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Near the Cherry Blossom Tree

some days
see in the lake
your face

of you
cherry blossom
smells too

shall queue
to heaven’s gate
with you

2 April 2021
Finding your musette 2 poetry contest
picture 3
Joseph may sponsored
2-4-2 x3 lines= 9 lines
with aba, cdc, efe rhyme pattern.

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A Snowy Evening Walk


Oh, Yes it is so bright;
Outside it's glistering snow falling light;

Hands held we walk in park;
A snowy evening walk;

As we caress we talk;
Cool loving breeze feels very right tonight;


For Contest :Rhyme Me A Poem...A Snowy Evening Walk
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Simple As Dissecting a Frog

Love of the heart;
Love of the mind,
Oceans apart
Never to rhyme

The heart,
While shadowing function
As fast as eruption,
Gives back for consumption

The mind,
So selfish and needy,
Brings Hell to the leaving.
Babes, helpless and teething

Love of the heart;
Or of the mind?
One needn't a chart
The other is blind
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Our hearts can't touch, our minds deflect
Absurd conclusions, I'll regret
Breaking up so many times
Your reasons do not rhyme

I think I better off this way
I love you, that's what i will lay
Rupturing my soul, hope that I can
Last breath. . Goodbye. . 'til we meet again

061314 (13:50)

An entry to "Breaking Up With You" contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer
6th Place
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Two lumbers met as one
Held each other in both other hands
Slowly rubbing every inch 'til thins
That is how our love kicked in.

Creating fire, time after time
Gently brushing, producing a rhyme
This is a ballad I chant to you
The favorite thing I always do.

Two lumbers met as one
Through love and time, we got our desire
To warm our soul, out of control
That burned it all

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My Friend Tammy

My friend Tammy has a merry smile
Fun, big-hearted, colorful style
We always sit and chat awhile
Her laughter can echo for miles

We're enthusiastic football fans
For our favorite team we'll take a stand
Over coffee-and, we'll share our plans
For dinner, family, pots and pans

So please excuse this silly rhyme
I just wanted to take the time
To give a shout-out to her upbeat ways
And send my thanks for cheering my days.
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Heart Song

A song in my heart 
Plays out for you
There aren't any words
Yet I carry this tune

My pulse is the beat
It speeds up anytime
When you're close to me
I carry this rhyme

So joyous the sound
That only I hear
No matter our distance
It plays like you're near

My tremble the treble 
With each touch of your hand
I prefer country
But it's more like big band

The volume my smile
As I see your face
You still turn me on
Anytime, anyplace
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Ode To Jan Allison:

I lie in bed,
Just can't sleep,
I think instead,
That I may weep.

As I watch the time,
Thriving in pain,
Still, I rhyme,
In my brain.

There is no cure,
For what I've got,
The nights' are fewer,
And sleep is not.

I've tried fresh ginger,
Amongst other things,
But I'm no whinger,
It's just clipped my wings.

So before the dawn,
I'm up writing again,
Though feeling forlorn,
With paper and pen.
(for Jan who suffers from osteoarthritis)
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Like a rose without color
Like a prose without rhyme
Hope yearns for another
Wishing only for that time

Memories of my departed
Inside my heart drips tears
For my love you try to restart it
But my love can not be shared

You give you make you stay by my side
Hollow is my soul for her I yearn
You pray you cry so hard you try
But forsaken for her I turn

My departed haunts my living soul
Alive I'm just a shell of a man
How can you love me when you know?
Her memory is all that I am.
Details | Romanticism |

The Question

I like your eyes,

You like my smile.

I like your beauty,

You like my style.

But what I would love,

From a white turtle dove,

Is a ring, especially for you.

I like your hugs,

You like my kisses.

I like your hair,

You like reminisces.

But I would be grateful,

As I believe it is fateful,

If you, will please marry me.

I like your persona,

You like that I try.

I like your appearance,

You like that I cry.

So i'll ask one more time,

And i'll finish this rhyme,

Please baby, will you marry me?
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Heart On My Sleeve

Pink and blue
Think of you
Sunset in full view

Special time
Need to rhyme
I never had a clue
How much I'd love
This writing of
All my thoughts in phrase

Ode and song
Short or long
All my living days

Spent in thought
Bluebird sought
Make for her a nest

Scan the skies
For her eyes
Bluer than the rest 

Lined with down
An evening gown
A feather bed so soft

Lilac air
Wind is fair 
Carry her aloft

Come to me
I will be
Waiting until when

The day is here
When you are near
Not to wait again

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At Brooks' Balance

"You're having a little one," 
I say, seeking information 
from my therapist 
(she's considerably
pregnant).  Then, I ask her 
about vocation: 

Why she chose this specialty, 
and did she 
know the baby's sex, 
name, and serial number?  
She says,  No Maybe about it, 
the baby's a girl and
has a name.  

"Did you know the name 
you chose is fame-
ous? A name rarified?
Hemingway's Paris
wife," I clarified, 

And then, I wrote 
this rhyme: a little 
riff for a baby gift: 
"We'll gladly
welcome Hadley, 
(she's a girl), 
into our world."
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Her Bridge Impassable For Him

Her Bridge Impassable For Him

Below the bridge of her nose
A buried treasure sits sealed.
Her mouth and voice strike a pose
Against his unwanted wield.

He crossed her piano keys
Unharmoniously, once too many.
Now in his wake the birds and bees
Under her bridge muted uncanny.

Seasons span the test of time
For her past love he had his chance.
And his window to cross fit no rhyme
Of continuing to bridge their romance.

Buried treasure she sealed from him
And his ever opening increasingly grim.

connie pachecho

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Kiss Me Lively

Kiss me once, kiss me twice
A kiss from you would be so nice
I want to know what it feels like
To kiss your lips by candlelight

A romantic evening starting when
The sun goes down and sets again
And as the fading twilight dims
I'd feel excitement in my limbs

I've wanted this for quite some time
It's one thing to compose a rhyme
That pales compared to the real thing
Your lips and mine together bring

The poems, music, odes, to life
And oh, if you would be my wife
Someday, some way, may it be,
That I will hold you close to me
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Solidified By a Poet's Dozen

"Solidified by a Poet's Dozen"

Since the fall of Love
You spring into thoughts often
Summer, I want you

Being named after the most desired season
Girl, that must truly be the reason

Why my rhyme has lost its way
Why my Love can not resist the mere mention of your name

So now I am rendered to nothing more than a slave
To a union that had to have been Deemed From Above
Because of all the sweet passion you gave
That was done simply in the name of Love
Truly, I can not think of any single thing better than that thereof....

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No Need to Answer

You may think me crazy
Perhaps that's nothing new
But if I ever got the chance
I would say "I do"
I love you with the kind of love
That stands the test of time
Augmented, not diminished
And each day in a new rhyme
I'll tell you lots of pretty things
Like what you mean to me,
How I'll swim the oceans,
All seven of the seas,
How I think you're beautiful,
How you melt my heart,
How I'll wait until the day
That we will never part
And now here comes the question
The one I have for you
If that day would come to pass
Would you say "I do" too?
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Love In Rhyme

Poems, poems, poems
They're what I love to do
The way that I express myself
To tell you I love you

They come to me so easy 
I have so much to say
And when my heart's on fire
I write three and four a day

Each one a separate heartbeat
A loving, sincere kiss 
From my lips out to your heart
A target I won't miss

I love you with a passion
That flows inside my veins
Controlled and unobtrusive 
There's no torrential rain

Could ever quench this fire
Its trend is grow and thrive
Maybe someday there'll be no need for words
Then watch these poems come alive
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Lovesting Bee

Sting me my BEE, 
sweeter than the sweetest honey
shots you give me, 
stunning blinks of fantasy...

I can hear you my bee, buzzing around..
Can you hear the voice too, 
of my sizzling heart's sound....

SO, careful with that LOVESTING my BEE...
your sweet venom infects my dreams and me...
I am caught up in your LOVE bubble, don't you see? 
now eat my sorrow tree, 
and let my soul free...


TO MY LOVESTING BEE.................
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Do You Still Dress In Black

Do you still dress in black?
Do you still write in rhyme?
Is the Moon still your guide?
Do you miss me sometimes?
Is your life full of joy?
Do you still love the sea?
Is there love in your world?
Do you ever miss me?
Do your flowers grow well?
Do you grow your Moonflowers?
Just as once you grew ours?

May you still dress in black
May you write ever more
May the Moon light your way
For the rest our your days
May you never look back
May the Sun always shine
May your love still be mine
May your flowers grow high
Under azure blue skies
May your words always rhyme
Down the measures of time.
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Twas the Night of a Date

Twas the night of an important date
decided to write while I wait.
Pen and paper, waiting to rhyme,
what will be my first line.
My mind blank, in a stare,
suddenly my words appeared.
Begin to write of love and life.
Knew my poem would come out right.
As I continued to sit in wait,
my lines were forming oh so great.
My mind still wondering as I wrote,
I thought about your note.
In it you said you would not be late,
here I sit thinking of our date.
I hope we grow fond of each other,
maybe we'll become lovers.
Who knows perhaps in life,
we'll become man and wife.
Suddenly you knock on the door,
I finally sit and wait no more.
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Sunday morning beauty
Comes into the room
Much anticipation 
Excitement in full bloom

Straightfaced and phlegmatic
I cannot let her see
That inside I'm ecstatic
My heart and mind agree

I'll look at her for moments
A second, two, or three
"I know you want to for much more
but don't," says me to me

Then later in the break room
I'll make sure there's a chair
That's open right near where I am
And hope that she sits there

So I can be close by her
For precious extra time
Then later at my thinking spot
I'll put it into rhyme 

It's a way for me to tell her
In writing what I think
Another way's recording
With a smile and a wink
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Juliet Alpha

You're beautiful, you really are
I could spot you from afar
You must be tired of hearing this
This loop of mine's continuous 

But I can't help it, give me time
I'll find some other things to rhyme
Regardless though the fact remains
You're beautiful and that won't change

A flower for my lonely heart
It's never pleasant when we part
At least for me that fact rings true
I could see myself with you

I'm trying now to fix my voice
Lessons, practice, all by choice 
If I could just sing melodies
You can take the harmonies

And if it never comes to be
It wasn't wasted time for me
I only want to play with you
And do the things that you do too
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How Lucky We Are

Her delicate fingers fondle each piece held above the puzzle, waiting release, causing her concentration to increase. A smile tugs at the corners of her lips, and as the occasional swear word slips she gives up, placing her hands on her hips. I chuckle and she pretends to be mad, and I reciprocate, looking so sad she quickly relents, whispering, "my bad." The puzzle is the last thing on my mind, to doubt her beauty, I'd have to be blind, for she's gorgeous, with a perfect behind. I realize just how lucky we are, like kids with our hands in the cookie jar, in the eyes of each, the other's a star. (Rhyme) 3/19/2017
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Stunningly Attractive

You don't see me do it
But I do it all the time
I look at you from where I stand
A living, breathing rhyme

The way you move so graceful
Your motions like ballet
The way you sing so beautifully
Beyond what words can say

Inside my heart does dances
If only you could hear
The beat of circumstances
A message loud and clear

From deep within my being 
Live dreams and thoughts of you
A treasure trove to recall
In memory or on cue

Tucked into their safe harbor
The concert stage not set
But if someday it happens
This would get better yet

They'd make the grandest entry
In triumph they would say
The long, long wait is over
Enter light of day
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Poems Not For You

A fresh bouquet of word and rhyme
Floral adjectives seek time
To hopefully be read by you
That's why I write them, morning dew
On the grass so cool and fresh
When you wake up a coffee press 
Of poetry to start your day
Do you still smile? Do you say
This man is crazy, but he's real
I know his love is not just feel?

My heart exposed for you to read
To treasure what's been grown from seed
That planted several years ago
All from a dream, gestation slow
But now the flowers in full bloom
Want to brighten up your room
And though there's nothing we can do
As long as you know that they're true
Not for you, would you concur?
Of course they are, they always were

Book: Reflection on the Important Things