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Perfect BrainStorm

Inside my brain resides
A deadly combination
Of my mother's maniacal heritage
And my father's drunken rages.
A perfect storm, if you will,
Leaving behind dreams
Destroyed by doubt
And hopes undone by fear.
Leaving darkness and chaos,
Echoes of what was
Or what could have been.
Broken bones scattered
In the recesses
Blown by winds of despair;
The worst of nature and nurture.
Yet a small flame still burns
Ever so dim, ever so constant
Waiting for a gentle breath
Of compassion to fuel its light,
Waiting for love and understanding
To shield and protect it;
Compassion, love and understanding
That must come from within,
That must flow from my heart.
That must grow in strength
To overcome anger and hate
And desire for revenge.
That must cultivate forgiveness
And let go of ill will.
That must love what has been deemed
And esteem what has been deemed
That must release the captives residing in prisons
Awaiting my judgment;
For they are not mine to judge.

Inside my brain resides a perfect storm
Overcome by love.


Copyright © deb radke