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Dreaming of Colorado

A reached out hand, was the whisper of a breeze 
A firm clench across the smooth skin of my old Nebraska girl
A ruthless pressure digging at my sedimentary soul, holding it draped upon her heartland plains 
Devils of dust spew upward with blinding grit 
Eternities of prairie bend at the claw of her breath
A soaring ghost through an urban sprawl of Omaha along the vehement river, where I have forever remained 
Never able to unhinge the bind of her tiresome, loving grip 
Unknowing of all past her motherly land 
Until I hear a maidenly echo crawl through that vice of a wind, mountainous and sincere 
Tempt me, enchant me westward, do the sirens of tranquility from a girl named Colorado 
Her beautifully rugged imperfections that rise from her colorful skin beseech my eyes of hazel to be laid upon them
She’s the medicine I crave, the miracle I need to loosen the iron hold of my old Nebraska girl 
To explore beyond my horizons
Colorado, I’m bound for you

Copyright © Kyle Carlson