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My Two Faced Teapot Gift

I instantly disliked my birthday gift from a friend.
It was a two-faced teapot, and her frown never ends.
I pretended to like it, but my smile was fake.
She brought me a card, a rose and a cupcake.

I noted the card had no flower seeds or such.
But I pretended to like it, and put it up in a hutch.
The rose was almost dead, and the cupcake a bit stale.
I could not wait for her to leave; her name is Gale.

Gale comes often, so the teapot had to stay put.
I nudged it to the end of the counter using my foot.
But then I thought how sad Gale would be.
So I let the teapot live; showing wild empathy.

The teapot was haunted. Doris lived inside.
She was the kind of woman who never could hide.
Her opinions were loud, angry, and unkind.
She was the worst gift anyone could ever find.

She put me in a bad mood each and every day.
But I kept her for years even though she ruined my gay.
She took all my energy and the enthusiasm out of my light.
I still kept this teapot, which means I am not totally bright.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger