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Ice Rock Cometh

green comet
passes through
astral tendrils
in cadaverous void

Gaia’s parasites
blessed by
the luminous visitor
cursed by
a slowing Inner Core
scorned by
eviscerating storms

So Be It:
humankind is
on the rocks
(obviously a major MALFUNCTION)
dodging more shoes 
dropping like
conspiring flies falling
out of the cantankerous sky
as the gods
play dice
with entangled eons
caught between
interstellar cigars
& Hard Places

Oh sigh!
ruminates a horrified poet
soaking up
sublime irrealism
The Good, The Bad &
The Ultimate
in celestial entrails
& flippant
fields of 
savage plots
plotting against
plodding progress

there/herein lies Badness:
dis-eased moments
anonymously appearing
on a dwarf planet 
rotating in a belt
of mocking space junk
striving to become 
retrograde deities
bearing apocalyptic gifts

it is exhausting
to escape event horizons
darting around
martian ironists 
posing as
poisoned dust devils
(howling coldly
growling boldy
(Where No Pen has Gone Before))

blue earth racing under the ISS
moving through the junk-belt
waving at
sparkling solar systems
gracefully gravitating
toward & around the galactic core
as haughty centurions issue commands
beyond reason & doubts
striving to capture
antennae floating in micro-gravity
as Terrible Tardigrades 
prepare to dispatch us 
to Kepler-186

Copyright © nj V.