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Health Prose Poetry Poems

These Health Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Health. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Health poems written by international poets.

when it sunshine
and weather fine
ifs winter time
and its  a snow rain 
cold day
the park we run
must say 

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Categories: confusion, health,

this weather  is no joke
i just poke
my mouth smoke
hard for mr to walk

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Categories: health,

Time To Shower When Pervasive Odor Of Ureic Acid
Time To Shower...When Pervasive Odor Of Ureic Acid

Doth strongly waft, sting,
and nauseate about me
olfactory nose flying zone
bombarding cilia of
nasal passageway analogous
to displeasure wrought by

crashing, deafening,...

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Categories: appreciation, dad, father, health,

Premium Member Calling Out Dreams
I've often wondered if my non-verbal
cerebral palsied son
dreams in colors
and/or words
he can hear clearly
but cannot himself see or say,
at least not clearly articulated.

Yet any sounds...

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Categories: dream, health, son,

Talk Therapy As Fulcrum To Leverage Psychological Ills
Oh...and hello
to you, some hours past, I
returned from counseling,
(hence this boy yent -
     albeit beastie boy 

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Categories: atheist, december, desire, health,

Premium Member Love is Healthy
"Give up all hope
for a better [healthier] past."
     Bumper Sticker, on way to church

"Give up no gratitude
discovering a better [healthier] future."

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Categories: caregiving, earth, god, green,

You too have young ones
to sweeten your ears
by their melodious chant “dear mom or dad”.
Does it gratify your supreme authority 
to see them go without...

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Categories: devotion, evil, father son,

Premium Member Deaf As Sanctuary Dust
"Therapeutic relationships
are made of healing voices
retelling stories,
strings of hopeful light
reweaving faith in future healthy climates."

Writes the aging Muse
in her fusing bodymind
for future integral love stories


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Categories: age, books, health, history,

Premium Member Seeking Sanctuary
Diaspora Dwellings

On my way into our sanctuary
this past Sunday morning
a woman I had met in choir
was strangely inclined
to share her family history.

Her dad came over...

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Categories: earth, family, green, health,

Premium Member Enchanting Mother Fish
To find enchanting integrity,
She transparently confronts her disenchantments
with present and past toxic flow,
disempowering absences of synergetic experience,
like rape and enslavement and aggressive commodification,
disharmonic songs
without time...

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Categories: emotions, engagement, fish, health,

lets oil
food boil
 best dish
eat fish
get your sleep
get off your feet
this is

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Categories: desire, health,

to  have it all
its the lords call
HE is your wall
good health is weath
its is so cool
to eat

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Categories: blessing, hope,

its hot you';;
get your face is wet
its a work out
no doudt
to be in shape
you have a date 
as boby smoke like jet

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Categories: happy, health,

Dame Gravity
Dame Gravity

As a dear friend battles
nocturnal EMT home invasions,
fainting spells, falls, forgetfulness, 
fading like a plucked peony
my health guilt increases--

what right have I to two...

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Categories: age, time,

Self Love
I read that you should
love others as
you love yourself
Things got confusing
and I began abusing
because I equated
love for touching
and inserted feelings
so I began
the physical application
of what...

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© TS Lewis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: god, health, love, spiritual,

Fortuitous Fate

Fortuitous Fate

Fortuitous fate finds me fully alive with joys I never could have thought possible.
A decade departed from what should have been my last day...

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Categories: depression, drink, drug, fate,

Take A Moment, Or Two
If I could fly like eagles, like them, I too would soar to the heights. Not a nest, but I would build a hut, construct...

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Categories: bird, peace, silence, spiritual,

Year 2118 AD
‘Twas two thousand and fifty AD, Planet earth found it’s tipping point, this year was decision year, leaders of every country of our world came...

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© Roy Pett  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: destiny, environment, planet, pollution,

100 Years From Now

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Categories: future,

Just like clouds releasing their rains
Let go of that sadness 
The pain
The past
And watch things grow

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Categories: freedom, growth, health, life,