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School Prose Poetry Poems

These School Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about School. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry School poems written by international poets.

Inferiority is Complex
She had a masters degree,
from Trinity Cambridge,
was brokering deals in the city,
with overheard talk re. financial leverage. 
Whilst I’d a diploma
from a,
“technical” college. 
A photographic...

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Categories: angst, books, break up,

Premium Member Emma Frost
Emma Frost (aka White Queen) is a powerful character in Marvel Comics.  Is
she a hero or villain?  Sometimes, it is hard to know!...

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Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member Dragons Lead Me to My Destiny
the insistent dragons are back
I watch them fly over Gibraltar hill.
Outside petunias are crowding toward the house
There is a castle waiting for me in the...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Intense Argument on the Playground
They were both breathing harder than dragons on steroids
Two kindergarten students who are usually friends.
I took one, another adult took the other.
They were both out-of-control-angry


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Categories: humorous, school, teacher,

Premium Member A Reflection of Passing Time

At age 15,   
    Afternoons could last a week,
    Especially if nothing could...

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Categories: age, confusion, perspective, psychological,

Unlike the Famous Five,
with capers, japes and adventures,
boats and well stocked picnics, we lived
a back street life. With a sock and masking tape ball
and mucky...

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Categories: childhood, family, growing up,

won't co back  to school
need  the tools
time to choose
and its very cool
ihaving good edcation
will be with you for ever

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Categories: adventure,

Premium Member She is Dyslexic and Left Handed
My mother mentioned casually that I was dyslexic.
This was something I had forgotten.
I knew I had to wear a glove for a year of first...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member What You Get For Dyeing Your Own Hair
Back in 1984 when it was not the style,
I accidentally dyed my hair navy blue.
Walked into the beauty school.
They screamed with laughter.

This is what you...

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Categories: fashion, hair, woman, women,

Premium Member The Child No One Wanted
Jacob was a young boy who looked like an angel.
I did not know him until he was nine.
But I could tell he must have been...

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Categories: abuse, child,

Premium Member Met the New Art Substitute Teacher
We had a new art sub yesterday.
No surprise.
We have had nineteen art subs since March.
It is the last week of school.

Mr. G the new art...

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Categories: teacher,

Suppose !
You are a god
and there is a man 
who is so mad at you
Because you have not watered his crops
Have not submitted his kid's...

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Categories: africa, allusion, depression, emotions,

Premium Member I Delight in Doing Nothing
There is a certain delight in doing absolutely nothing
In having a Day of Silence, in just being, without trying.
So many people have no idea what...

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Categories: me,

Premium Member I Want to be Sent to the Office
I see why kids want to be sent to the office
The office is a “happening place” – I mean truly busy 
Every second someone is...

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Categories: school,

Premium Member Wannta Be Felon
He was a wannta-be felon in kindergarten
Because he knew no better ways to get attention
Hitting and kicking is how he got attention at home.

The teacher...

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying,