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Grandmother Prose Poetry Poems

These Grandmother Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Grandmother. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Grandmother poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Twelve and Kind-Hearted
He is twelve and kind-hearted. 
I agree to try another video game because I love him.
He keeps giving me glowing reviews.
“You are doing well, grandma!”

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Categories: grandchild, grandmother, grandson,

Premium Member Put it in your Room my Dad Orders
Loveable clowns. Doing tricks. Exciting grownups.
I am four. They terrify me. Their faces looks weird.
I hate their red lips.
Reminds me of blood.
More afraid of them...

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Categories: scary,

Premium Member Incessant Talkers Bother Me
incessant talkers bother me.
I leave the room upon their arrival,
not caring if I hurt their feelings, for I know they
do not notice, it always being...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

My grandfather's rose bush
     Grandfather's rose bushes

My grandfather loved his roses. He would care for them and ensure they survived the Winter. He was...

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Categories: england, family, grandfather, tribute,

Dream Series: Naughty Grandmas XXX
Last night I dreamed Rhonda and I were so desperate for income that we either started or were hired by a grandma sex hotline.

I don't...

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Categories: age, dream, funny, grandmother,

Baby Girl
Your smile is my ray of hope 
The light at the end of my tunnel 
The rainbow on my cloudy day 
Your smile my daughter...

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Categories: baby, daughter, father daughter,

Premium Member In PostTrumpian Times
Once upon a time
Earth was formed
by Yang light radiance
and Yin moonlight flow of tidal grace.

From Her Eastern hemisphere tidal waves
and deep ocean rivers,
prevailing winds and...

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Categories: culture, health, history, humor,

I don't know when it happened.
I don't know when she came,
But she's the one I always knew,
Grandma was her name.

She taught me how to tie...

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Categories: care, childhood, cute love,

Summer '72
There was an oak tree in the front yard,
and my baseball in the gutter,
there was a cookie jar full of cookies,
made with Crisco, never butter.


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Categories: grandmother, memory, mental illness,

Premium Member Listening for FireStorms
Always respect this combination of fire and wind,
she tentatively said,
after having listened for healthy and pathological winds
regenerating and degenerating,
investing in and divesting of,
yeasty flames of...

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Categories: absence, blessing, happiness, health,

A Day Well Finished
A Day Well Finished 

At the closing of the day:
As the shadows fade from light.
I pause for a moment to pray;
Before welcoming in the night.


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Categories: moon, native american, night,

Premium Member Each and Every Earth Day
in the NorthWestern Hemisphere,
each Earth Day's EgoCenter
includes a Bicycle Warrior for True EcoLogic,

in South and Eastern Hemispheres,
each Earth Day and Full GrandMother Moon
Allah-Brahman Night...

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Categories: creation, culture, earth, earth

Premium Member Earth's Final Answer
A society
humane species
or more likely under-valuing,
how to regeneratively suffer loss
may never have learned to face our universal fear of death
as a badge of permaculturing respect,

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Categories: beauty, earth day, health,

Premium Member ReGenesis Peerage
If MoonLight frames GrandMother,
and GrandFather radiates SolarPower of Synthesis
then Mother emerges as Earth’s BiLaterally yin-yin
win-win FlowingSpinning Rivers
baptizing embryonic holonic ecosystems,
and Father emerges as Universe’s DNA-Yang...

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Categories: beauty, culture, earth, earth


My name
is hers.
Sort of.
Similar yet different
because I am.
this strong Irish name for a 
weak Sicilian nonna.
Heart it was.
Children’s laughter killed her,
roared his grief.  

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Categories: character, death, grandmother,

Life According To Me
Life According To Me

I have observed that some of the shortest lives contributed so much more than most. We all have known of many...

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Categories: evil, god, grandparents, marriage,

By Curtis Johnson 

God made the mold, locked it up,  and threw away the key.         ...

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Categories: family, grandmother, love,

My grandmother's diary
Cucu, maitu 

Now that am older
I seek more answers 
In the same manner I did 
Those days gone, of fetching firewood to cook a cherished...

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Categories: age, family, grandmother, identity,

What My Grandma Said
What My Grandma Said
By Curtis Johnson

I never knew her as a big talker
She was to me a great listener
She was also a great observer

I have...

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Categories: adventure, child, childhood, family,

What My Grandma Taught me
What My Grandma Taught Me
By Curtis Johnson

No.  She never sat me down and said,          ...

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Categories: family, grandchild, grandmother, love,