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Ruin Poems

Ruin Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ruin poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ruin.

New Poems

Premium Member This Nest of Mine
It is now winter in my Canadian world,
the ground and trees draped in pure white;
and the wind is frigid cold-  howling a song,
yet, I bundle myself up for an ice-kissed walk.

Into the forest crisp and crackling I stroll,
to meander...Read More
Categories: ruin, life,
Form: Narrative

Sandy McIntyre In Flames
He’s got his black hat on. the one that lights the path.
hes got his lunchbox. the one that arms him well. 
he's got on his straps and is wearing his wrath. 
his hands are broken, his body torn. 
but he's...Read More
Categories: ruin, devotion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Old Man Winter
( Old Man Winter )

Theres a man thats nasty, downright evil and he`s old
He makes a hearty human, break down when its cold
Throws snow in your face, while your walking in the wind
Make you slip on the ice, he`s filled...Read More
Categories: ruin, weather, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Breast Cancer is so limited, Breast Cancer cannot love someone, Breast Cancer cannot be happy, Breast cancer cannot be kind, Breast cancer cannot shatter fate. None of this can happen unless you let it.

Leukemia cannot run your life, Leukemia cannot...Read More
Categories: ruin, cheer up, courage,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member The Death of a Thousand Dreams
Blank pallet before me I see in purest light, unmolested without flaw or limit,  open to endless possibility. Mindful indecision reigns as ruin of such perfection looms when intertwined with careless intent- therefore  weighted responsibility goes not lightly...Read More
Categories: ruin, courage, emotions, introspection, writing,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Premium Member A King And His Money
If the King is in debt again,
We must open the privy purse,
A profligate king is a curse,
It has been thus throughout his reign.

It puts us all under a strain,
And God knows, it is getting worse,
Why must the man be so...Read More
Categories: ruin, conflict, god, london, money,
Form: Italian Sonnet
dial de' tey disconio
getting attracted to someone
who might not g
jive with what you're doing
speaking great about something
that someone else can ruin
staying true to something
that aint worth pursuing
is a waste of time
can be a waste of time
gesturing when you can't explain
messaging to say things...Read More
Categories: ruin, business, conflict, guitar, love,
Form: Classicism
Ain't it funny how we go day to day
It's funny how we go day to day acting as if life is just fine 
That's something found only in fairy tales and nursery rhymes 
True we hold up the image portraying everything's okay 
Even though someone wakes with a...Read More
Categories: ruin, conflict, confusion,
Form: Monorhyme
                                       ...Read More
Categories: ruin, animal, cat, happiness, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Waiting
There is nothing I can do
but wait upon the Lord
While I do, I faithfully
put on my shield and sword

These things will help protect me
from all the devil's schemes
He's always ready to attack
and ruin me it seems

Waiting can be difficult
a trying...Read More
Categories: ruin, faith, hope, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
Adoption Stranger Abuse
I'm doubled over in a crunch
Like my stomach felt a punch
When I heard something so sad
I felt hurt and really bad
When a stranger looked my way
About to ruin my great day
Spouting out racist remarks
Putting me in such a shock
Knowing nothing...Read More
Categories: ruin, bullying, family, feelings, hurt,
Form: Rhyme
To Be A Man
Dressed in a black suit
In fancy black loafers
In snazzy black dress pants
With a little handkerchief in my coat pocket
With my hair slicked back nice and neat
With my mouth in a wide fake smile
You'll find one thing not pretty and shiny
And...Read More
Categories: ruin, anger, how i feel, irony, society,
Form: Free verse
Tu n'es pas un garcon, tu es un loup - You're not a boy, you're a wolf
The boy looks at me with fear in his eyes.
Hesitation in the face of temptation.
I am his ruin, a pit trap, a fall from grace.
I am that which he strengthens his faith by denying.
I am frightening, something he has not...Read More
Categories: ruin, angst,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Cache of Shame - A Halloween Blitz
Filch sweet treasure
Filch my cache
Cache in gut now
cache your hide
Hide dear brother
hide your skull 
skull so empty
skull obtuse 
obtuse to pain
Obtuse maneuver
Maneuver wisely
maneuver quickly
Quickly dodge
Quickly duck
Duck my swing
Duck your head
Head for door
head for hell
Hell won’t have you
hell rejects
Rejects your kind
rejects...Read More
Categories: ruin, anger, brother, candy, war,
Form: Blitz
Ropinirole put to sleep restless leg syndrome
Courtesy the miracle of modern medicine
above named prescription medication
expelled, dissolved, cured... out ma skin
involuntary telltale twitching, thrashing
flagging, sacking, tackling... -

scoring field goal and unexpected win
allowing, enabling, and providing therein
peaceful easy feeling twin
affecting yours truly and missus
awoke haggard hung over condition,

viz...Read More
Categories: ruin, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, blessing,
Form: Free verse
If we wish :: Tanka Sequence

Ancient Chinese text,
Tao Te Ching, teaches the world
is sacred vessel
and hence human beings should
refrain from polluting it.

But, we forget our
planet does not have so much
space and soon, a time
will come when the trash will stay
in sight and pervade our lives.

Still...Read More
Categories: ruin, life,
Form: Tanka
Wrack and Ruin

The storm whipped legs to huddles;
It spoke with the discarded clothes 
of mad clowns.

I watched small birds explode, deer swim 
toward the night, raccoons sail
a godforsaken sky.

A mottled land shook its muddy ribs.
Ducks sunk amid churning reeds.
A whittling wind hurt...Read More
Categories: ruin, poetry,
Form: Blank verse
Theft Of Ghost's Girlfriends
I was roaming on the road
Like black dense cloud in the sky
Neither rain nor gain only fly(v).
Suddenly my eyes caught a charm 
Two beautiful girls were dancing, 
Singing along the road .

Me was only spectator 
Clapping, enjoying and laughing 
The...Read More
Categories: ruin, black love, boyfriend, cute love, fantasy, funny,
Form: Blank verse
Be still
Be still, my foolish heart
Don't ruin this for me
Stay calm
Let it flow
Let it happen
Let it go
It will happen
If it's meant to be
Trying to reach for
Anything at all
For a tiny sliver of hope
Because don't we all
Just want to be loved?
Here, I...Read More
Categories: ruin, feelings, heart, hope, love, together, true love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Captain's Confession
Many now, the years have passed,
          Since I found my heart at sea,
               And never have I...Read More
Categories: ruin, adventure, horror, mystery, myth, ocean, sea,
Form: Rhyme
artist next door
Next door to me there is an artist with parted hair and painted jeans that look like the feeling of forgetting you exist in the middle of concert you've been counting down the days to go to.

Next door to me...Read More
Categories: ruin, allegory, anger, angst, art, conflict, lost love,
Form: Free verse
A bunch of Wild flowers
Far away she began to drift 
to the distant land of hers
When reality seemed to ruin everything
she went to that place
The last safe place she calls
"Where everything is not justified by what you see and smell"

With a heavy heart and...Read More
Categories: ruin, 9th grade, addiction, heart, heartbreak, how i
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Do Bears Torture Other Animals
Do bears torture animals? No.
Do wolves tear you apart before they kill you? No.
It is man who tears the wings off butterflies.
It is child who shoots cats with a Beretta? 

Do alligators eat you alive? Maybe.
But do they torment you...Read More
Categories: ruin, animal,
Form: Narrative
im sorry, i hope
To the girl I hope to be in 234 days:

I’m sorry it took me so long
to realize how badly I needed to be you.
I’m sorry our future
was the furthest thing from my mind
and that I spent so much time worried
about...Read More
Categories: ruin, 12th grade, graduation, i am,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Number Four: Wars And Battles

The outskirts of ruin, children of war,
Pass by upheavals, turmoils, turbulence,
Impacted scenes that tore, they must endure,
Safe from acts of war that was merciless,
Behind smiles and charms, home, away from war,
Now comes the battles, that adds to their scar.

2019 September...Read More
Categories: ruin, analogy, children, conflict, dark, deep, feelings, life,
Form: Rhyme