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Short My Lonely Soul Poems

Short My Lonely Soul Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about My Lonely Soul by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about My Lonely Soul by length and keyword.

Breathing the memory
The last kiss lingered on in my memory
And your presence filled the empty room
The suffocating silence surrounding me saddened my lonely soul.
The smell of your sex, of your body, the smell of you is in the room.  
I have washed it several times, 
but your smell lingers relentlessly, repetitively, reinforcing the memory.


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Categories: my lonely soul, angst
Form: I do not know?

Black Crying Tears
My life went through it .
Then gotten bit.
I was hurt so bad. 
Stayed very sad. 
Lost all control. 
Crushed my lonely soul. 
Crazed my mind.
Took lots of time. 
Tried to drink it away. 
Painfully it still stayed. 
It took many years. 
To recover from those black crying tears...

You Can't See What's Hidden Behind the Tears.
but you can feel the hidden fears..

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© Jack Reed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: my lonely soul, childhood
Form: Lyric
Green hope

In the space where you are
my soul is near to you
your sight in the far end
draw green hope in my heart
and spread  seeds of love 
today the light is in my way 
a pretty dream is in my head 
a white faith  a nice  touch
thanks friend for that nice
a bright  in your  head 
a touch of  your hand
your sweet  finger  puts
a green hope in my life 
and joy in my lonely soul .

djamel Nasr ...

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Categories: my lonely soul, hope,
Form: Free verse
Is the Search Over
For twelve times
	twelve months
I have searched
	for the love
I first found with you.

After a hundred times
	a hundred thousand footsteps
I have again arrived
	at your doorstep
awaiting your love.

For two times
	two hundred million heartbeats
my lonely soul
	has searched for love,
at least to give it
	if not to receive it.

Now only you can answer
the hardest question I could ask.

Is my search over?


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Categories: my lonely soul, angst, love
Form: Free verse
My Lonely Soul
You made me see who you really are,
and the worst one so far.
But I leave this world cold and lonely,
I have these five words for you only.
I hate you forever now,
and that is all that matters anyhow.
Why did you leave me unhappy and depressed,
and I bet you knew all the rest.
Dont worry and trust me for what Im about to say,
my soul is here to haunt you and its here to stay.
You can run but you cant  hide,
from your lonely souled bride who died....

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© Dorian cox  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: my lonely soul, death, lost love, sad, wedding, me, me,
Form: Dramatic monologue

The dimly lit room seems even smaller
As days turn into lonely weeks
If not for the one band of light that reaches
Like fingers to touch my lonely soul
I would have no sight of walls at all
I would have no feeling of life

I am held to solitude for accountability
As it was my fault that the death occurred
There was no chance for life, for suffocation
Was the natural solution for that heart
So now, I cry within myself as I pray
For release from my own prison

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Categories: my lonely soul, angst, life, lonely,
Form: Free verse
Where is the one  i suppose to be with
No,i don't find anyone next yo me
Why,i feel so lonely
Because you are not here that name still exist
I don't think so,but so some they it's still exist,
I was looking for it
Since i was young,i've got plenty of people
In my life but still my soul,
My soul tells me that it's lonely,
Can i buy love? What am i suppose to do?
Nothing ,i rather be lonely,
What can plenty people have to with my
Life,my lonely soul stay focus...

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Categories: my lonely soul, africa, forgiveness, friend, funny love, wisdom, write,
Form: Sonnet
i was dreaming of 
  colors    inside
my lonely Soul  of
Cobalt violet
and viridian skies
Inside keeping my
heart so cadmium yellow;
Claude Monet's lilies
keeps me alive.
Imagine cobalt blue,
a peace upon the canvas
lead white kissing 
with French ultramarine skies
and we hold hands
-- where we leave grief
and misunderstanding
behind.  Kissing beneath
the sun i say, "Cadmium
Orange hugging Vermilion"
And the world murmurs 
"That's so very true."

:: 03212016 ::...

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Categories: my lonely soul, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Free verse