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Can you hear the birds praising God in the trees Dear one I want you to listen to the revelry Quietly, tweeting, praising, singing gloriously I stand on your virtue I want you to listen quietly I embrace your ears. Your silence high A walk through the pasture to the forest be a beautiful and present engagement I want to share your silence and in present engagement I want to engulf your quiet Be it close or be it far away may I enter your silence with the birds praising God the wind whistling through the trees God's nature for every man humanity walking through the passion on top of the grasses may we uncover these God's nature for every man Humanity to be embraced in beauty, The Passion of your heart To be encased in So my somber wish and my somber prayer is that you enjoy the silence that is within the air And may your walk with God be far more than wonderful I pray in your heart that you find in your heart did you find his love a more bountiful embrace yourself for you are glorious and wonderfully made As the birds sing to you, God's praise
5/22/22 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.2022©

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr.