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Daisy The Pollen Presenter

Daisy field
Blown by the soft breeze yield
Downy petals flow malleable

Brave pressures of nature designed to be able
Created by God very good acceptable
Sturdy stems golden scented center

The pollen presenter
Field enter

With a soft kiss sealed
The butterfly's touch on Daisy
Their hand perfect dealed
Short kiss pollen sip love one
Flit onward to next Daisy

In Daisy field healed
Viewing birds adorable
Scene feelings affirmable
Birds, bees, flowers my good emotions revealed

Those emotions that once were locked away thinking concealed
Good feelings now able 
To let all blocked emotions yield
Freedom very accomplishable 

Like a banana skin is unpeeled
Life before Daisy field so abominable
Glad that life now accountable
Emotions pour slowly unconcealable
Lessons learned from Daisy field high yield

(Very difficult three forms in one write.
Thanks Jared for the challenge..I was 
determined that I was going to write 

Copyright © Sara Kendrick