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Silent Love

Silent Love by Majid Dodeen
 I love her silently
 She has a beautiful voice 
 Lovely taciturnity and silence
 Charming complexion 
 Gorgeous biography
 Pure innermost feelings 
 Clean inward thoughts
 I know the magnitude of the pleasant short moments that brought us together
 They mean all my life
 I can tell you now that I knew I loved you even before I met you
 But what matters to me currently is that I know you
 I do love you
 As birds love flying and traveling freely
 As sands of deserts love rain heavily
 As roses love the morning sunrays  
 As nights love the light of the full moon 
 You are my destiny, fortune and fate
 At this moment, I feel speechless
 All languages cannot express the meanings that I would like to convey to you
 All languages fall short of producing the vocabulary that I want to tell you
 You may consider this to be one of my qualities when I vow to you:
 I am still looking for a love synonym that expresses this unique love and longing for you
 You have been always asking, "Have you found it?"

 Therefore, O my angelic sweetheart,
 Who will be known by the universe through my description!
 I confess that I have committed love with my competent and complete capacity, awareness and will, accompanied by premeditation and surveillance
 So that you be the only female who has outshined & surpassed all women in my heart
 You settle down deep in me
 You put your crown on the throne of my heart
I decided to love you silently 
Hoping that Allah Almighty might accomplish a matter already enacted

Copyright © Majed Dodeen