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No matter how good we are
Most marriages have a wall,
That divides war and conquer
The barriers we erect affects us all.

Cold and calm two lifeless form
Lay side by side will not always chide.
Passion is a demon in the storm,
cruel torture willing to hide.

Reality is a plague lived out best,
Through images of songs and poetry
We create; when we are at worst,
fiercest disgruntle disguised enemy.

Seeking rehab, to quench the soul
temporally release finds a moment of peace.
The welcome propitiation of parole
That our natural laws set beyond reach.

Truth, for the present, is best to confess
Attributes to be a candle of the future.
Rehab walks through the test of forgiveness,
honesty always dispel the fate of failure.

Summer and winter day and night,
Shadows in the mind arrive and forecast 
The spring of hope a ray of light,
You take your chances and leave the rest.

Let the past go through the atmosphere,
Take the heat and all the heavyweight,
Work and form a bridge to cross back over
From harm and the snare of hell’s gate.

Copyright © Gerald Legister