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big jim

or was it big pig?

"the bigot is always on the wrong side of history, explaining why the future
 always spits on his grave."
                                   --a Rational vegan who delights in spitting

                                             *   *   *

                           oh, a cow was enslaved -- or a pig?
                         or a jew? -- or a jim? -- who was big?
                                    or yet was it a witch?
                               oh!  who really cares which!
                          not one ass gives a fu*k! -- or a fig?

                                             *   *   *

                                  a dedication of Respect
                                the Pain of the vulnerable
                                in the concentrated camp

"a brian strand premiere choice" poetry contest
sponsor brian strand
may 17, 2022

feetnotes to opt out of and quietly slip off

a helios limerick
may, 2022 -- congested traffic and clogged arteries 
at the popular local fast-food drive-thru

"Document On Clarity" --
the enemy of torture

P   U   P
"Prevent Unnecessary Pain"
all conscious, feeling beings --
even the brother of a loving klan

G   R   O   G
the new and improved
"Golden Rule On Goodness" --
a Rational Ethic
with the motto
"get drunk on it!"
instead of on beer 
and the weekend barbecue


the doc is in
listening to the love in the rain

love makes the world of slaughterhouses go round.

love of meat is a many-splendored thing -- called a stroke.  or was it a heart attack?  or maybe it was several types of cancer?

all you need is love.  love is all you need.  all you need is love, love, love.  love of neo-nazism is all you need to be a neo-nazi.

we are the world.  we are the children.  we are the trucks with all the southern flags.  the unforgiving.

a "hitler" is defined as "one who tortures and kills in the name of love for an ideology--or for a breast at KFC."

a non-hypocritical limerist of Critical Thinking
in need of a majority Wise
"To Rationally Unite and Stand for Truth"
T   R   U   S   T

Copyright © James Starkey III