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In loving memory of a legend deeply missed
Taken 2 soon which gets me pi##ed
The best musician in lifes childhood
Highly misunderstood by ignorant do goods
Wrongly accused of so many crimes
Punished for speakin up so many times
The envy of so many wannabes 
My inspiration to write with ease
I grew up with your music and screen shows 
Feels like I knew you well although 
We never met it frustrates me so 
That I cannot tell you your my hero
I honestly think biggee was a true friend
And he had nothing 2 do with your first assassination atempt
But puffy on the other hand is sly
And I think he'd do anythin 2 get by
So many rumours that you didn't die
But I know different and I'll explain why
On that fateful september night in vegas
You seen your shooter as he passed
And you wouldn't go and hide away my friend 
You'd write a song explaining revenge
No-one could silence the legend of 2pac
The only way in life is 2 hit back
Suge was the problem in the wars
A selfish manipulator lower than the floor
Should have left with dre when you had the chance
You could still be here making everyone dance
I think the rivalry was between suge and puff
You and biggee was dragged into that fuss
It was puffy that instigated that vegas night
The target suge was in the sights
You should have stayed with iron mike
That was the chance 2 put everything right
Biggee should have laid low for a while
Or until suge was put in jail
Coz when he set foot on westside soil
Suge's revenge plan uncoiled
A small handful of artist started an epic genre called rap
Most influential is the 1 and only 2pac
We miss you makaveli the don
In your music you live on

Copyright © Gavin Williams