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Said I Wouldnt Fall

Said I wouldn’t fall
And yet here I am falling
I know I shouldn’t

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Then Just Maybe

I hear you crying in the other room
I wish I could hold you
I want to never let you go
You said you choose to not follow him
If only you did...
Then maybe tears wouldn't be falling from your ember eyes.
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My Heaven

To feel your arms wrap around me
Your chest slowly rising and falling
And you heartbeat in my ear
That is truly heaven
But when I am with you
Darling, time passes oh so quickly
And when I am away 
Every hour feels like an eternity
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As Much As

As much as I love you
I adore you, 
Admire you, 

Love mornings when you around to the sunset setting to the night falling till the sun rises again
I love your lovely face
Just know that

As much as I love you
I adore you, 
Admire you, 
I love you<\b>
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I Wish

Wish I was rich,with a family,a wife,no criminal record,no guns,no knives..2 point 4 children,drive a nice car,no dealing in alleys,no propping up outings,trips to the beach,I feel like im falling,outwards I reach..oneday ill be diffrent,a Completly changed man,no worries,no cares,my life I will plan..

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Guitar Heart

I first knew I was falling 
when you sang in front of me for the first time. 
You did it so quietly, 
so unsure of yourself. 
Now I know I have fallen, 
as you're standing in front of me, 
strumming and bellowing out lyrics. 
We have both changed in so little time;
Your confidence has grown 
and so have my feelings.
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Sparks and Embers

Sparks and embers from you keep me glowing. When out our immense window the falling of God's silvery moonlight is showing. The dancing of autumn leaves doing a magic waltz for us. How can we do anything except embrace and touch? So lost, we are in God's wanderlust! September 15, 2019
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Thinking of You

White sheets, spread over the ocean
Make my body, faces upwards
Put on a smile, my body floats
Rolling on the soft surface
The creases form heavy waves

Thinking of you during these times
The subtle lights make this atmosphere sweeter
Tonight, yet again, I'm falling deeper
Just thinking of you, tonight gets heavier
Mine, but not entirely mine
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Once Again

In the early morning light
I awake to face a brand new day
I kiss him,I brush his hair away
Once again,falling in love.

He turns his body close to mine 
Whispering in my ear
I love you,you take my breath away
Once again falling in love.

We are never far apart
Living life as one
We're happy,I know we'll always be
Once again, falling in love.
Details | Romanticism |

His Touch

These days I m falling more for u,
On my mind thr are thoughts only of u.
The way u hold me in my dreams,
Kissing me wid chocolates n creams
When u go down on neck,
It's like cherry on cake.
Thn u hold my hands tightly,
N kiss my lips gently.
U get down on my body,
It's makes loose my control.
N lastly whn u say I love u,
All I want is be wid u. ????
Details | Free verse |


All the shimmering lights in the galaxy will lead you home,
It will happen,
When you heart will leave the darkness of this imaginary world,
Where people will rise in love instead of falling,
Where people will know the meaning of forever,
Then we can this world a world of light,
Where you will belong to me and I will belong to you.....   
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Tenderness Love Forgotten

Once you see her 
you want to kiss 
her, as she passes 
you by, like a leaf falling 
in to the watery lake, 
of tears and pain, 
with her tender 
heart that's been
shattered, as the sun 
sets you, try not 
to follow her, 
but you can't 
resist her tender lips, 
with her tender love, 
she has given to 
you, so you try 
not to think of 
the past, but its 
not so easy, 
to forget, as you 
have to walk away, 
to say good bye.
Details | Free verse |

The Way You Love Me

god i love you
the way you look
the way you act
the way you are you
there are millions of reasons as to why i love you
but the main one is,
the way you love me,
the way you love me makes me feel like i’m dancing on clouds,
leaping back and forth losing my balance and falling down just so you can catch me and put me back onto my feet,
the way you do every time,
reassuring me everything will all be okay even when i feel as if it never will be.
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A Sign of Love

Thinking about how things should be 
Wanting more, more & more 
Feeling hollow inside 
Like a gourd 
Dreaming to escape the aching pain 
Of the memory of you 
Counting to three 
Hoping to be set free 
From this emptiness inside 
Running into the night 
Wishing I can outrun the light 
Falling into the ambiguity 
Of wanting something without needing 
Swallowing rhythms & rhymes 
Standing at the paradigm 
Looking for a sign 
That my love is in the sky.
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Melting Me

Melting through glass like sand through the sea Burning like fire through the evergreens When you touch me Fingers trembling in the extremity Sprouting to life, a little blossom on a branch Falling through rocks like an avalanche When you hold me My heart flits and flutters incessantly Floating along a river with a cool summer breeze Drifting to the heavens under skies like these When you love me The heavens and stars are drowned in ecstasy
Details | Rhyme |

Your Hand

You asked me to place my hand into yours, the day we met.
Innertwind with eachother,
Instantly connected just as friends.

Your words take me places, my soul has never been.
Leaving burning desires ive never experienced.
You left me wanting more.
You acted as a true gentleman.
Right then my decision about you
Was to keep on falling for him.
Everyday with you is a journey, we take off towards different land.
On just love to be fueling
Our relationiship of lovers. 
Best friends.
Details | Free verse |

Head's Up

Sending a boulder size clue with your name on it
specially marked package to the nincompoop
coming down fast from above
it's falling from the sky
gonna squish you like a bug
your silent treatment and attitude
opinionated, authoritative, ridiculous fool
everyone can see that all you are is rude
retract and coil up the power chords
unplug that man before he overloads
maybe puts a glitch in the circuit board
sending out this boulder size clue
be on the look out 
this one's for you
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Pieces of You

I find pieces of you in distorted cosmic dusts 
In falling stars, I see your name so bright 
You are the street signs, whenever I am lost 
When you're here, everything feels so right.  

I figure you in a notional painting 
Discover you between the pages of my book 
In a quandary, you are the silver lining 
I find pieces of you wherever I look.  

You are the star I vision in the sky 
And you're also the yellow in the rainbow I see 
You are the eagle I find so high 
You are everywhere I'll be.
Details | Free verse |

Merry Christmas

The sun shining on a sunny day is dull,
compared to your handsome face.
You complete and make heart so full,
I can't resist your style and grace.

All the stars in the heavens are a few
when it comes to how I feel about you.
Each day I fall in love with you again,
I enjoy each new facet of you.

The way you look at makes me giddy like
a school girl, falling head of heals for the
first time.
I look forward to spending a lifetime with
you my darling.
I said all that to say, Merry Christmas my

Alexis Y.
Details | Dramatic Verse |

A Lustful Single Us-

I'll be so whatever true 
Have I told you today that I love you
 How can I love when I do not hear 
How can I love when I do not feel 
How do I love when I want you
 I embrace a soft touch of sensual lust 
Wanting to be physical you know
 Had not married yet two single humans 
Broken falling crawling stolen befallen
 Having no pureness of heart selfless 
And that without the love of God
We are just to lusting beings
 in we are just
  Oh! Father God forgive us the single us-

Written words by James Edward Les Sr. 2022
Details | Prose |

You Him

With You I wake with crust in my eyes
unable to unjust my sight
Disheveled and torn
can't put a comb through my hair 
because you tangled and sweated in my roots 
my jeans kicked under the bed
and I couldn't find my left shoe,
but my stuff really didn’t’ matter to you anyway. 

With Him I wake with the sun 
able to see the light in his smile, for it knows me
he combs his fingers through my hair 
each strand falling adjacent to him 
his room is peace 
and my clothes folded away in his space
I think I’ll choose Him
And You can go away.
Details | Free verse |

A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance.
Details | Free verse |

Shooting Stars

Your glances are shooting stars
Captivating and fleeting
Falling into my atmosphere
And burning in my heart
I know what you’re thinking
And you know what I’m feeling
A whisper of intimacy
Promising more to come
Your gaze takes me captive
Lost in it’s soft sincerity
Eyes clear as day
Yet deep as the ocean
A window to your beautiful soul
I fall through that opening
I am lost
I am found
By strong, tender arms
Holding me close
Home at last
Hidden from the world
We both escape, unseen
I long for this moment
To never end
As it fades
Into dark
Details | Rondeau |

For Him

I usually hate blue eyes - sharp and cold.
Why I fell into yours, couldn’t be told.
This web we are now both in,
Shouldn’t, but it does, feel like a sin.
I desire nothing more than your hand to hold.

The history will last like gold,
And memories will forever be told.
Meeting you was my biggest win.
I usually hate blue eyes.

I will remember your touch until I get old;
My love for you will never be sold.
Now I have to store my feelings in a bin,
Or maybe wash them down with some gin.
Falling in love with you felt so bold,
I usually hate blue eyes.
Details | Free verse |

A Love, Crashed

I still taste the bitter fog clenched in my jaw.
my eyes playing ping pong in my face.
searching for the tenderness I adored, concealed by deception
Didn't think it would be you.
to bruise my body, my ego, my love
wickedness I never thought you'd do
maybe once the tears stop falling
I can tighten up & draw in the care I crave
being lost in this funhouse...that is my mind
won't seem so amusing after all
the last thing we both need is to downplay the misdeeds with playful laughs
left with nothing, must gain resilience for my future
Us, you, are artlessly the past.

Book: Reflection on the Important Things