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Short Tampered Poems

Short Tampered Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Tampered by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Tampered by length and keyword.

the editor
I shall write while I rest 
amid the faint hues channeled 
by a functioning heart bottled 
to perfection during the tranquil 
lessons a masterpiece unfolds 
the infamous characters bonded 
beyond the galleries of distant carny 
and Gothic folklores tampered above 
a shattered notion of writers block...

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Categories: tampered, art,
Form: Blank verse

child like faith
never letitng go,
and always looking up,
asking for His hand,
to help you when it gets rough,
a child like faith,
believing without seeing,
faith that can't be tampered,
like a child you still find His hand,
a night light that goes till the end of time,
child like faith,
believing no matter what,


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© stacy ward  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tampered, childhood, faith, inspirational, child,
Form: Free verse
Number 10
"That's been tampered with, quite obviously too."
"But it's all I've got mate, until the next one comes through."

It's a bit of a joke, cruel as well.
I'm taking my one pound ten straight down to ell'.

S**t I've passed my stop, quickly press the bell.
Hey Fred, if there's free bus fares down there, do tell....

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© Josh Jones  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tampered, anger, hate,
Form: Rhyme
Pulsing Pulchritude Polished
callous curves smirk
leering lanky lurch
seeped'n saucy seal
bounded by breach
smothering furious frown
delicate draws drawn

tuning tits trail
tactic trend traced
through tampered space

legs like onyx
pulpy pulchritude polished -
glimmering gaunt gifts

vying voluptuous structure
loving lust punctured.

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Categories: tampered, sexy,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Relinquished Dreams
Unremitting responsibilities 
Aspirations tampered by reality
Relentless quest for more
Beautiful wife, children, home
Cars, boat, vacations, clothes
All requisite trappings
Abundance of wealth and success
Colleges, tuitions, mortgages
Debt free, substantial savings
Old age, sickness, infirmity
Dusty, unplayed
Fender Stratocaster guitar  

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Categories: tampered, life, loss, sad,
Form: Free verse

Like you did
I walked and pranced in murky chance
Strode and lay in love’s delay
To find that once I tried 
to cast a glance
I tripped on shattered cries
and past a wish
For you to love me like you did

In tampered sparks and trifled words 
In quartered hearts and wounded ways
Crippled sense and piercing rays
I asked for you 
and one to say
If you could love me like you did

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Categories: tampered, feelings, lost, love,
Form: Ballade
Taunting Tampered Trail
sane story squashed
worn wanky clashed
wielded wits flung
leering lanky lust
strained sanity snogged
pilfering punctured pawn

voluptuous vie wept
cremating callous crest
bruised biddings belched

pruned passion puked
dark dribbles drooled
clutching crazed clue

wedged wiles wailed
taunting tampered trail.

Note: Of tamed tale.

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Categories: tampered, emotions,
Form: Sonnet
Tampered Tunes Tortured
hoity heist healed
cremating callous creed
dark tumbles drool
bounty bills booed
lanky lists shred
wanky wills wept

mystic metamorphoses moaned
crumbling, crushed clone
cunny crest thrown

bruised concerto bled
sassy syllables crept
twain trail crest

porous past punctured
tampered tunes tortured.

Note: Dedicated to Oscar Wilde.


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Categories: tampered, hero,
Form: Sonnet
The Sun Rises
The sun rises
or the earth lowers...
science has spoiled much for us--
crept into the secret of our dreams,
even tampered with love
something I have lived by
sustained me
when food had become tasteless
and what I drank
made holes in my gut.

Sometimes I wish
all I knew didn't matter
and the rain was just wet
and the sun just warmth

and never the thought
of cancer

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© Joe DiMino  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tampered, allegory, allusion, change, fear, innocence, loss, nature,
Form: Free verse
Callous Camouflage's Crest
eerie odds awed
puncturing pulpy pores
sassy spell spurned
leering lanky lurch
felon fate features
fuming strained seizures

airy alakazam hatched
taunting tampered trance
draped dribble's prank

smothered smirk starved
porous platter parked
moaning meagre marks

wielded twain wedged
callous camouflage's crest.

Note: Of plagued personality....

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Categories: tampered, people,
Form: Sonnet
Kaleidoscopic Chaos Clogged
sassy spell snapped
trailing taunted trance
callous clouds cruised
bounty blitzkrieg bruised
nocturnal nymph nudged
pluming lanky lust

amputated atmosphere bled
alakazam cremating crest
fostering phlegm fetched

felon flesh flipped
dark dribbles clipped
tampered trees gripped

leering logs lobbed
kaleidoscopic chaos clogged.

Note: Of pained picture....

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Categories: tampered, dark,
Form: Sonnet
Moments of your time
A definition of me relies on
your borrowed time
to sneak a question into vested terms
That decide my earthly worth
and stun my vision into sight
And if the sum of one chooses
to relay my plight
in numbers that sum up to none
Feel free to walk away
and place my days into
silent moments of your
worthy time
And call this poem…
tragically unfinished
And this life…
sadly retracted
and our youthly vision
materially tampered

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Categories: tampered, mystery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Transient
Like a transient thought
You entered my dialogue
Seeking to become
Discourse of my mind

Confusing my words
You tampered response
Bemusing my mood
Feigning what love was

Until reality grasped
A fraudulent trespass
Holding firmly at bay
Faux vision of romance

Yet, our rendezvous
Was willingly allowed--
Lascivious to assuage
Exotic wish of the heart

December 24, 2018
Placed first in standard contest #175 by Brian Strand...

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Categories: tampered, feelings, lust,
Form: Free verse