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Death Prose Poetry Poems

These Death Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Death. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Death poems written by international poets.

A Near Death Experience
A point to ponder… 
why I wonder
when we are young
and get jerked awake
by a dream or a nightmare
are we hugged and comforted
given the assurance 

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Categories: death,

The Tempest
Do you feel the great turning, the maelstrom coming around, spitting sparks of searing birds that circle each other screaming in a language of pain?...

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Categories: death, environment, mental illness,

Alone on the Mountain
The desolate perfection of solitude. The shiver of recognition that there is only one being on the mountain, and that’s you. The pine trees watch,...

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Categories: environment, loneliness, lonely, nature,

Premium Member Ghost Cycle
headlight came out of the dusk
heading straight down the middle of Highway Six
He is going to hit us!
The motorcycle drove through us
A ghost cycle
Our son...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member Maestro Creates Masterpieces
He played the piano the way he did everything – incredibly well.
He’s a maestro, his mother told everyone who stopped by.
They did not doubt it,...

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Categories: music,

Premium Member feeling heaven
I do not care if this is a dream
or if I am awake or not
I do not even care if I am not me
I am...

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Categories: feelings,

Premium Member Unbreakable Bound
Unbreakable Bound

The heart it is breaking
how I feel this-
unbreakable bound

The tiny room
where Napoleon yielded
his life and honor-

Far behind
the purple curtain
as tourists gawk

And pale tidings
rub the...

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Categories: art, deep, humanity, inspiration,

Premium Member Interview with a Dying Tree
   Interview with a Dying Tree.

       I had bought a mango sapling twenty five years back from...

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Categories: appreciation,

Premium Member The Valley of dead Souls
The Valley of dead Souls

Jewel encrusted guardians of stone stand before the gates to the abyss of eternity. Above engraved in gilded stone inlaid with...

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Categories: dark, death, horror,

Premium Member Night Terrors
Night Terrors

It sits hiding in the deep recesses of the mind, waiting in the dark for the moment when it can attack. Riding upon the...

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Categories: dark, dream, fear,

Premium Member She Had the Most Gorgeous Eyes
She had the most gorgeous eyes, we agreed.
Speaking at Loretta’s wake, remembering her.
She was way too young to go! Sniffles, sobs
Twenty-seven of us were twenty-two,...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member A Lonely Traveler
As the last man on the planet Earth,
Time has become my mortal enemy.
A whole world to walk silently alone,
In fruitless reflection of what was.

The streets...

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Categories: america, anti bullying, death,

Premium Member Angela, The Angelic Bounty Hunter

Angela, beautiful warrior angel from Heaven is a fictional character of the
Marvel Comics.  A Superhero, sent from Heaven as a bounty hunter to seek

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Categories: fantasy,

Premium Member Woman of Hellboy, Liz Sherman
Elizabeth Ann "Liz" Sherman is a fictional character in the Hellboy Comic book
series. She is human.  Born in Kansas City, USA,  She was...

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Categories: fantasy,

Clouds In My Coffee
Her eyes scream silver carnage,
The glitter of white death,
The glare of shining ice
In the gloom of coffee shop forenoon.
Clouds obscure the sun
As pain destroys his...

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Categories: anxiety, crush, feelings,