: earth,
Form: Tritina
Sparkle of Smile
As tears sweep the grief away,
Distress drowns in sea of gray;
Eyes see the beautiful bay.

Light of the stars is in sight,
Moon’s glow and gleam in the night
Are nicely viewed in delight....

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Categories: happiness,
Form: Tritina
The doctrine of pain
And its sister, gain
Are beyond profane

By it, the mountain
Has met her bane
In the corners of this train

My words be not plain
As they are filled with pain
For those without gain...

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Categories: bullying, sad,
Form: Tritina
Short Poem
Swines call me crazy and pigs call me mad
Very sad very sad and very bad very bad
This ain't gonna work because I am their dad.
Note. There are three lines in the Poem and nine words in each line.
Lesson. 3 x 9 = ?...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, bullying, emotions, fear, mental illness,
Form: Tritina

Patient, kind, pure
Strong yet fragile
Touches all facettes
Of emotions
But still
Remains love
A silky touch
Tiptoeing in seasonal fragrances
Of growth
Which indeed
Calls on faith
And time
It is smooth
And dewy
Tough and rocky
Fierce and sober
Soothing and loyal
Love is human...

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Categories: lost love, love, love hurts,
Form: Tritina
Try Tina

Sometimes we just need advice
Life is hard, we can only try
And one who knows, is Tina

If confused, then go find Tina
She will gladly share advice
But only if you then will try

Hope is not the same as try
Living proof of that is Tina
Always ready to give advice

If needing advice, try Tina...

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Categories: care,
Form: Tritina
Sibling Love ~ (A Tritina)
I have four brothers.
I have three sisters.
I share with them love.

It's not always easy to love.
Especially those "mean" brothers.
or those "Hootie~snooty" sisters

Those beautiful, caring sisters.
Those wonderfully funny brothers.
Each one easy to love.

Brothers, sisters, a family, filled with love....

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Categories: tritina, brother, family, life, love, sister
Form: Free verse
Ghost of a Chance
Last Thursday night,  
it was pouring with rain. 
We went on a hunt for a ghost.

They say that the ghost
is only seen at night, 
and always in the rain.

She was ran over in the rain 
at midnight, so her ghost 
only appears on a wet night.

Well, that night, I stood in the rain, but didn't see the ghost....

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© Jack Horne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member The Antihero
Brass knuckles type of brave 
no promises but pure of heart;
No reason to care, the antihero;

Shadows blanket the antihero,
runs alone forced to be brave; 
Ice in their veins, reckless heart; 

Conflict tugs at the heart,
the dichotomy of the antihero;
Nothing to lose, not really brave;

The brave heart of the antihero....

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Categories: courage, emotions, feelings, hero,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member The Marionette
A slice of freedom unholy, 
cut the strings of the marionette; 
Bowing, you knew your master;

Giving into the will of the master 
attracted to this dance unholy;
Went on a rampage this marionette; 

You released a mad marionette 
fed it’s murderous master,
gave it a taste of the unholy;

Cursed unholy marionette master....

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Categories: anger, dark, evil, power,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Swift Passages
How swift the passage of time; stored up memories, disappear as sailing ships. Become as ghost ships; so short grows my time, as do fading memories. Can't recover lost memories; gone are those capsized ships; I find there is no time. Time’s so short and memories made dissipate, as ships lost in fog.

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Categories: feelings, memory, time,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Our Planet
To them we’re the classless aliens,
we destroy everything they envy;
Toxic leaving scars on the planet;

Rare jewel this ocean filled planet,
it cannot be mined by aliens;
Natural riches leave such envy;

One in a million sparks envy 
in eyes not on this regal planet;
A work in progress to aliens;

All aliens envy our planet....

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Categories: earth day, emotions, feelings, nature,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member What a Day
I will just be calm and quiet
After the unrest of the storm
Things can settle and be tranquil

Can I approximate tranquil
With heartbeat loud, what is quiet
I am afraid that I am the storm

Yes, I will run from the storm
To manifest tranquility
Fear still consumes me quietly

Quiet regrets, tranquil sorrows, further storms forecast...

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Categories: fear,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member How To Ruin Me
Open my eyes all I can see is you;
Drew blood now my lips are a ruin
asking ‘What has become of me?’

All that breathed inside me 
being in love has begun to ruin,
every thought hijacked by you; 

I cannot say that I blame you; 
I commit this crime against me,
until there is nothing left but ruin; 

I guess you know how to ruin me ....

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Categories: emotions, feelings, love, love hurts,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Bubble Wrap
I fear I am going to be buried 
with emotions I’m suffocating in;
Wrapped up I pop those bubbles;

Filling the air many size bubbles,
poke a hole I’m no longer buried;
A blanket that I can breathe in;

Through the hole light comes in 
illuminating the moody bubbles;
Optimism floats sour is buried;

With a smile I lie buried in bubbles....

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Categories: emotions, feelings, happiness,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Dance Is Done No Fun
The flame dances; A charmed serpent weaves; Back and forth to the music. Air waves alive with music, Make me want to dance; As I sit here, poetry weaving. I don’t rise, the room is weaving; I lose the sound of the music; I’m dizzy, nauseated; forget the dance. I’m feeling faint again; I have that darn flu.

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Categories: how i feel, image, imagery, self, sick,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Acting Not Happy
Always pretty good at acting;
But faking it off stage? No, I’m not;
Heart on my sleeve when I’m happy;

Made up anger conceals happy,
yet accurate it’s absolutely not;
Words of clay dribble through acting;

Familiar mask, waste not want not;
Heaven forbid you make me happy 
Mood swings a pendulum acting;

I’m exhausted acting not happy....

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Categories: emotions, feelings, happy,
Form: Tritina
It sounds warm
Framed in dust
Paved in rust
But still sooths the anchor
Claims the difference
While raging an instance
Beneath the tree of life
Red is eye-catching
Red is said to be
The colour of love
Red is Fierce yet delicate
Red is clean on a clear mind
Red is just red without
A matter of distinction
Red is you!

Laura Victory...

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Categories: freedom, hurt, i love you, passion, women,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member My Darkness
Sitting eyes closed in the darkness 
suffocating a soft glow illuminates 
thoughts of a chattering mind;

As the chaos feeds on your mind
reveling in the solace of darkness,
you don’t know it illuminates;

Moonlight in a window illuminates 
there is prose within your darkness;
A murky headspace I don’t mind;

My darkness illuminates my mind....

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Categories: dark, emotions, feelings, writing,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Poetic Podcast Episode 6
Diminished joy, what satisfaction?
Difficult to remain present
plagued with endless monotony;

Leaders should fear this monotony;
So cancerous to satisfaction 
as it destroys the cultural present;

Focusing on the pieces of the present 
swollen with mindless monotony; 
Deprived, starved for satisfaction;

No satisfaction with present monotony....

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Categories: absence, business, emotions, feelings,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Grant Me
Swimming to the bottom of the sea,
floating weightless in outer space, 
Feeling alive brings me peace; 

Change of perspective to peace; 
A sky full of stars ,the open sea, 
seeing Earth as I fly in space;

On a rocket flight into space, 
I can wish for no greater peace 
like the calming affect of the sea;

Genie grant me sea, Space, and peace....

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Categories: dream, emotions, peace,
Form: Tritina




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Categories: 11th grade, allusion, angst, betrayal, hurt, urban,
Form: Tritina
She rises high  silently at night,
Her beauty an ethereal sight,
 Glowing with radiant light.

For many a traveller,her light,
Reveals the path at night,
Beholding her divine sight. 

 For what could be more than her  sight,
 Being the guiding light, 
 On such a lonely night?

For the night will reveal all sight by her light.

12th February 2019...

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Categories: change, city,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Dark Temper
Crystalline marbles streaming; Pouring from clouds; rainstorm. Lightening flickers in the dark. Night brings the dark; Hides moonlight streams; Such rage, have storms. On the ocean waves, storms Show their tempers, dark; Angry waves leave streaming debris. A simple storm, without an angry, dark temper is preferable.

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Categories: earth, environment, nature, rain, storm, weather,
Form: Tritina