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Three Forty Five Connection

Three Forty Five Connection

Wednesday afternoon? I don’t remember
Technology---helper drives me crazy
Not a magic mirror you brought me
Yesterday afternoon? I don’t remember 
Seeing each other, both were smiling

“Does he feel what I feel?”
“I guess he feels”
Or he..., “does she feel what I feel?”
“I guess she feels”
He brought funny staffs 
And I brought big smile

Both were disturbed by two different eyes
God made him it green
And mine is black

I did stare and show thousand glitters in my eyes
For him to say, “that is my response for your gentle smile”
He did cute gestures far from distance,
The puppet show for me to smile.

“Do I need to laugh? Yes I smiled!”
He is the only one who made like that.

Couldn’t distinguish how far our gap
Because He molded him as doll
A doll that he made
Oh! Yes! 
They were four!

Lucy and Johny, Sussy and Cassandra

The heart shape lips formed into a kiss
Transparent wall met from thousand miles
Color and culture, height and weight
Status and condition are not important
Who cares?
Distance is not significant?!

Crazy afternoon, 3:45, 5:45 time to say goodbye
Silent morning, 12:45 called him to rest

Both heart rebelled to turn off the...
Both were decided to give each number and...
So... Who first to utter? And he then...

“When do we see each other again?”

Hands’ clock killed the moment
Unstable condition...
What ah! Oh why?
Connection trapped by the world wide web problem.

Copyright © Elai Cee