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Music Romanticism Poems

These Music Romanticism poems are examples of Romanticism poems about Music. These are the best examples of Romanticism Music poems written by international poets.

The Travelling Musician
If my heart is broken in two
Which one should I follow?
Should I follow the one that’s wanting to stay?
Or the one that wants to be...

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Categories: adventure, break up, confusion,

The Princess' Wish
Every Girl looked at me with envy 
As I move with grace and perfection 
But they don’t know my story
Or the life I live in...

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Categories: beautiful, blue, emotions, heartbreak,

This Is How You Remind Me
This is how you remind me of,
Of a rare water flower wrapped in a bouquet of beautiful.
With a scent of sweet cinnamon, 
A desire sensational...

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Categories: i love you, love,

Premium Member The Mute Swan's Song
for clarity, you may want to read the footnotes

the mute swan's song
has an ambiance
where motion moves naught
it hovers in an existence 
where time becomes meaningless

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Categories: death, devotion, faith, love,

Premium Member We Are the Song
we are the song
written over a lifetime
a fullness filling every corner
minutes harboring eons
treasures caught in neuropathways
bringing smiles from nowhere
but then again
you do that to me

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Categories: devotion,

Premium Member My Path To You
"The sounds of Earth is the music of my soul."


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Categories: longing, love,

Premium Member You Raise Your Knee
you raise your knee 
then stamp the foot down in a quick thrust
as a mare in warning, snap your head back
we lock eyes
then meld in...

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Categories: dance, dedication, devotion, love,

My Home
"The forests are my bones"

I was born without a home 
On the forest floor I grew up 
I was named by the wind 
it's soft...

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Categories: 10th grade, africa,

Premium Member Mother of Nature
Mother of Nature
"The sounds of Earth is the music of my soul."Quote written by: Constance La France

Who is the mystic mother of nature
The one who...

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Categories: appreciation, nature, seasons,

Premium Member Caught In the Allure
caught in the allure
that demure smile
which long ago 
has held me forever captive
giving me your hand
i fold into my chest
never leaving your eyes
the other wrapping...

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Categories: devotion,

Premium Member Our Spring Was a Whirlwind of Newness
our Spring was a whirlwind of newness
learning our emotions
exploring the worlds we were
that had left their long-held orbits
as we began a dance among the stars

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Behold Beatrice, Pitcairn
Behold Beatrice, Pitcairn
the paradise sunsets lie in Tahiti
sunrise, the folly of Easter
islands, sanitoriums, deluded, denuded
limbos and purgatories, the never evermore
Polynesian metaphors transmigrate my mind
O to...

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Categories: fate, history, lust, metaphor,

Premium Member I Took Her Riding
i took her riding
this time my venue, not hers
she loves horses, i am no equestrian
i am beyond saddle sore now
trail rides where every bird is...

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Categories: devotion, for her, joy,

Simply Devine
2 cups of pureed roasted sweet potatoes
2 cups of sliced mushrooms ( sauteed in olive oil)
6 cups of pork stock. OR
3 1/2 cups each of...

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Categories: adventure, food, longing, love,

Premium Member In the Missing
“In the Missing”

In the missing
you never left
I walk with you 
you still talk with me

We share our secrets
silently we escape 
worldly charades
we are touched, 


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Categories: love,