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A-Plus 'Minus' Factor

*Image of Leadership by Pixabay. A-Plus 'Minus' Factor Timothy Arnold of San Francisco is a man of dignity and acclaim. A particular man whom you must know, with a vibrancy and an upward aim. Tim owns an outfit that builds parts for a group of firms on a small capital, plus his thriving output has just run gaga whilst maintaining all contracts to discuss. No room for slip-ups and no turning back, as Tim's focus onward, its climactic for maximum productivity track as his firm opts for a growing tactic. A significant additional cost for construction, in anticipation of growth in coming months, without a lost to labor and goods, Tim's strong foundation. A look towards a bright tomorrow, Tim will talk about a pilot program that upon its installation will soon trim down costs, add labor and profits at bat. A combination sorts Tim's division, and motion took root as things start to form, thrusting into light supports his vision, ~Timothy Arnold's initial brainstorm. 2023 January 21 Lipogram ~Emile Pinet *RZ & HMS.

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