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Let’s talk about trust
‘Cuz I don’t know how to do it
I mean, It’s easy right?
Should be nothing to it!

Just cast all your worries
(Including all your doubts)
Cast them to the wind
Just throw them out!

Just toss them aside
Give them the cold shoulder
Don’t give them a foothold
Or they will grow bolder

I mean sure, Okay!
Sounds like a snap
Tell the f***ers off
But, wait, Oh Crap!

I forgot how hard 
It actually is!
Those f***ers are convincing
And really are a whiz

They find just the perfect angle
That binds me up tight
The vulnerable Achilles heel
That I can usually hide

True to what happens
True to what I find
It’s tied to some childhood trauma
Hidden latent in my mind

Trust can be hard for me to come by
Especially when it comes to wealth
Although, I have a few issues with my body
I generally trust in my good health

But when it comes to provisions
Trust just isn’t there
I guess that’s what happens
When you grow up in despair

I mean, when you grow up poor 
Without enough to eat
And dream of food so often
Trusting is just defeat

But I look at the birds
And I know in my head
They are well taken care of 
Else they’d be dead!

I’m so used to hard work 
To satisfy all my need
That trusting to be cared for
Is completely foreign to me

When I get close to the pain
And the frustration 
Locked away in my soul
I panic in desperation

It’s a wild, crazy reaction
That has no basis in truth
Just childhood trauma
That hasn’t seen the proof

And so I sit here now with it
As it screams and shouts loudly
And flashes scenes before me
Until they are all that I can see

Mostly, I do love awakening
It has become my goal
To experience the truth
And become an untethered soul

But, dude sometimes it’s hard!
The work can be grueling
Undoing deeply rooted pain
Has got to be the most challenging

Still, I will press on
Because I know it’s worth it
This time I devote to myself
Is ultimately to my benefit

Copyright © Becky Forbes