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Nursery Rhyme Poems

These Nursery Rhyme poems are examples of Rhyme poems about Nursery. These are the best examples of Rhyme Nursery poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Red Diamond
His heart would flutter, so in love was he.
She was smart, well-read, and a great beauty
So under the moon, on his bended knee, 
He pleaded...

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Categories: i love you, marriage,

Premium Member Heartspeak
My heart and I speak every day
We walk and talk alone
I ask it for new poetry
New rhymes that are homegrown 

It gives me little snippets

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Categories: devotion, for her, i

Twinkle, Twinkle
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are,
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

I can see you through my telescope,

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Categories: poetry,

A Grin Without A Cat
Zero to the thousandth power
logic on the run
Oblongata left in pieces
nothing zero-sum

Squaring the root unto itself
Euclid at the cliff
A equals B as B disappears
the quotient...

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Categories: nursery rhyme,

Premium Member Rum n Raisin 3 - The Cat Who Fell To Earth
Raisin liked to make her bed upon a shelf up high
She said she likes the feeling that she’s almost in the sky
One day she fell...

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Categories: cat, fantasy, nursery rhyme,

Georgie Pordgie
Georgie Pordgie puddin’ and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry
But when the boys came out to play
Georgie Pordgie ran away

There’s more to this tale...

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Categories: nursery rhyme, poetry,

Premium Member Piggy
Oh, the piggy loves you
The piggy loves me
The piggy is homeless, 

Give the pig a cookie
Give the pig a bed
Or maybe a sarcophagus, 

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Categories: animal, death, farm, humor,

Premium Member Little Birdie
Little Birdie in the rain, 
will you hide ‘til it starts to wane?

Little Birdie in the snow,
do you have a warm place to go?

Little Birdie...

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Categories: bird, cool, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member Rum n Raisin 2 - THE HUNT FOR TIM BUCKTOO
Rum and Raisin, on the mat, were playing with their toys
Their humans had the tv on to give some background noise
Rum said, “Raisin, there is...

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Categories: animal, cat, nursery rhyme,

The Twilight Saga
Have not you seen the twilight saga,
Kon legal fight say farar howa bhaga?

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Categories: art, literature, new york,

Premium Member Rum n Raisin
Two little kittens; he’s Rum and she’s Raisin
Lived in a house near the zoo.
Rum asked his friend, “Would it not be amazing
to go catch a...

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Categories: cat, nursery rhyme,

Nursery Rhyme
Zero Three Four Nine
When Will You Shine?
Five One Six Four
What is the score
Zero Five5 Eight8
You can abrogate.
Note.SailMan Shah....

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Categories: abuse, addiction, art, drug,

Zero Three Four Nine
Zero Three Four Nine,
When Will You Shine?
Note.Baita samnay A....

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Categories: abuse, addiction, drink, drug,

Premium Member Tovin Tortoise
Tovin Tortoise, where are you?
It’s been months and you’re not here.
Holding my breath makes me blue!
When you get here, I will cheer.

I can’t wait to...

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Categories: animal, baby, birth, cute

Premium Member Refurbished Nursery Rhymes: Rub-a-Dub-Dub
What nursery rhyme's gayer, I'm asking you, bub,
Than the one that has three grown men sharing a tub?
Was it their sexual orientation,
Or merely water conservation,

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Categories: humor, nursery rhyme,