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Hiroshima n Nagasaki

Seventy Three Years Since 1945
(August 6 and 9 respectively)

Robert Oppenheimer manned 
"The Manhattan Project",
a top secret World War II mission
which constituted "Little Boy" codename 

for a uranium gun-type atomic 
bomb dropped at 0815
exploding 580 metres above civilians 
with15 kiloton blast yield reduced 

400 year old city to dust
Colonel Paul Tibbets, the pilot/ bombardier 
of the Enola Gay (the Boeing B-29 Superfortress
unleashing nuclear warfare 
seventy three years ago today)

 gives cause for this baby boomer to revisit
mentally, the annihilation, 
extermination, incineration 
the first of two storied Japanese enclaves

realizes how trifling my current bout 
with mania paranoia, pneumonia 
(from northern exposure)
contrasted with sinister malevolent 

evil tower ushering
thermonuclear age epitomizing 
coup de nada so graceful means 
maximum military mutilation

though unwell, this inflammation poised 
to be cured unlike subsequent 
generations of victims
who survived atrocious, egregious, hellacious, 

judicious slaughter can only 
poorly be described
by this mortal with a curable 
bacterial/viral infection 

aghast at such wanton killing, moreso
via weapons of mass destruction 
more devastatingly grisly than 
those "experimental" bombs

loosed upon the innocent population, 
whereby 75,000 people killed or fatally injured
with 65% of casualties nine years 
of age and younger 
whence offspring of survivors

evincing excess genetic anomalies
with fiery windy surface 
temperatures topping 4,000C
upon terrain hallowed by ghastly 
horrible deathly dominance 
amidst shadow of a mushroom cloud.

Copyright © matthew harris