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Talk to me Harry Oprah Corden

Ushering forth from the womb
Born into this world with a
silver spoon awaiting
The burden of one's title responsibility
and family name
This became and turned into a
derivative of entitlement of grandeur
and selfish indulgence

Until such day as the bright lights and a
A-list Hollywood actress came stealing
him away
And so swept up in the desire and thought
of love
He lost his very way only to realize
1 fateful day to late

That what he had in fact sold his soul
out for
Was instead a ticket to the most superficial
disingenuous circus whirlwind show ever
witnessed on planet earth
That unfortunately for him never in his
wildest dreams ever have conceived

Sadly for you Harry though when all is said
and done
And I am sure over time you will
eventually realize

Megan is not and will never be on
a par or a substitute for Dianne
your mother

And you will only likewise ever have 
1 Father and 1 Brother

Who I hazard a guess have your best
interests at heart

More than your new found friend's
such as talk show hosts

Oprah and James

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty