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Nursery Rhyme Poems

These Nursery Rhyme poems are examples of Rhyme poems about Nursery. These are the best examples of Rhyme Nursery poems written by international poets.

Raptures of the Deep
Had I those depths that elsewhere thrive,
Swiftly I’d into your blissful fathoms dive;
And bid old pangs on the loveless shore
Eternal bye as I toe and...

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Categories: rhyme, allusion, beach, blessing, deep,

Premium Member ARNEY BARNEY-
Arney Barney
You're so smelly
Like rotten pork jelly

Your laugh reminds me
Of a nursery
Full of crying children

Your voice makes me queasy
And yet you are stately
Yet still, no...

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Categories: analogy, celebrity, introspection,

Premium Member They Matched Wits
Mother Goose met Dr. Zeuss
  They circled each other for a while
Mrs. Goose lunged for his caboose
  He tickled her wit, then smiled...

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Categories: fantasy, nursery rhyme, silly,

Premium Member Enriching Kitchen
Accompanied by cutlery

hit ceramic soprano 'tinks'

Operatic hot sudsy path to stardom love ballad 

Tears drip dramatically

tap's hydrating heart sinks

Acoustics of kitchen,  false impression...

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Categories: fun, nursery rhyme, song,

Religion is a kindergarten to spirituality
Religion is just a kindergarten
It’s just a preparatory school
It prepares us for formal education 
So that we don’t grow up to be a fool

Spirituality is...

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Categories: religion, spiritual,

Premium Member Sleepy Time
Sleepy time sleepy time why don't you go to sleep
The day is done night has come time for beautiful sleep
Your eyes are heavy your feet...

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Categories: childhood, children, cute, sleep,

Premium Member Hey Ribble Dibble
Hey Ribble Dibble the Hat and the Nibble
The Moose decided to Swoon
The odd green giant laughed all through the middle
And the moose and me decided...

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Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade,

The Mechanic
Please don't panic
Like people of Titanic
Because I'm not satanic
But this flattery tactic
Of smiles that are plastic
Turns everything chaotic 
 Relationships, problematic

An explorer & a mechanic

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Categories: hilarious, nursery rhyme,

Memorial Day
A vampire known as Good Prince Harry
Set his fangs on the Virgin Mary
He took one bite
And saw the light
Combusting in the cemetery...

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Categories: nursery rhyme, word play,

Our long time catered chef
Our long time catered chef...
prepared a meal fit for (psst... me) a king

Actually professional cook
(trained since infancy)
long a staple of our family
since... oh way before

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Categories: rhyme, adventure, celebration, father, food,

Premium Member Redneck Nursery Rhymes
Will the King’s horses or any of his men?
Ever stack those turds that high again.
A tit for a tat and Rooty Toot Toot.
The rats always...

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Categories: humor,

Say Say O' My Playmate, Let's Have, a chalky Day
Say Say O' My Playmate
come out and
write with me

you bring your
your pencils

and we will
play writes
do some
little ditty's

tell a funny joke

maybe three

maybe about
you and me

made up

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Categories: adventure, baby, best friend,

Hide and seek, contest
i am going
to close
my eyes

and when i do
i' m going to count
to ten

so get ready
i going to find

all my
little friends

here i go
starting with the
number one


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Categories: best friend, childhood, children,

Precious memories
from fables stories
are your delight
at night.

Name of poem:fairy
Taken from:Sarah
Contest name :Rithimus Divisa 3 poetry contest
Sponsor: Gregory R Barden


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Categories: baby, beautiful, child, Lullaby,


Obey obeisance obedience
Obey! Obey
Obey for the good of tomorrow
Obey! Obey
Obey! For life is to narrow
Obey! Obey

Obeisance leads the smooth journey
Obey! Obey
Obeisance guides through...

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Categories: caregiving, character, children, destiny,