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Short Ragdoll Poems

Short Ragdoll Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Ragdoll by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Ragdoll by length and keyword.

The Demons That Grasp Me
Demons grasp my soul,
as I drown in my own tears,
they pull me into hell,
I cry out in despair,
their claws tear through me,
the pain that I cannot bear,
my body refuses to fight,
I become a ragdoll,
As they feast upon my soul,
Is inevitable


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© Riley Ma  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ragdoll, anger, betrayal, death, depression,
Form: Free verse

Everything You Say Are Lies
I never thought it was
Asking too much. Asking 
For you to care. Was I so
Much of a chore for you? Did
Being my friend lose it’s appeal
So you toss me aside like an
Old ragdoll? Was that all it
Was for you? Did I mean so 
Little that when it came time
To be real, you bail? Guess
“I don’t know what I’d
Ever do if I lost you” are 
Just a bunch of meaningless,
Pretty words.

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Categories: ragdoll, friendship
Form: Free verse
6-8 - Ragdoll
A small little maiden with a tiny little sundress
Eyes made of thread and hair made of yarn
So small and insignificant yet appealing to the eye
My little golden-haired ragdoll
Seems so small and unimportant
That you can’t see its hidden meaning
It shows that there’s beauty in everything
Even if it’s a small insignificant ragdoll


Poem written for 6-8 contest by Nette Onclaud


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© Jane Doe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: ragdoll, beauty,
Form: Verse
I Am Wolf
I am the seeker in the dark.
I am that for which you  fear.
You run but I can smell and taste terror that fills the air.

You are lost in a realm I call home.
My cries to lure you out  of that hiddig place.
Seeking shelter you run into the arms of the that which you fear.

Do you see the  glow within my eyes?
do not confuse warmth with heat  hate with love.
As she lay in arms limp as a ragdoll

I feel no remorse.
For I am wolf....

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Categories: ragdoll, fantasy
Form: Narrative
Premium Member 6 - 8 RAGDOLL - EMOTIVE WRITE
Sally was a new mum, whose baby screamed continually Despite being fed and changed, her child continued to cry Rocking and cooing a lullaby did not console the babe Patience was wearing thin for Sally, a single mother Sally was exhausted and one night she finally snapped She snatched the wailing infant from her crib Shook her like a rag doll until the baby went limp Finally, the child stopped crying … 6 - 8 Contest Sponsored by Nette Onclaud 10-25-17

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Categories: ragdoll, abuse, baby, deep, sad, , Lullaby,
Form: Verse

Premium Member 6 To 8- Ragdoll
Rag doll, received, ready for play, except for her tatterdemalion dress.
Yet this child, of doleful tears, hugs tight her ragamuffin, sans regret.
Sweet child, with soiled cheeks, sings sweetly in whispered tweets.
The final gift ferreted from under the giving tree, was meant just for her.
She asked of her mother, who listened feverishly, then perished forever.
How odd, but not to her, the calico dress, just like the one she last hugged.

Nette Onclaud’s 6 To 8 Contest


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Categories: ragdoll, child,
Form: Verse