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Raise The Bar Poems

Raise The Bar Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of raise the bar poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for raise the bar.

New Poems

Premium Member Teaching Expectations
"Be more than you are Miss Daniels, raise the bar
Follow your dreams and choose your unsurpassable star
Do not vaguely tell me that you do not know why
Do not pretend to learn - that's "pie in the sky"
Your homework is all...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, education, growth, hero, homework,
Form: Rhyme

"Accomplishments provide,
A genuine sense of pride

For having achieved what you planned,
By yourself and your own two hands

A sense of worth and satisfaction,
All because of your positive action

Re enforcing our self confidence,
And the motivation within us

It’s power derived,
Like a lions pride

Hungry...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, character, confidence, courage, encouraging,
Form: Rhyme
Jesus, Morning Star
Shine, surely, shine 

Verse 1
Morning star dawns upon the heavens 
breaking past sleepy twilight’s czar 
Without claiming his self-importance 
Jesus is my Morning Star 

Surely shine, darkness disappears 
Clearly your wisdom appears. 
We know in whose realm we...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, allegory, dark, inspiration, wisdom,
Form: Lyric
Every day, we come face-to-face
With what we were and what we are.
As a part of the human race,
We’re taught to hide a scar.
But within me, from the deepest place,
I know that I’ve come far.
I’ve got big dreams to raise the...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, change,
Form: Rhyme
A Hidden Beauty
If you've ever been bullied, you wouldn't be too keen,
of the person who harmed you, who made you feel unseen,
and though they did you wrong and hurt you various ways,
you got older and realized, it was probably just a phase.
For...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, anti bullying, beauty, class, courage, deep, school,
Form: Couplet

When I fill you up
When i fill you up
and channelize your hole
towards pleasurable moans
i love your shrieking tremors
of pleasure
and when my balls touch
your outer sanctum
stars just break free and burst

When i lick your pussy
inside out
and watch your face
I see a definition of 
and that...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, girlfriend, imagery, missing you, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Your Worthlessness and Emptiness Irk
Widen your perspective and glide beyond and above the pride
Welling up in your chest, embarking on the sparkling quest
To eliminate and waste opportunities to progress as you ride
A high horse, assuming you taste victory in every vital test 

You undergo...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tribute to Teachers - Constanza
 Tribute to Teachers - Constanza

Upon my soapbox I protest
    that teachers schooling young and old,
    be honored like they're made of gold.

How small in payment we invest
    with expectations raised...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, children, school, teacher, teachers day,
Form: Rhyme
So it begins
Last night, I had an awesome dream
In it, I was asking God, "How am I, so far?"
And while I tossed and turn, I felt His presence rest
In a breeze, He said "My son, it is time to raise the bar"

So...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, bible, emotions, faith, growth, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme
Suddenly the world flipped
I was all alone and felt so cold
I feel left in the ditch
My body young but mind so old

There's no more pain
I lie awake and feel so warm
You were a tough stain
Now i feel torn

I wonder if...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, appreciation, confusion, emotions, future,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Being a parent
Being a parent

You tried to be the best parent you were able.
Given the tools that life’s experience thought.

You attempted, on many occasion, to raise the bar.
Eighteen years, nine as two parents, ten as a Mr. Mom.

Then !!!, to endure the...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, children,
Form: Free verse
I Dare You
Why do you get angry enough to
Slam your bottle down but never
Angry enough to shatter it?
I know about shattering
What am I but a piece of glass
Too stubborn to be smoothed by the sea
Not enough luck to get thrown away

You smile...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, anger,
Form: Free verse
I charge you oh my heart,
Thou shall not falter,
In her find your shelter,
Because she loves greater.

I charge you oh my heart,
Lennah is your base,
She remains your place,
Keep to her pace.

I charge you oh my heart,
No...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, best friend, cute love, i love you,
Form: Alliteration
Heaven and hell
I'm stuck between heaven and hell
Angel on my shoulders, but I'm trapped inside the devils cell
I'm talking about the things they never tell
I'm trapped between heaven and hell

Every mistake I made, left a lesson
Imagine escaping the devil just to be...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, deep, depression, growing up, growth, identity, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Wrath of God

" Wrath of God" ,not only ,
A film's name but also,
The synonym of  disasters ,
Which mankind suffers .

Invisible god's ,
Invisible wrath ,
Manifestation of  
Divine in worst form.

Lack of compassion ,
Lack of kindness,
Lack of prayer ,
Leads to wrath.

Disease, tsunami,
Cyclone...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, absence,
Form: Free verse
Flames Of Madness Fire - Part II
Part II 

my body's broke and beaten now for certain; 
too many years of junk have dried my bones. 
I think I see the final call and curtain - 
the God who owns is callin' in His loans. 

it was...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, addiction, adventure,
Form: Quatrain
Maxi Hayles
With campaigns established
Accolades accomplished
An honourable life, taken to the max
Championed feats, of no small measure
A nation can treasure
Matters addressed with proficiency
The shaping of an era – equality
Realization of rights, project legacy
Impacting a wider community
Raise the bar, unsettled below
Challenging the status...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, inspirational,
Form: Political Verse

I'm coming in with a hunga munga
Near and far from any rotunda
Going in and out the umbra
While close and beyond yucca
Across desert, grassland, forest and tundra

Now I'm wielding a katar
And scimitar
On par
Ready to spar
Time I raise the bar

Next I'll use...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, dark, fun, perspective, poetry, rap, word play,
Form: Rhyme
Shirley Bassey
Dare to dazzle, iconic diva

Behold an era, enrapture enthral

Silence devour, of vocal power

Renowned rendition – a rising star

Raise the bar, raise the roof

Glistening shimmer, strike a chord

Stage of a songstress, talent transformed

Driven determined, of diamonds worn

Splendour f-o-r-e-v-e-r, glamorous gift

Essence emerged,...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, celebrity, inspiration, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
I hate to keep the windows closed
No matter what the weather,
‘Cause fresh air’s a connection
To the outside, like a tether.

Apartment living has its flaws,
The lack of space most glaring,
But also, there’s no exit out
To see how things are faring.

Except the...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, home,
Form: Rhyme
Straight From The Heart

I'd like to raise a toast

Life ain't a joke
Been trying to stay afloat
And make the most
While I see another night and day approach
Near and far from any trains and boats
Not one to rely on faith or hope
Opportunities you either take...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, poetry, rap, word play, words, work, write,
Form: Rhyme
My Fair Lady
Way she speak literature fiction that told time, 
That took time for me speak,
Inline with my inner emotion learning fragments that stop and pause in the, Intermediate is this a learning to speech program,
Bitterness out the door, attitude out the...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, art, love, , literature,
Form: Verse
Bury my soul
Bury my soul in autumn leaves
So that the wind might blow away
Memories of mistakes I made
That breaks my heart today

Sticks and stones can break the bones
But words can crush the spirit
Raise the bar but once again
And I'll still try to...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, absence, blue, dark, death, memory, sad,
Form: Free verse
Time Heals Everything
Written By:  D. Collins 3/29/16

Time heals the heart and concurs the blues.
It gets us through all the woo, woo, woos.
Never dissipating but only giving us strength.
Getting up when we've fallen down off the fence.

Time heals everything.  Wounds become...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, cool, how i feel, life,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Mental Excercise Number 36
Never spill secrets.
Always raise the bar.
Sometimes go in hiding.
Never steal sundries.
Always look to win.
Sometimes cry.
Never arrive late.
Always appear content.
Sometimes freak out.
Never sound alarms.
Always handle it yourself.
Sometimes find windows.
Never kiss your neighbor.
Always leave a note.
Sometimes pour your heart out.
Never stop too...Read More
Categories: raise the bar, inspirational,
Form: Free verse