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Japan Skytree

Japan Skytree 2080ft 

They began by digging down 
So two directions could be
built at once
Premade sections built on the 
Scaffolding added with
netting surround
to prevent anything falling down

Each section craned into position
Above the Load a gyroscope
preventing mid~air transition
Made of tubes angled for strength
Structural integrity
An architect's Dream 
The engineer's Mission

On reaching the top 2 cranes
to be lowered
from atop this ingenious free~standing Tower
smaller cranes hoisted to perform this function
Each crane smaller 'till all
were grounded

The last of which the final
Dismantled and carried down
in an elevator
Such ingenuity is characteristic of 
Japanese engineering behaviour
Completed in a narrow triangled arena 
It stands
World Tallest Free~standing 
Communications Tower

Copyright © Darryl Pearce